To hop or to cop? That is the question.

Our little stuffed bunny has paused outside the zombie-ridden street in front of his Celica, pondering his next fluffy move. Dive into the car and race for the nearest carrot patch, or dash away dash away dash away home on his hoppity little bunny feet?

You all have spoken, and running it is:

You have to admit, "all the Turtle Wax in the world" is a great line. How can I make fun of this guy if he's going to write this well?!

As to the decision itself, I'm of two minds. On the one hand, running has worked out pretty well so far, as we're still alive. Well, as alive as a stuffed bunny gets, anyway. On the other hand, it seems like a fortified building with lots and lots of guns would be a pretty decent place to "hole up". See what I did there?! How many times can I use dual punctuation marks in one paragraph?!

Great, now I'm emotionally (and grammatically) exhausted. You make the call and the case, you "Get Stuffed" Legionnaires!

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