Zombocalypse Now

Zombocalypse Down

Surrounded by a ravening horde of zombies, supply of ammo dwindling, we had a choice to make for our little stuffed bunny buddy — go out in a blaze of glory or save a bullet for ourselves. Being muy macho, we opted for the former: D’oh! “Never trust a guy named Vinny”, I think that’s… [ Read more … ]

Whom to shoot? That is the question.

When last we left our zombie-fighting stuffed bunny, we were deciding whether to rally the police troops or to gracefully retire to a holding cell. Breaking from our normal habit of enlightened self-interest, we opted to go all Dirty Harry on Clampy Pete: Well. Ahem. That seems not to have turned out so well. But… [ Read more … ]

To Pontificate or Incarcerate, that is the question

Our little stuffed bunny buddy was last seen in an alley behind the police station with zombie guts in his eye, dithering over whether to get it out OUT OUT or just nut up and head on in to the precinct. Which raises two questions: First, who among us has not been, at some point… [ Read more … ]

Eye of the Tiger. Rabbit. Zombie. Whatever.

When last we left our intrepid stuffed bunny explorer, we were experiencing a severe case of authorial smack-down, wherein he gaver us the hand while we considered of enacting scenes from “Pulp Fiction”. Only instead of a samurai sword and a gut-wrenching case of involuntary S&M, we had a tire iron and a gut-eating case… [ Read more … ]

Don't MAKE me get all meta on your stuffed butt

When last we left our stuffed bunny, we had decided to pick up a tire iron and, I quote, “get medieval on their asses”. Meaning we wanted to walk into a mob of zombies attacking the police station and start hitting them. On purpose. Do you have any idea how hard it is to get… [ Read more … ]

A-policing we will go!

Before we return to our regularly scheduled stuffed-bunny zombie adventure, I wanted to say a quick word of thanks to “Zombocalypse Now” author Matt Youngmark. He was kind enough to email me last week to say he appreciated that all of you were having fun following along with his story and to let me know… [ Read more … ]

To hop or to cop? That is the question.

Our little stuffed bunny has paused outside the zombie-ridden street in front of his Celica, pondering his next fluffy move. Dive into the car and race for the nearest carrot patch, or dash away dash away dash away home on his hoppity little bunny feet? You all have spoken, and running it is:

You know what's better than one zombie? SIX zombies!

Like their living brethren, apparently stuffed bunnies have very powerful legs perfectly evolved for running. Because at the first opportunity after discovering we were on a date with a zombie, we ran away. With a chance at heroic redemption upon hitting the street we … chose to run away again. It’s good being stuffed! Not… [ Read more … ]

Stuffing the bunny, if you know what I mean

Have you ever been a stuffed bunny out on a date when suddenly you realize your companion is a brain-lusting zombie? I think we all have, because in addition to the horrors of dating many of us started our latest Choose Your Own Adventure last week with “Zombocalypse Now”! When last we left our intrepid… [ Read more … ]

"Zombocalypse Now", now!

It’s time for a new Choose Your Own Adventure adventure, choosers! For this installment we’re going to put ourselves in the life of a stuffed rabbit trying to survive a zombie apocalypse. So buckle your seat belts, kids, it’s time for braaaaains!