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    When in doubt what to do, do a pony.

    Direct link to DeviantArt (Better quality):

    Some info:

    – Shading/highlighting much worse than i want it to be, need more practice after so much failed projects.

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    Herr D, Anarchangel, i didn’t replied earlier (so i didn’t bump up my topic without reason), but i saw your words way before, and for them i thank you guys.


    Let’s see if i’m still able to machine out a thing or two.

    Direct link to DeviantArt (Better quality):

    Some info:

    – First character made after very, very long time of not-doing-much in HM3. Tried to get rust off me with this creation.

    – Sister of Lady Of Creation

    – Idea for Lady Of Destruction came from thinking about Lady Of Creation (my previous character from hm3) story. Long story short – LoC creates, LoD destroys, but they can’t use powers without the other. So for every thing that is created, they have to destroy something of the exact energetic value, and so on.

    – That’s what happens when you try to make exact oposite of cyber/tech based character.

    – Under her left shoudercape, there is some kind of unspeakable tentacle-eldrich horror. Tried to make it visible at start but… ye, i suck at making tentacles. Sorry!

    – Just like LoC, this is rather shading focused image. With some creepy’ish style. Why? Since it’s a me, that’s why.


    And that’s it for now. I know i failed at being active at forum. Or at HM blog. Or anywhere. For that im sorry. I really, really am amazed by most of works i see here or DA. And that’s why i will try to get back to commenting here when i will find some free time.

    After all, i wouldn’t even try creating again, if not for all of you. Maybe i was silent, but i came here from time to time, or watched my DA notification box. You always manage to inspire me. You always set cogs in my brain in motion. You create my creativity, in a way.

    I don’t think i will ever be able to say how much i owe this community and everyone in it. And how much i am sorry for not repaying you properly. Have a nice day/night/pancake and let’s hope i will defeat lazyness when it comes again at me.

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    Not-containing art reply to my own topic -> beware and run away!

    And being serious, i might… have… ehem… Sliiiiiight delay between commenting here on Heromachine.

    Topics and stuff to comment gonna slowly stack, but sadly, i have few things that slow me down.

    1) i am lazy.
    2) really lazy.
    3) extremly lazy.
    4) and, not so important, still alive, and that causes few thing to do.

    Due to first three (and sometimes due to 4’th one) i will comment only once in a while. (i mean, i already comment only once in a while. But now i might comment even less than normal)

    Sorry for that!

    PS. #ShamelessExposureOfTopic

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    Interesting idea and nice concept. Execution really nice, i like this newspaper style.

    All three images on newspaper are in my opinion well done, nothing bad to say about them.
    Nice choice of fonts, bot for comments and main text.
    Text itsel looks legit, truly newspaper’y text that is.

    Overall, waiting for the next issue!

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    Not sure what to say, it’s rather hard for me to find words for this in english. Maybe “i feel sorry for you” or “i pray for you to be good from now on”? Not sure what would be appropriate in this situation.

    Anyway, as a cheer-up gift, i have something that you will love. A wall-of-text, that’s all about you and your creations! (Yaaaay)

    First of all, i cannot admire your very very own way of Heromachine. (that’s what i admire most in almost everyone)

    Your creations are original, and often, if not always, very “alive” (not sure hot to say it. And that’s another bracket for you)

    Background/Scenery you make for you images are very fitting, and sometimes quite interesting.
    For example, your entry for Out Of This World Pop Quiz is simply wonderful.

    Stuff you make never gets boring, you always create something different, always doing something new in it’s own way, and i like it.

    Special “wow!” towards series of satyr characters, they are really nice in my opinion.

    I also liked your Geoff and Walnut. Watched some of the Jeffs shows(that how you name those?) some time ago and i laughted hard thanks to him.

    Pieces of Heromachine art that you created and that were inspired/based on music are just wonderful.

    Also, poses. You are really good at making those look as good as possible.

