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    The Atomic Punk

    Willkommen to my on-line archive of HeroMachine designs. In here, you will find characters and miscellaneous designs. Many characters have background stories that I wrote as part of HM contests. I will post creations such as Recipes and continuing stories in the appropriate Forums.

    To open, I will post my favorite Character Contest entries over the coming weeks. Maybe one a day until I am caught up to the latest CC. After that… well, we’ll see when we get there. Feedback is welcome. Enjoy!


    The Atomic Punk

    My first Character Contest entry was for CC 28 (Child of …). Fortunately, I had already created a character in HM 2 who was supposed to be the daughter of the classic Marvel villain Mysterio. Predictably, calling her “Mysteria,” I decided to re-vamp her for “Child of…” in HM 3 as the daughter of Mysterio and Dead Girl. In the Marvel universe, the villains did meet but did not bear any offspring.

    She has her father’s gift for theatrics and stage effects. From her mother, Living Dead Girl inherited blue skin and a bad haircut. I had a full backstory and description of her powers – which I did not save to my hard drive. Also, it seems to have been lost when HeroMachine transferred from UGO to our host Jeff Hebert. Moral of the story: Back-up your files.

    Here are the original HM 2.5 versions as “Mysteria:”

    Here is the updated and renamed “Living Dead Girl” (yes, from the Rob Zombie song):


    The Atomic Punk

    Character Contest 29: Armorium

    I based InkGun off of a tattoo artist that I know. Likewise, Rum Runner is said artist’s real-life friend.

    InkGun has no backstory. Just a guy who built an armored suit that shoots flames.

    Rum Runner:
    After his tattoo artist friend Smitz built himself a flame-throwing power suit and became InkGun, the Bobster asked to have one built for him. Smitz happily obliged (for a fee$$$). Now, the stocky former college fencer is Rum Runner. With his faithful parrot Morgan… well… you get the idea.





    The Atomic Punk

    Character Contest 30: Gadgeteer

    First entry was “bloke.” I didn’t do a convincing job with the left arm, but that’s more the point of this retrospective. To re-visit designs, review progress, and accept mistakes.



    Eric Sawyer failed auditions to be in retro-80s cover bands. Instead, he ended up as a roadie on the nostalgia circuit. Eric didn’t like life off-stage. He decided to become the superhero “bloke.”

    Using his knowledge of pyrotechnics and sound engineering, Eric designed the ultimate crime-fighting keytar. It so rocks! By playing certain notes, bloke is able to generate blinding flashes, stunning booms, and cutting lasers. Eric is constantly “tuning” the keytar. Someday, he hopes it will have as many bitchin’ powers as gnarly songs on his iPod.

    Unbeknownst to Eric, he is also a telekinetic late-bloomer. He has never had proper ESP training. So far, he has been able to subconsciously generate defensive force fields. There are no visible effects, so Eric thinks that it has been dumb luck that bullets and bats have not put an end to his career.

    Though Eric’s alter ego is bloke, he is not a full-time superhero. He only suits up when he’s “in the mood”, or there’s an opportunity for major publicity. Eric actually hopes to get out of pizza delivery and back into the music scene.

    Unfortunately, Eric really isn’t that great of a musician. And several artists and record companies have threatened to sue him for copyright infringement.


    The Atomic Punk

    Character Contest 31: The weapon’s the thing

    Only one entry for this contest, but I had lots of fun with it.

    The Doom Buggy!

    Skulls and Surfboards (The Doom Buggy’s Theme Song)

    Doom Buggy, yeah, yeah, yeah
    Bustin’ skulls and surfboards
    Yeah, yeah, yeah

    Come down to the beach
    And sing along
    The gatling on the roof
    Has a range that’s very long

    Think you can run
    Run real fast
    The blades on the wheels
    Will slice up your… whoo!

    The heat don’t go down
    When the sun gets lower
    The left headlight
    Is a bitchin’ flamethrower

    The right one too
    Is lots and lots of fun
    Squeeze some white-hot rounds
    From the gauss gun

    Doom Buggy ain’t the fastest in the land
    But it’ll run you down
    Down into the sand

    Doom Buggy, yeah, yeah, yeah
    Bustin’ skulls and surfboards
    Yeah, yeah, yeah… Doom Buggy!



    Hehe Cool.

    Very cool.


    The Atomic Punk

    Character Contest 30: It’s a Class Thing

    The theme was to design a superhero around a Dungeons & Dragons character class. I am archiving five of my entries from least to most favorite. First is Carlton Binder. Binders summon monsters and spirits to perform tasks. Carlton is a business tycoon in a magical world.

    Carlton Binder


    Whooooiiieeee! Who’d have thunk it, huh? All them years haggling with those desert nomads. Making outrageous demands. Threatening to cut off the supply of dragon tears. Worse, threatening to cut off my fool head!

    Shoulda listened to my wizard buddy a long time ago. Attend a few empowerment seminars at the Downtown Marriott. Read a few magic tomes. Arcane… heck, easier than Spanish!

