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    Longtime HM user, never really posted here before, decided to fix that. Some of these are for a sci-fi/superhero story I’m writing, others are just fun concepts. Comments and criticisms are welcome. UPDATE: Names and descriptions have been added.

    Bloodhunter: Futuristic assassin; has the power to track a target from the rate of their heartbeat and the smell of their blood.

    Dr. Vengeance: Lost his limbs in an accident that killed his wife, decided robotic spider legs and machine gun arms would be best for gettin’ some retribution.

    Granite: A muscular bruiser with rock-like skin.

    Oddball: A shrimpy comic-relief type, yet still capable of kicking ass.

    Sawtooth: Born missing an arm and leg, fitted with deadly weapons so she could be trained as a mercenary. She didn’t like that plan.

    The Shaid: An Israeli Mossad agent with a demonic appearance and the ability to create fire.

    Zombie Jack: Not sure of a backstory for this guy yet, I just think he looks badass.

    Scrapheap: A cyborg created from a dying man in a junkyard…then upgraded.



    Welcome EssayM. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.
    Make sure you read the forum rules and have fun posting.


    The Atomic Punk

    Willkommen, EssayM! Good start. Does the “radar” insignia designate that characters are members of a team?



    Sort of. I don’t want to say too much (mostly because I still haven’t figured everything out yet) but it has to do with several characters being brainwashed by the bad guys of the story, then overcoming it and switching sides.



    More characters:

    Slim Ridley – Cowboy arms dealer with two robot sidekicks.


    King Burkus – Alien overlord.


    Esh Kasai – Demon-themed martial arts fighter (Mortal Kombat-inspired).


    Green Fist – Alien martial artist (and my entry in the current Kung Fu character contest, so I hope it’s not somehow against the rules to post it here).



    Nice characters. Can’t wait for the stories to start.



    Some oldies and random experiments, just to bump this up a bit.

    These are the more recent ones…


    Me experimenting with position and coloring. Might also show up in my story, hence the radar insignia.


    Stereotypical ’90s kid. I used this to experiment with the skinny body I ended up using for Oddball.


    A remake of a character I made and lost years ago. Not my best, but still pretty cool IMO.

    And now for the oldies…
    The Illuminator
    Demon Hunter
    Captain Bluehawk
    The Ghost



    I recently figured out how to use gradients to shade a character, so I’ve been going back and sprucing up some of my older characters. With any luck, I’ll soon be posting the official version of the “radar signal” team (I’m calling them the Rogue Patrol for now), which will feature some of the characters I already posted plus a few new ones. In the meantime, here’s a random character I created with a friend (he did the design, I worked on the coloring and came up with the backstory).


    The Deadhunter

    After being murdered along with his family in a remote African country, a dying Ed Clayborn was found by a local witch doctor. Sensing his burning desire to avenge what had been done to him, the witch doctor used his magic to revive Clayborn as a zombie and sent him out into the world. Now, unable to die, he travels the world, seeking vengeance and killing anyone who gets in his way.


    Herr D

    . . . here’s wishing good luck to the TSA agents who survive to be fired for submitting their reports too honestly.



    Cool! I mean it’s a Zombie with chainsaw guns and a giant axe, how could this not be cool? Love all the armor too. Smile



    @Herr D: Agreed. Hopefully, one of them could at least bounce back by publishing a killer memoir about the experience.

    : Thanks. I was worried the armor might be a little too much, but it actually does add to the overall feel of the character.



    Going to start posting the Rogue Patrol shortly, but first a little introduction/backstory:

    The year is 2021, and thanks to a brush with nuclear war several years ago, mutated humans have become more that half of Earth’s population. For some, this has resulted in incredible new powers and abilities; the less fortunate have been left with horrific, even life-threatening deformities and handicaps. A corrupt government organization known as S.T.A.T.I.C. has decided to take advantage of the situation; while presenting themselves publically as a source of medical aid to the mutated, they in truth have been turning many of their patients into brainwashed, mechanized assassins, programmed to target “enemies of the state” so that the higher-ups can avoid suspicion.
    Some of those patients, however, have managed to escape S.T.A.T.I.C.’s control, to go “off the grid”. These individuals, armed with the technology and internal knowledge of their former captors, have formed an alliance. Their mission: to find and rescue others, to stave off S.T.A.T.I.C.’s attempts to recapture them, and one day, to have S.T.A.T.I.C. itself shut down. They are….

    Rogue Patrol


    The first Rogue Patrol member (and my favorite redesign so far):


    Real Name: Eifat Ramon

    Birthplace: Tel Aviv, Israel

    Biography: Born a physically inadequate child to a wealthy, image-conscious family, Eifat Ramon was abandoned at a young age and spent much of her childhood moving between various guardians. Over the years, she developed an agressive personality, earning her the nickname “Shaid”, the Hebrew word for demon. She served in the military as a teenager, during which time she was caught in the War and left with a demonic appearance and the ability to control fire. After leaving the army, she became an agent of the Mossad, adopting “The Shaid” as her codename. Her work with the agency led to several encounters with ex-S.T.A.T.I.C. patients who had broken their programming, through which she learned of the organization’s evil intentions and co-formed the Rogue Patrol to stop them.

    Powers and abilities: The Shaid has advanced pyrokinetic abilities, ranging from manipulating a small flame to creating a large wall of fire from nothing, and everything in-between. She also has extensive combat and intelligence training, and her Mossad employment grants her valuable access to information and people around the world.



    Sorry I’ve been gone for a while, school is kind of hectic. Anyway, here’s the next Rogue Patrol member…



    The first S.T.A.T.I.C. escapee to be found by the Shaid, Metalloid is the main leader of the Rogue Patrol after her. His cybernetic enhancements are highly adaptable, allowing any number of deadly weapons to be installed in his armor.



    Cool story for metaloid

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