    And that’s it. If you want, i can also give some individual comments on single pieces of Heromachine you did (wasn’t sure where to start, and ended being so unsure that i simply didn’t done it, sorry), just say a word (and wait some time since it takes ages for me to do anything)

    Have a nice day!

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    So… We meet again… Jei-God-zu <prepares for brain meltdown due to what great things he is about to comment on>

    Yukito Arashi, just as JR said, is shining with that epic Yu-Gi-Oh hair style.
    His hair is worth of it’s own comment section:

    Highlights and shadows on his hair are just perfect.
    How his hair is shaped is like 101% sugoi.
    Jei-Hair-zu, teach us, mortals, how to be godly.

    Okay, back to rest of Yukito.
    He is like pulled straight out of Anime. Good job. Your style is just wonderful when it comes to that.
    Great costume design. Not to armored for a mage, while chest-piece and cape give him that fantasy/magic style (also nice cape choice, fits wind mage really well)
    Color-scheme of his is really interesting and fits him overall.
    Part where cape connects with chest-piece also nice.

    Nakano Gozen truly looks like one of these “goes to school and at the same time saves world and stuff” girls.
    I admire way you did her Godly Armor of Female Protection (aka. strong-looking armor covering only ~50% of body with school-girl-skirt). Seriously, it’s really nice. Especialy liking torso-part and her shoes/boots/things on legs
    Pose of her is just mindblowing. I have very hard time when it comes to non-standart pose, and you are nailing it like a boss.
    Sweet hair. Truly gives image a feel like she is in the air, ready to strike something down with her sword.

    Ps. (late) congratulations on being a college graduate now. It’s nice that you will be here now more often!

    Solar Rainbow Iro Kenshi is so… so…
    Okay, okay, i’m back. So, here’s the thing: i don’t know what to say.
    First of all, background. It’s amazing. That cliff view of the sea is wonderful. Water and light effects in background are masterpiece in itself, + that climatic rainbow, sweet.

    Character itself deserve it’s own anime. That determination in the eyes worth of main hero of the epic-story.
    What he wears fits well for sword-fighting character. Colors and desing of what is on him are well picked and done.
    Also, nice climatic bagde on his chest, rainbow’y
    Sword is so, so, so… Sorry. Rainbow overdose almost came into me again.
    Nice idea with heavy/durable glove for hand that holds sword.
    Rainbow/shine/light effects of sword are flawless and wonderful.

    Overall, everything you create in that anime’y style of yours in great. Unique, interesting and pleasing for the eye.
    I wish you a lot of time to create, your very own section of Hall of Fame and whatever else you want. Just create more, you are godly at this
    You inspire me to create with works of yours, and i bet there are more people inspired by looking and what you have done so far.

    I wish i could have some better way to show you how much i admire your work, but that’s all i can do for now. Have a nice day and create something new quickly!

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    I am rather young when it comes to time on HM forums, so i didn’t meet you before. But anyway, it’s honor to meet someone who started creating long before i did and came back.

    Bargain looks interesting. Rather simple, but at the same time it’s nice to think about it. “what Bargain? Does characters on the image want to trade some kind of potion in exchange for big bad dog? Why?”.

    It’s always nice to look at these kind of creations that looks like they have story behind them. It get’s me so excited in most cases.

    You created also quite unique scenery with this item combination, i like it.

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    Well, it’s been some time since i been in that topic.

    Thanks, everyone, for nice/cheerful/just words. I know that i might not sound like it matters for me, but actually this is what keep me motivated for quite a lot of time. Really thanks.


    Sorry for necro’ing this forsaken by gods place, but i have something new, and that means i have to do this, sadly.

    Ps. Gonna try to return to text-flooding of the other topics as soon as possible!

    Direct link to DeviantArt (Better quality):

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    Hey, here to comment on your creations. But…
    To be serious, i am not sure where to start. It looks like somehow i never commented your topic.

