Stuffing the bunny, if you know what I mean

Have you ever been a stuffed bunny out on a date when suddenly you realize your companion is a brain-lusting zombie? I think we all have, because in addition to the horrors of dating many of us started our latest Choose Your Own Adventure last week with "Zombocalypse Now"!

When last we left our intrepid Velveteen Lothario, we were deciding whether to try and stick it out with our date or flee to the bathroom. In the finest Lone Wolf tradition, we cut and run:

Ah, the age-old CYOA conundrum, whether to flee for help or stay and fight. Luckily we don't have an irritating "Try and dodge the oncoming biker truck" skill and you haven't had to rely on your friendly neighborhood blogger to roll any dice. It's just pure intellectual brainpower ... oh crap. We're hosed.

Have at it, my little duckies, make your choice and defend yourself in the comments.

I wonder what horny stuffed bunnies shout as they charge into battle with the undead?

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("Zombocalypse Now" copyright ©2009 by Matt Youngmark. You can buy this great book for your very own here and I highly encourage you to do so. I did, and believe me, you're going to want to experience the full story in a way these samples simply cannot.)