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    The Atomic Punk

    This is something that I have wanted to do for a long time. As I said in Gargantua’s Post “My picture into a story,” he beat me to it! Here is my offer. You send me your HeroMachine creation. I will take the character or design name and write an introduction or story around it. Send nothing but your design with your name. No description of powers, no background information, just the character or design. I will provide a narrative. Be prepared, be willing to accept someone else’s interpretation. I welcome criticism, just understand this is by invitation. Send your creations to with the subject / heading “Tell my story.”

    To begin, köszönöm, Harlequin. Here is our collaboration.

    I Give You My Heart
    Character by Harlequin; Story by The Atomic Punk


    Such a strange sensation, my dear. I feel love for you yet I feel nothing at all. Your gift of eternal youth and beauty came as a surprise. It’s more than I could have ever wanted. To be with you forever in this world; not having to find you in the next. Thank you.

    Because of you, I am no longer afraid. The nights are no longer lonely. Yet the passion is no more, either. When I used to think of you, my bosom would warm. When I would see you, my heart would leap. Now, it is nothing more than a stone in my chest.

    It no longer beats. It does not race with the thrill of the hunt. Nor does it ache when you are gone.. Before I grow cold and indifferent to the world and its suffering, let me share with you this relic of my humanity. For you, my love, to remind you of how you changed my life… and my death. I give you my heart.



    Ahhh… CooL! I thought you’re goin’ like Gargantua but seems like it’s the other way around. Can you make her story? Yet i have to finish her..






    The Atomic Punk

    Character by prswirve; Story by The Atomic Punk

    Debbie Pendelton (Student, University of Iowa-Ames): “Yeah, sure, we went to high school with Cassandra.”

    Alexis O’Shea (Reporter, WBIA): “What was she like? Was she popular? Participate in school activities? Prom Queen?”

    Luna Perez (Accountant): “Oh no… she was… weird and annoying.”

    AO: “Oh, how so?”

    DP: “Ugh, where to begin? First, she was such a dweeb. Even the other dweebs though she was a misfit.”

    LP: “Yeah, she went through all these weird phases. She would go around school telling people how famous she was going to be.”

    AO: “What were her ambitions?”

    LP: “One week, she was going to be on Doing the Tango with Famous People and the next she was going to be a racecar driver or start a motorcycle gang.”

    DP: “The time she was going to be the next Britney or Cherrie Hart. She would walk around campus singing off-key.”

    LP: “Yeah, yeah, yeah… then she was going to be a supermodel who designs her own clothes.”

    AO: “Wow, sounds like she had a lot of dreams.”

    DP: “No, she was just a freak.”

    LP: “Like, the principal sent her home several times because of those outfits that she wore.”

    DP: “Think she was messed up before. Her parents died in a car accident and she was in a coma for three days. Her parents burned alive but she was unscathed. When she came back to school, she told everyone that she had ‘risen like a phoenix’ or some other bat-[censored] crazy nonsense.”

    AO: “When she flew in from the sky and defeated The Goldtooth Dragon, she probably saved a hundred lives.”

    DP: “Yeah, that was pretty cool.”

    LP: “She did help me with my math homework once.”



    Great backstory. I love the subtlety of the way you used dialogue to tell it.



    That was really cool! Here’s one for you!DIANA.png



    Well, i think i got something for you too.



    Always interesting to see how different people interpret an image, so here’s an old one of mine to play with as well!



    The Atomic Punk

    Wow, I did not expect this many volunteers so quickly! Thanks, guys! I will be writing more soon. Sometimes, ideas come to me slowly.

    Also, I am still accepting Chibis for the 2013 Creators’ Club Poster. My Laptop that had my graphics software on it died. So, I’m having to re-build it and I can’t find my discs! Send your Chibis to



    Does that mean we have to send them again, or have you still got them?


    The Atomic Punk

    I still have all the Chibis. Just no graphics software to make a spiffy poster. And I have a third PC that has a lot of my other stuff hanging in limbo…


    The Atomic Punk


    Character by WMDBASSPLAYER, Story by The Atomic Punk

    You know what, Nick? I quit. I’m so tired of your bull-[censored]. We’re going nowhere. These weeknight gigs in local bars suck. How many people showed up last night? Five… maybe ten? I’m putting in almost as many hours practicing and playing as I am at my day job. Not to mention only getting five hours of sleep before I have to show up there.

    So, I’ve made a choice. I’m tired of making sandwiches at the deli for nine hours then hustling over to Tony’s for three-hour jams and practicing Sheep for the Slaughter covers. Just sick of it. Instead of fixing my car, I bought these drums. For what? So I can haul them around in your mom’s van?!? By the way, yes, I did fill it up before I returned it.

    When’s the last time that you paid for gas? Or your half of the rent? When’s the last time you booked us a real gig? When’s the last time you wrote a song? Dude, seriously, when’s the last time you applied for a real job?

    Nick, it’s time. I have some original material. Tony and Hector are on board. Our first show is Sludgefest at Dabrowski Hall. We’re going to be playing on the same stage as the real Sheep for the Slaughter.

    Nick, I’m not quitting the band. I’m quitting you.



    Great story, Atomic Punk! And what makes it even better is that Diana was a portrait I did for a friend who really does play drums in a rock band and had a falling out with a band member. How about another one, or is it one to a customer? If not, try this!TOUGH-GIRL.png



    I just have to say, Gargantua, I really dig the way you used the treasure chests to make a throne and drape it with a cape. I get so many ideas looking the work of others here.


    The Atomic Punk

    Great story, Atomic Punk! And what makes it even better is that Diana was a portrait I did for a friend who really does play drums in a rock band and had a falling out with a band member. How about another one, or is it one to a customer?

    Glad you liked it, WMD. No limits to requests. I have been extremely busy these past couple of weeks. Hence the slow pace.

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