    I am right now checking out every page (going backwards, at page 14 at this moment) and observivng everything you created so far. But i’m not sure if you want to hear comments to your old old old old creations

    BUT… If you will want this, just say. Then i’m gonna wall-of-text your topic to the next dimmension and beyond, starting from the very first creations on the very first page to the latest one (or i could start from the page you would find to be not-old enough, your choice)

    (Reading Page 10 now) But for now, i will make overall comment about your style, what are you good at, what you make epic, and stuff like that.

    (Page 7) in a moment…

    (Page 3) almost…

    (Page 1) Okay, here we go:

    You are great.

    I love how diverse you are, at practically everything.

    You don’t always do any complex background, but when you do, it’s mind blowing and deep and beautiful

    You created so many things in so many styles/themes with so many ideas/characters, each one totally unique with it’s own personality and feel.

    Poses ranging from simple but still effective to complicate and stunning.

    I love how you create masterpieces that have very varying theme (sci-fi, fantasy, superheroes, anything)

    You are so damm creative. Tons, tons, tons of ideas you showcased in that topic. I cannot comprehend it all by myself.

    You also have mastered HM it seems, your item usage is great, your way of doing shadows/lights/highlights is also awesome.

    And… Not sure what else i could say. You are just one great Heromachinist. I wish you a lot of free (and happy) time and ideas for more creations of yours.

    PS. So, just to make sure that it didn’t sinked in the wall of text above – Do you wish for comment on every single creation in your topic, or rather you don’t want me to reach that far? (if you want, i can start from the specific moment in time, so i don’t comment stuff that you find to old)

    in reply to: The Legatus Universe #141699

    Interesting color scheme on Splitfire.
    Nice balance in his costume when it comes to visibly armored and rather flexible parts, i like that kind of thing.
    He is for sure one ready-to-fight henchman, that at least i can read from his pose.

    Deathstalker look really fabulous…deadly, i mean deadly!
    her pose and facial expression are both well made and together create perfectly captured in-fight feel in image.
    Glow effects give nice touch to her overall design.
    well done, really well done.

    Gustav is interesting approach on brute-force character.
    i like his, quite stylish to be honest, outfit. It is to some point elegant in my opinion.
    armor-bracelets are always in fashion when it comes to hand-to-hand combat preferring characters, so well done.

    Koerlungr is really nice knight i must say.
    Armor seems solid and well decorated for someone with the title of a “Champion”, and that’s good.
    His Inifinity Blade adres me. Nice space/stars/blackness of space effect. Blade truly stands out.

    You have really cool ideas and way of putting them to life. Don’t stop creating, keep on so i can comment more of yours interesting creations.

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    in reply to: Romeo Phoenix's Artwork #141698

    Gremlin would be for sure something i wouldn’t want to meet in dark corner. Or anywhere where is dark. Or at all.
    These long nails look creepy on it’s own.
    I wonder – are they razor-sharp, or rather for scaring people by suddenly touching them from quite a distance? Or maybe they pierce skin/flesh/bones?
    Face is rather disgusting (in a good, horror sense), would probably scare many manly characters that would see him.
    Do you think that your gremlin would be rather wild and savage, or maybe cunning and pulling people into deadly traps?

    in reply to: PLANET AMS #141697

    Well, and here lies my past hope of commenting on time. Anyway, time to catch up a little.

    Or rather, a lot.

    The Patriot looks great.
    As always, highlighting at master level.
    Overall costume design/colors are also well made.

    Shooting Star is really interesting for me.
    Whole energy bow idea is great, and the way you did is is even greater.
    Light effects are well done.
    Her costume is pleasing for the eyes, good job on that.

    Major Patriot, when it comes to how good he’s made overall stands on the same level as Patriot.
    + He and Shooting star fit together as a team, at least i think they do.

