Don't MAKE me get all meta on your stuffed butt

When last we left our stuffed bunny, we had decided to pick up a tire iron and, I quote, "get medieval on their asses". Meaning we wanted to walk into a mob of zombies attacking the police station and start hitting them. On purpose.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to get zombie guts out of velveteen fur?!

Regardless, the die is cast and here are the results:

Can you imagine one of the original Choose Your Own Adventure authors doing this? You know, the ones where turning left results in instant death while turning right wins it for you?

I say we take this unexpected gift of archival wisdom and run, baby! But of course, ultimately it's up to you. If the Samuel L. Jackson-fueled testosterone fury of the coming "Avengers" movie has us ready to take on these mf'ing zombies on this mf'ing street, then regrip that tire iron and wade forth.

Cast that die, ladies and gents!

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