    Now look at this. Convinced that goblin fellow back there to catch me a fairy dragon. Start my own dragon tear refinery! Got an ogre who says he’s gonna get me a couple of nomad heads, too. Hey, Omar, remember that time you left me to die in the Wastelands of Aban’thia? Yeah, payback’s a bitch. Only gonna cost me a goblin.

    Speaking of which. Junior back there ain’t none too bright. Promised him three bags of platinum for this little flower. Instead, he pointed to the globe on my desk. I said, “If you don’t want the platinum, you can have this whole world!”

    And he agreed! By the time he figured it out, I’d already surrounded me and my money with this protective rune circle. Now go away, kid! Deal’s a deal! Do come back in about a week, though. Need you to help me with an ogre problem.


    The Atomic Punk

    Character Contest 30: It’s a Class Thing

    My second entry was “Warblade.” A random, one-shot character, he is a cinematic martial artist. In D&D terms, a warblade is a professional soldier / mercenary.



    Warblade’s origins are a mystery. Depending on the rumor, he is a former Green Beret, a Russian Spetsnaz, a Mossad agent, a former MMA champion. It doesn’t matter. He is the ultimate human weapon. Seemingly master of all forms of martials arts and weapons of all eras.

    He is neither hero nor villain. Simply a man obsessed with fighting heroes and villains. He never talks. It almost seems that he doesn’t even breath. His exposed skin is completely hairless. His eyes are a cold blood red. He is never seen without his mask nor his trademark white hat.

    Sometimes Warblade appears invited. He takes on all challenges. Money and prizes are accepted so he may live to fight another day. Other times, he appears without warning. He has been known to position himself between opposing sides already in the midst of battle. Taking on all challengers, any number at a time.

    He never speaks. Warblade simply gestures for his opponents to dare take his hat. More than once, it has been knocked from his head. Never has it touched the ground. With super-agility, he is able to snatch it from the air and place it back on top.

    Warblade has been known to use all kinds of weapons. He even improvises weapons. If necessary to escape, but not finish a battle, he has used explosives and firearms. He prefers his bokken. Perhaps it is the irony of being known as Warblade and severing limbs with wooden swords.


    That doombuggy is awesome!


    The Atomic Punk

    Thanks for the nods. It’s Heck Week, so I’ve fallen behind on my daily additions. Continuing on…

    Character Contest 30: It’s a Class Thing

    I have had this story lingering on my hard drive for a long time. This saga is separate from my mecha-verse, though I might incorporate it later.

    Paladin of Tyranny


    Achi’i had been engaged in open global war for nearly one hundred years. Peace was a distant memory. One clear morning, a message came from Heaven. A benevolent alien civilization offered to broker a lasting peace. The Achi’a granted the new species powers of law enforcement as they did not trust one another.

    For nearly thirty years, Achi’i was peaceful. What had started as a peace grew into new alliances. New alliances became confederations; confederations became blocs; eventually the blocs united under the eight Ruling Councils.

    As these events came to pass, the Benefactors’ presence increased. The alien species brought more technology and more enforcement. The Ruling Councils began to demand more production and efficiency from the Achi’a. More mines, more factories, more obedience.

    Millions of Achi’a began to openly revolt. The Ruling Councils reformed into the Global Council. The new planetary government immediately declared martial law. To enforce this law, the Benefactors brought the Paladin class tank. They laid waste to much of Achi’i.

    With its power secure, the Global Council began to reform Achi’i. Achi’i is known throughout the Systems as a brutal, oppressive regime. There remain pockets of resistance. It is difficult for the rebels to make headway against the Global Council. They are unorganized and suspicious of everyone. Though they will accept almost any help that they can get from the Outworlds.

    The Free Achi’a have yet to score a kill against the Paladins. All efforts are concentrated on their destruction. Behind the scenes, the Benefactors have their own plans for Achi’i and the Global Council. Achi’i Rizah willing, her spirit will be free!


    The Atomic Punk

    Character Contest 30: It’s a Class Thing

    Soulknife is one of my personal favorites. I include her in my meta-verse. Though, I might tweak her origin. Definitely giving her a new name. “Katie Perrini” is too close to “Katie Perry.” That was not my intention. I wanted a “cute” name that fit into a stereotypical Jersey family. So, I’m open to suggestions.



    Young, hot, and psionic. Yeah, Katie Perrini had it going on. That was until her father, New Jersey’s leading mob prosecutor was murdered. Though no one has ever been charged with the crime, it is known that he was found in his classic convertible with a shuriken between the eyes. Was it the Yakuza boss Toyoma Hitori who ordered the assassination? Or was it Don Vincent “Don’t Call Me ‘Vinny'” Giorgiono who tried to frame the rival Japanese syndicate?

    Katie’s mother, striken with grief, committed suicide. Or did she? Why would a crusader and favorite to win the gubernatorial election quit like that? Katie doesn’t want answers. She wants revenge.

    Katie dropped out of college. She now uses her inheritance and trust-fund money to fund her career as the avenging heroine Soulknife. Though she is not a murderess, some of her battles have resulted in fatalities. She will kill in self-defense.

