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    The Atomic Punk

    Character Design Contest ♯36- Reviving The Brand

    A time-travelling heroine finds herself in the year 2013 AD. Her efforts to warn New Yorkers of the future are constantly thwarted by autograph hounds.

    Original Public Domain character can be found here.

    Toni Stark


    The Atomic Punk

    Császárné Anna és Rebecka: Tanítás a Leckét
    Empress Anna and Rebecka: Teaching a Lesson

    “We spoiled our daughter. She pouts, throws a tantrum, and we give in. Discipline and punishment only encourage her to misbehave. Hopefully, it’s not too late to prepare Erzsé to rule the Sisterhood. Perhaps she needs more than a simple ‘nem.’

    “Erzsé needs to understand her destiny. An Empress’ power is absolute. An Empress must be just and righteous. An Empress must also be charitable and forgiving.

    “We shall return you to the Princess. Before we do, we shall teach Erzsé a lesson. There are consequences to her indiscretions. That’s why we took you from her, Rebecka, you miserable kék-lány.”


    The Atomic Punk

    Experimenting with Harlekin’s anime / manga tutorial.

    Rebecka: Apróra Vágott
    Rebecka: Chopped

    “We see that you have been attending court regularly, Erzsé. Have you been reviewing the war’s progress with the Generäle? And what did the Agriculture Minister project for the harvest?”

    “Yes, Mommy… I mean, my Empress. The Generäle report a victory on Anu. Your army located and razed a settlement of nuppa on the southern continent. They captured 745 females and collected 2,037 potential reproductive samples. The Minister expects an excellent yield. She credits the revised planting season.”

    “You are on the correct path, Princess. For fulfilling your obligations, we return your nuppa.”

    “Thank you, most generous and wise Császárné. No… what did you do to her, Mommy?!?”

    “Just a reminder that the Empress holds the power of life and death.”

    “Poor Cica…”




    The Atomic Punk

    Three weeks since my last post. I haven’t had much new material because my brand new laptop has a bad mousepad, which has makes it frustrating to use HeroMachine. By the way, love the new items, Jeff!

    The campaign to eradicate the merc presence on Scarbarough is nearing an end. Which means settling back into the tedium of social engagements and protocol.

    So, combine bad hardware with boredom, I will try to alleviate both with blogging. Rather than starting a new topic, I will post my musings and such here. Thanks for reading.


    The Atomic Punk

    It’s been forever since I have entered a contest, wrote for “Tell My Story,” or even designed a new character in HeroMachine. Aside from my complaints about how awful and unusable my new Laptop is, I just received the results of my physical. To put it bluntly: not good. Not going into details, but it’s enough to further dampen my spirits and requires treatment.

    With that, I am going into “lurker mode” while I attend to personal matters. I’ll be around, popping in now and then with feedback and comments. However, my overall activity and participation will be even less than it has been. I’m down but not out.

    Thanks to everyone who visits my gallery and reads my stories. This is a wonderful, supportive, and creative community. Wish you all the best. Hoping to bounce back in the new year!



    Get well, Punk.



    Hope things pick up, Atomic.


    Herr D

    [raises snifter smelling suspiciously like cinnamon, oregano, and ammonia] Get well AP! That’s an order! [formal brief version of multi-tentacular salute, ending in checking of Mickey Manta Ray watch] Did I forget to wind this thing again? Where’s the nuclear accelerator? [exits in a stream of toroid-shaped bubbles]

    (I haven’t designed enough emoticons to cover most of my messages.)



    I’m sorry to hear of you bad news and wish you a full and speedy recovery. In the meantime, while you rightly concentrate on your health, we’ll take what forum participation we can get. Personally, I know I can always count on you for kind words of support, insight, and humor. Get well.



    Atomic, miss you here. I came up with a character based on a name you used in your Tell My Story’s Amy Atom”s first meeting with One Armed Bandit. Tim Overton was one of the kids you skipped out on their field trip and witnessed the battle. Like so much of your stories I have made canon, with your permission, I intend to make Tim Overton the Rick Jones of my universe. Hope all is well and hope to hear from you again soon!Tim-Overton2.png



    Wait-Astro CAPTAIN JACK? Are you a whovian?


    Herr D

    [rapid scuttle through lair with worried expression, types “allow for isostasy” into automated graph keyboard set into wall, awaits answer for ten seconds, reads, releases large swath of bubbles]

    . . . what’s ‘irrelevant factor to current calculations’ mean? [irritated mumble, heads for dictionary]

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