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    “Her true origins remain a mystery, though clues speculate a past connection with US Special Forces from the Vietnam War. One thing is for certain: Azdahag is a tenaciously dangerous army-of-one who owes no allegiance to anyone. When not on the move, she makes any uninhibited environment as her home, where she can live off the land at her leisure. For sport, she hunts superhumans, may they be masked crime fighters or evildoers from any dimension, and then takes their outfits an equipment for her own use, or just for trophies.”

    -From my character’s bio on my website in

    Hope you like =D



    The Atomic Punk

    Willkommen, ares12! Very eclectic character.



    Welcome, cool character, I love how you made the hand on her wing holding the gun.



    Welcome to the forums, nice start.
    Please read the forums rules and have fun posting.



    Sorry for making the image too big. If anyone wants to see more images of my character in a more fitting view, you can go to my deviantArt page: ( Link Removed by Kaldath) just highlight, right click, then open URL in a different web or tab.

    And to JR19759, yes, I did read the forum rules. If there’s anything that I’m missing, please let me know. Thanks in advance.



    Yeah, you missed one rule, No Advertising … I removed the link to your DeviantART page, please do not post it again, especially since there isn’t a single Heromachine image in your entire gallery ( I checked )

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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