    Iron Skull you made look really sweet.
    He almost gives super-villian vibes, but thats good, he looks really cool.
    You did really nicely the metal head/skin effect, its clean and quite visible (effect, but his head itself is also quite clean. Polished almost)

    Wrench is really great character.
    These heli-drones are nice, adorable, probably deadly, but also well made.
    Nice pose/character muscles/costume, everything fits nice.
    Also, dirt/not-clean effect really gives him that unique mechanic character.

    Rose looks very intimidating, sweet.
    Things that make up her costume give really interesting effect together. Looks practical, while still giving some defense + not restraining to much movement.
    Red/gray color use is great overall.
    Highlighting/light effects are perfect in my opinion

    Dr. Wilson a.k.a Doc looks like definition of genius among humans.
    Great “i can solve any problem with science” feel is all around him.
    I have no idea if that ID he has is something you made or piece from HM, but i never seen it in HM, so i will guess you made it, and if yes, then nice. If no, then nice anyway.

    Peacekeeper is really nice high-tech superhero.
    Loving idea of energy shield + almost-like-lightsaber baton (Lightbaton?)
    Great use of light to give metal that reflective look.
    also, colors are very nice and fitting, especially energy effects.

    Your version of Cuahtemoc is really nice.
    Overall look is simply great, nothing bad about how you made him look.

    Sledge interested me a lot.
    He looked like brute-force-only guy, until i noticed magic rune/effect on his hammer,
    Tattoos on his body give him even more unique feel.
    His costume, or rather, his pants, are really well made, good job on that.

    Whiteout is really someone uncommon in positive way.
    loving this white-themed costume/equipment he has, fits his name really good.
    He also looks like really nice gentlemen, that’s something i really appreciate.

    Pink Eraser looks to be one of this characters that never stops smiling.
    Sorry to say this, but… I love how you used pink on her costume and weapon ;-;
    Her pose is great, perfect i would even say.
    Simply fabulous.

    All Star has color combination that i find quite interesting.
    I always liked half armored, half flexible, or to put it simply, balanced costumes. Practical, and looks nice.
    once again. look at dat light effects/light reflections/highlights/teach me.

    Silver Sentry grabbed my attention in few really good ways.
    His armor is very not standard, or rather, really unique, in both colors and overall design.
    I simply adore that sci-fi/high-tech feel he has.
    of course, highlighting on materials of his armor/costume is great (you are just too good at it, i might sound like i repeat myself)

    Britainnia suprised me nicely, like, whoa, thats something really rare to see.
    top-notch quality of her uniform + bonus “sweet!” for mini-trident-thing attached to her gun.
    Pose left’s nothing bad to say about it.
    Facial expresion of hers fits that captured aiming moment perfectly.

    Sgt. Steel sounds and loks interesting.
    His metal body is so polished and shiny i that i can almost see my own reflection (if i just didn’t had such dirty monitor)
    His uniform fits him really nice.

    Solaris, original and crispy, i like both of these.
    These… THESE flames!. i love how they look so good, so… flame-ly!
    Seriously, these flames. + this sun/star behind him, also quite beautyful.
    Solaris himself with his really good costume and nicely glowing eyes is nice overall

    Kruger looks to be the gold (ba dum tss) member of your vilian collection.
    His outfit/custome is well done in every way possible.
    His weapon of choice looks and is made really good.
    Once again, you showcase on him your masterart of light-usage.

    Your version of Emma and Bub is just…
    It’s in hall of fame. There is no better compliment to anything created in HM than being there. So…
    HoF. AKA. So epic that another generations of Heromachiners will know that it’s epic.

    And that’s it. I hope that this will motivate you to create even more and more. Really looking forward for more stuff to comment.

    And with that one done, there’s around 25 more topics to go for me at this moment.

    This will take a while.

    in reply to: Mr. Nobody’s Character Gallery #141087

    I hope you won’t mind, but i will comment on your creations starting from beginning of 2015 (i don’t want to comment stuff that’s too old, since i know that how people do stuff changes over time, i hope you aren’t mad for that)

    Black Tarantula is cute. I mean, creepy! Creepy as hell itself!
    Background fits well to what’s in front of it.
    Nice effects in front of character(smoke, light flash (or however it is called in english) )

    No Pole is just hilarious.
    The character on it itself makes me laugh.
    Everything else doubles, or even triples funny-effect this piece of HM has on me.