    As Soulknife, she manifests her psyhic energy into shurikens, to mock her father’s killers. Her abilities are not limited to creating energy blades. Though, that is the manifestation that Soulknife has chosen. The shurikens also explode or merely push objects. They also non-lethally bind opponents. She has even experimented with using her powers to read minds. Unfortunately, the results have left the interrogation subjects lobotomized.


    The Atomic Punk

    Thunderstorms and tornado warnings have pretty much ruined my Saturday. So, another posting.

    Warmage is my favorite CC 32 entry. I have him in mind for several stories that I will think about writing but probably will never put into actual words.

    Character Contest 32: It’s a Class Thing



    Kip Poppleton always wanted to be a wizard. While other kids were taking the ACT and LSAT, Kip was studying Arcane Lore. He learned the fundamentals of alchemy and cross-dimensional calculus. His parents really wanted him to go to college but could not afford Cal State-Chico.

    In junior high school, Kip discovered the ROTC. Not only would Uncle Sam help pay for his college, Kip would also receive training as an electrician should his dream of becoming a wizard not pan out. His ASVAB scores were high enough to enlist. Kip’s recruiter also asked him to take the DMAB (Defense Magic Aptitude Battery).

    Kip thought it was a joke. After nine weeks of Basic Combat Training, the Army sent Kip to Advanced Individual Training in Salisbury, England. Kip graduated from the Defense Wizard Institute at the top of his class. Now, he fights on the frontlines of the Occult War. Codename: Warmage.

    Kip has to tell the folks back home that life as an Army electrician stationed in the Near East is boring. In fact, he battles other wizards, dragons, demons, and all sorts of “ickys” (ICK – Irregular Combat Kobolds).

    Warmage is proud of his service. He works alongside the most clandestine operatives in the world. His only regret is that wizards are long-lived. The regular G.I. Bill is a four-year enlistment. Kip’s Military Occupational Specialty Code is WOX-666 (Wizard Officer, Field Operations) requires a 60-year commitment.


    The Atomic Punk

    For this contest, I went a sort of “Spelljammer” route. The first of my two twins was the cyber-drider Then’nin. Should have done something more with his waistline. It does not blend at all with his legs. Also, his left arm and right hand are poorly juxtaposed.

    Character Contest 33: Twins

    Then’nin was a promising young Drow. Though of lower nobility, he aspired to be a great general, a conqueror of worlds and planes. His talents brought him to the attention of Lolth herself. The year was DR 12,973. Too much time had passed without a major expansion of her domain.

    Then’nin’s twin sister, Thenn’eg, was as ruthless and ambitious. Lolth delighted in their eagerness to serve. However, the intense sibling rivalry proved to be a weakness. One of them had to go. The Queen of All Drow held a contest. The winner would lead her armies across the Underknown and into The Beyond.

    Vhaerun, heretical god of Drow males, heard of the contest. He persuaded Then’nin to assassinate Thenn’eg. The plan backfired. The battle between the twins shook the foundation of all Drow Throughout.

    For his treachery, Lolth personally turned Then’nin into a Drider. He was to be a drone, cannon-fodder to die in the next campaign. Which was war against Vhaerun and his blasphemers. Then’nin was mortally wounded. But, he did not die.

    Vhaerun found Then’nin lying on the battlefield. Without hesitation, his healers and engineers saved Then’nin. Reborn as a Dryder Fanglord, Then’nin swore allegiance to Vhaerun. He is the heretic’s First General, sworn enemy of Lolth.


    The Atomic Punk

    Then’nin’s twin Thenn’eg. Didn’t do well with the blood-letting, but I admit that I like the black and gold.

    Character Contest 33: Twins



    It is rare for a Drow to bear twins. Such an event is oft revered as an omen. Thenn’eg’s mother proclaimed that her offspring would bring about great change Throughout. For their mother’s brazen proclamation, Thenn’eg and her twin brother Then’nin faced great adversity throughout their lives.

    They persevered. They grew stronger. Soon, the children of a lesser family were attending the courts of the powerful clans. Then’nin was a strong warrior and master tactician. Thenn’eg had become a powerful priestess. Whispers suggested that she could be the next Matriarch Domina.

    The twins’ ruthlessness and cunning left a trail of bodies that led right to Lolth’s hallowed gates. The Queen of All Drow clearly favored Thenn’eg. Then’nin’s jealousy grew. He had slew all who stood in the Drow’s way. Whereas his sister merely used his victim’s blood to “paint pictures” in Lolth’s name.

    Thenn’eg believed that is why Then’nin turned to Vhaerun. She was a force in her own right. A powerful Priestess not just in spirituality, but in the True Arts (known to non-Drow as “Black Sorcery”). After Then’nin’s blasphemy, Thenn’eg swore to destroy him, his new Master, and anyone who speaks favorably of either.

    Thenn’eg is Lolth’s Matriarch Domina, dual role of High Priestess and War Counsel. Before every battle, she observes a ritual by bleeding herself. To prove to her lost brother, she is willing to spill anyone’s blood in service of her Queen.

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