You know what's better than one zombie? SIX zombies!

Like their living brethren, apparently stuffed bunnies have very powerful legs perfectly evolved for running. Because at the first opportunity after discovering we were on a date with a zombie, we ran away. With a chance at heroic redemption upon hitting the street we ... chose to run away again. It's good being stuffed!

Not the Celica! Anything but the Celica!

What'll it be, folks? We are a bunny, after all, so you'd think we have a decent chance of bobbing and weaving our way into the car. On the other hand, I bet our fur stains easily, either from zombie drool or crapping ourselves in terror.

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("Zombocalypse Now" copyright ©2009 by Matt Youngmark. You can buy this great book for your very own here and I highly encourage you to do so. I did, and believe me, you're going to want to experience the full story in a way these samples simply cannot.)

6 Responses to You know what's better than one zombie? SIX zombies!

  1. Gene says:

    Car’s a loss, get out while the getting is good. running has worked so far!

  2. Myro says:

    Well, browsing ahead, I got more laughs out of hoofing it out of there, but…if we try to make a break for the car, there is a bit of a surprise. Sorry, not going to be specific on that one.

    I’m voting to take back the car anyway.

  3. DubbleYoo says:

    The zombies are dumb, slow, and unaware of our presence. I think we can get in there and into the car before they geab us. And then, we can run over zombies!

  4. spidercow2012 says:

    I’m going on the assumption that we’re quick like a bunny. Get in the car, rabbit!
    btw, anybody ever see “Night of the Lepus”?

  5. Dionne Jinn says:

    While six zombies doesn’t sound good, on the rate we encounter them the extra protection we have inside the car would be nice…

  6. The Atomic Punk says:

    spidercow2012: I’m going on the assumption that we’re quick like a bunny. Get in the car, rabbit!btw, anybody ever see “Night of the Lepus”?

    Night of the Lepus! Yeah, it doesn’t even qualify as a cult classic. More like a “did someone put something in my drink because I’m still up at 4 o’clock in the morning watching this… I’m in the mood for spaghetti and steak fries” moment.

    I had a 1980 Toyota Celica. Definitely nothing like today’s iPads on wheels. Manny-tranny, steel-skin, but not worth the weekends replacing the head-gasket four times over.

    “Run, rabbit, run!” (Dig that hole against the sun.)