    Fury sure looks furious.
    Red, lots of red. Me like red. Bloody good color.
    Glow from his eyes and effects on his hands looks fine.
    I wonder if people think he is Fur(r)y.

    Two Figures Until The End is really romantic in my opinion, and that’s good.
    Loving sunset/sunrise (not sure) effect and sea shimmering with light.
    Also, hardly visible stars on the sky are another nice touch to this creation.

    Creation that is used for your avatar, wow!
    Dark, creepy, terrifying, monster-like character! Me in love!
    Once again, eye glow is in my opinion well made.

    Silhouette of War is epic.
    I like how you can make creations where characters are black due to light behind them look so good.
    Atmosphere in this piece of art is amazing, good job with that one.

    King (aka Test Post) is yet another creation that calls my soul to the depths of evil void, yay!
    Shade effect on his face adds him a lot of levels when it comes to being as scary as possible.
    Character design itself also deserves big praise.

    Darkened Dove (aka King-Queen scenes) looks like beautiful, yet sad, fairytale, i love it.
    Everything, from story this is telling, to the characters and how you made them, is really nice.

    Now, creations from the first post from September 6, 2015:

    #1 is simple, yet great.
    Again, something in style that i love. Creepy, terrifying, and quite sad at the same time.
    This is truly one great piece of perhaps symbolic creation.

    #2 looks great, in my opinion it perfectly shows what love is.
    I love chaos of shapes in middle, where everything seems to mix and dance around hearth.
    You also did really good job on colors when it comes to this piece, with is mostly noticeable on the faces of man and woman.

    #3 also deserves some nice words in my opinion.
    I like alien creature, she fits perfectly with it’s simple design.
    I also adore the technology showed on this creation: holograms, holo-map, and especially the holographic-controls effect.
    Great job on that one.

    Female/angelic character in second post from that day is nice.
    I like her clothes really much, fits well for something holy.
    i also find it nice that you used shadows + clouds to make visible difference between flying and standing.

    The Symbol seems fine.
    I prefer first color scheme due to darker overall effect, but second one is also not bad.

    Mad Cat//Cheshire Hatter//Mad_Hatter+Cheshire_Cat_combo is calling me, and i love it’s call.
    Disturbing, both characters and atmosphere you created with usage of darkness, rain, shadows and creepy smoke.
    Black+gray background fits this horrifying creation greatly.
    I also find girl outfit to be quite cute, since for me scary=cute.

    Now, time for first gif – the one about glancing suspiciously.
    Its great, hilarious and great.
    I like how his nose also sticks above the wall.

    Shooting hand gif is also nice.
    Looks quite smooth and that’s good.

    The image with light and (head and hands of) bandit is really nice.
    In my opinion light/shine effects and shadow of hand looks really nice.

    Again, funny gif with wall, even better than first one.
    Is even smoother and is also funny for me.

    You also did great job on Pow! gif.
    Again, smooth and nice gif with no visible flaws, you are really good at it.

    Something New/Girl in Red Dress is really, really sweet.
    Simple, yet so beautiful and looking really alive.
    This snow-thing effect also impressed me.

    Two Figures in Moonlight creation is yet another fantastic HM piece of yours.
    Lovely and very nice.
    You really stand out with how you create pieces like this one.

    Two things not related at all:

    #1 Looks nice, i see you played with energy effects a lot here.
    For me it looks really nice. Shine from energy looks as it should look in my opinion and that’s good.

    #2 is great Black and White piece.
    Two contrasting sides of creation are both well looking and nice.
    I like this quite-symbolic for me creation, well done.

    And finally latest piece, Metallica-fan-demon.
    Quite demonish look of character is nice, flames on the guitar give really good effect.
    I also like this heavy-metal (ba-dum-tss) outfit. of demon. Sweet.

