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    God I hope they aren’t biting off more than they can chew like Spiderman 3. Cause I saw 3 major villains there and the implication of at least 2 more. The story is going to have to be REALLY strong to support all of what they’re cramming in here.


    The Atomic Punk

    Looks promising. I don’t like what they did with Electro, though. Yes, I would like to see a green and yellow costume with the bolt mask.

    This always sparks nerd rage. Some people call “The Amazing Spider-Man” a “reboot” of the character from the Toby McGuire Spider-Man trilogy. If you know the comic, you know that there are multiple Spider-Man titles (“Spider-Man,” “Amazing Spider-Man,” “Spectacular Spider-Man,” “Marvel Wants More of Your Money Spider-Man,” etc.). So… is it a reboot or a separate story line as it is in the comics?



    It looks like they went with a look closer to the Ultimate Spider-Man version of Electro

    Also It appears that Rhino will be in this movie also, or at least something that looks a bit Ultimate Rhino like in appearance was spotted in that clip a couple times

    One thing I can say truly positive about the clip I just watched is it looks like they changed Garfield’s Spidey suit back to the classic appearance, I really disliked the redesign they went with in his first Spider-man movie.



    Hey my peeps!! long time aye?.I agree with JR It just feels like they are trying to put more than one plot in this one and quite frankly find Spidey a bit overpowered.Maybe it’s just me but ,maybe an adjustment or 2 to the suit?I mean that suit is so 70’s.Too much effort on effects and not enough on plot.then again I haven’t seen the flick soooo ………..anything is possible.I will wait for it on demand.

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