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    Looks promising. I don’t like what they did with Electro, though. Yes, I would like to see a green and yellow costume with the bolt mask.

    This always sparks nerd rage. Some people call “The Amazing Spider-Man” a “reboot” of the character from the Toby McGuire Spider-Man trilogy. If you know the comic, you know that there are multiple Spider-Man titles (“Spider-Man,” “Amazing Spider-Man,” “Spectacular Spider-Man,” “Marvel Wants More of Your Money Spider-Man,” etc.). So… is it a reboot or a separate story line as it is in the comics?

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    It’s been forever since I have entered a contest, wrote for “Tell My Story,” or even designed a new character in HeroMachine. Aside from my complaints about how awful and unusable my new Laptop is, I just received the results of my physical. To put it bluntly: not good. Not going into details, but it’s enough to further dampen my spirits and requires treatment.

    With that, I am going into “lurker mode” while I attend to personal matters. I’ll be around, popping in now and then with feedback and comments. However, my overall activity and participation will be even less than it has been. I’m down but not out.

    Thanks to everyone who visits my gallery and reads my stories. This is a wonderful, supportive, and creative community. Wish you all the best. Hoping to bounce back in the new year!

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    Willkommen, TCoS!

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    Gamma Golem is adorable!

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    Woohoo, îmi place!

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    Nice. That mask is menacing!

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    Willkommen, ares12! Very eclectic character.

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    ULTIMA RATIO (The Last Resort)
    Original Characters by Harlekin; Story by The Atomic Punk


    “David, look, the train station seems to be largely intact!”

    “You’re right, Sibyl. Do your powers see anything?”

    “No, this is strange. I can’t get any sort of reading. Something is blocking me.”

    “I wonder… Sibyl, do you think that any survivors will be in there? It seems odd that the train station is still standing while the rest of the city almost burned to the ground.”

    “It is, David. But it only makes sense that people would look for shelter. Let’s go!”

    “Right behind you, Sibyl. There seem to be a lot of dead demons! Most of them look like they have been shot.”

    “The inside seems fine… it’s just really empty. David, wait, who is that? Shiawase Shinzou! Shiawase Shinzou!”

    “Huh? Hey, get bent! Oh… it’s you, Sibyl. Yeah… get bent, you boyfriend-stealing harpy!”

    “What? I never tried to steal Enkaku from you! You are not even his girlfriend! We have no time for this! Where is Enkaku?”

    “The demons caused the train to derail. They grabbed Enkaku and disappeared behind this door.”

    “They kidnapped Enkaku? But why, Shiawase?”

    “How should I know, David? All I know is that I’m getting him back. I don’t care whether it’s some tramp or a demon. No one is taking my boyfriend!”

    “Shiawase, where did you find those guns?”

    “Why are you always so nosy, Sibyl? And from now on, call me ‘Tama-hime!’”

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    in reply to: TALES OF THE HERO #33929

    The void episode is really interesting. The designs are your best to date, especially the fire worm.

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    Willkommen, Pathwalker! I agree with Jeimuzu’s suggestion for Apedemak.

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    Thanks, Linea!

    I feel like I’m making excuses at this point. But, I’ve been swamped at work then I come home to a laptop that is barely functional. Also stressed over the upcoming results of my physical.

    Happy Thanksgiving! For those whom today is not a holiday, have a great day!

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    Willkommen, EssayM! Good start. Does the “radar” insignia designate that characters are members of a team?

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    Maybe design the Amy Atom 2014 calendar?

    That would be cool to do for the next Creator’s Club. Design your signature character using elements from your birthday. Mine would be April, diamond, Year of the Ox, etc.

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    Wonder Dragon’s costume is seamless. Welcome back and amazing work!

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