    Your nick might be Mr.Nobody, but for me you are quite someone with great and quite unique style and ideas.
    I wish you a lot of ideas and energy to keep creating in HM.

    in reply to: Anarchangel’s Archive #140803

    Let’s see from where i have to start…

    Midnight Enigma is nicely detailed in my opinion.
    Her costume looks simple at first, but after a while i noticed that really subtle patterns that are really nice touch to this creation.
    As some before me said, magic effect/arm glow is nice, truly nice.
    Colors, highlights and overall design is great, wonderful sorceress

    Silent also looks interesting and good.
    His color scheme fits assassin character in my opinion, and colors itself are also fitting to the costume he wears.
    That yellow “Smile Face” tho. Laughted when saw it (it contrasts so much i couldn’t stop for a moment). Not sure what’s worse – that someone send assassin to kill you, or that trolly yellow smile being last thing you will see in your life.
    Nothing bad about him, only good and well made stuff.

    ps. Right now (as i write this part) i noticed comment about the way Silent would show his emotions. Interesting and unique in my opinion, nice.

    Delta is such realistic character in her story, and at the same time great creation from HM.
    I like when characters have fears/flaws and aren’t perfect good / ultimate evil characters, so even more “good job!” for her story.
    Her costume/armor is quite nice. Both colors and design itself are great.
    Highlights on this piece are well done also.

    Neuro has super (hehe, super) superpower in my opinion.
    I like that black-purple-pink combination on her.
    Again highlights add nice touch to the overall look of character.

    Hurt interested me really much.
    Her powers sounds like it make her somewhat of a dramatic/forced evil hero, i like that kind of stuff.
    Great “i’m evil and i know it” costume, colors, design, everything speaks “evil force, do not approach”
    I also adore her mask (it’s a mask, yes? ;_; i am not sure).

    Rabid is good animal/half-animal character for me.
    His right arm is just amazing, loving it.
    Rest of the costume is also well made.
    Looks truly ferocious.

    Serenity Miller has long, but truly worth reading history/backstory.
    Loving her, Scar and his friends, and of course, The Dark One!
    On the created piece she has really nice clothes, liking it.
    Also, great idea with The Dark One leaning out from behind the text.

    Wiki is simple and nice.
    Sounds smart, knows a lot, i like it.
    Her clothes are pleasing for my eyes. All hail the normal clothes!

    Anansi is character i love to look on (i like spiders)
    Colors are just perfectly fitted.
    Costume is great.
    these spider legs look sooo good in gold.

    Toxin for sure has style when it comes to costumes.
    Design fits the biological/chemical killer/scientist.
    once again (sorry if i’m starting to repeat itself), colors just intensifies that “i’m evil” fells that he is surrounded with.

    Apex is one wonderful piece of superhero.
    His powers are unique and amazing at the same time.
    Costume itself speaks “city warrior” no matter at what part i look at.

    Komodo is based of reptile. Me like reptile. Me love reptile => me love komodo.
    His armor is great. I mostly adore his shoulderpads (not sure why).
    Of course, helm is also well made, just like the rest of his costume.
    Shadows/highlights are really, really well made on this creation.

    Lady Mantis gives me strong “Deadly Woman” vibes, good.
    I like how her simple spear contrasts with her colorful and detailed costume, gives her unique charm.
    costume/armor itself fits overall villain theme of hers, its nice.

    El Toro Loco is for me great(looking) superhero.
    Bull theme and colors are well fitted into overall design.
    I like how his costume turns from completely black and heavily armored on limbs to light and colorful on torso.

    The violent vigilante Valkyrie… Tried to speak it 3 times with my bad english and failed ;-; You broke my tongue!
    Anyway, i like her. Combining modern firearms with nordic style sounds, and is great idea.
    I also like how you kept balance between going modern and going nordic when it comes to her costume, good job on that.

    Jupiter truly looks godly. And thunder-y. And levitate-y.
    Classic superhero style with this color scheme is truly magnificent and gives off the “im mighty” vibes all around.
    Thunder-shaped gloves and belt aren’t to sparkly, but that’s good, everything in Jupiter is fine as it is.

    Invictus sounds like ancient gladiator, and looks like modern (probably england) gladiator, it’s really nice character.
    I like this style. His costume isn’t on his entire body, and it’s also kinda not 100% costume, more like very unique and specific set of clothes that serves as costume, bonus points for that (not that i use points now)
    Mask on his head fits him and looks good.

    Vanguard, and you know, that in Russia you don’t want have super powers, it’s super powers that want to have you!
    Great country-themed hero. Colors are nice, his costume with armor elements fits his raw-human-power style.
    I also love how everything is made around his muscular body, again, fits Vanguard really well.

    Terra is one sweet piece of nature superhero.
    Loving the idea of no-shoes+dirty-legs, gives even more nature feels then it would without it.
    Just noticed that you always manage to use black in such a way on the costume that it fits anyone. Even here, on nature hero, black isn’t bad thing, and that i find strangely amusing.

    (looking at new version)
    Mademoiselle Dubois is so, so, sssssso in my style. It speaks to me. It wants me (to die horribly)! ;_;
    She is in fact simple, but she gives of crazy levels of creepiness. Me love creepy ladies.
    Her normal clothes actually doubles the power of how mysterious she looks like.
    Umbrella fits nice to all of this.

    (looking at new version)
    Phoenix truly looks like someone who was criminal, color scheme and pose are proof of it.
    His overall design is great.
    Colors picked for said design have same level of greatness.

    Dragonfly is great when it comes to using theme in hero costume.
    Wings fit him nice, and costume itself is well made in my opinion.
    Soft glow of his gauntlets and belt adds him unique touch.
    Also, i think that his in-air pose is really good.

    I love contrast that is in Kodiak.
    Upper half looks truly animalistic, raw, powerful, belts doesn’t destroy, and even add to that effect.
    Lower half is like someone wanted to make pants and gauntlets out of tanks. Not just one, but few tanks.
    Also, nice hi-tech feel on said gauntlets.
    Highlights on metal all well made in my opinion.

    Nyx, Nyx, oh Nyx… Is she free on next saturday? ;-;
    To say it simply, i love her. Dark, omnius, creepy and supernatural.
    I also adore how she has details despite being almost completely black.
    Wonderful design.

    Medical droid is great, i love totally unique creations with non-standard ideas for stuff.
    Eyes, electric-panel mouth (not sure if that is correct name for it), and everything, just great.
    He is also completely adorable. Would hug him, or even harm myself just for him to come.

    Talon is also pleasing for the eyes.
    I like his whip-like weapons, pretty sure i never seen weapons like that before.
    Color theme amazing, costume design also, and that teenager smile, fits him just right.

    And that’s it. Thanks for creating such wonderful characters.

    in reply to: Mr. Vaudeville's Gallery #140737

    First of all, i love how much you put into these characters.
    These aren’t just graphical creations thanks to you.
    These are almost like real, with own history, emotions, powers, weaknesses and all other stuff.
    Thanks for creating not just characters, but also, their very own “souls”.

    Paragon is one fine piece of superhero.
    I like how he is using both super strength and some gadgets (talking about his rocket boots).
    Costume is simple but it really fits him.
    Colors are well picked in my opinion.

    The Jetman is great technology user in my opinion.
    I like how complex stuff he has is and how much he has (talking about part where his equipment is shown).
    His armor fits well with his theme, grey colors also.
    Overall, good design with good backstory.

    Mantis seems to be “good” anti-hero.
    Color fits evil assassin quite well.
    I like her mantis-inspired theme, you did good job on it.

    The Magician idea is really, really unique, i love him and his design.
    I like his arsenal and how it “fakes” magic.
    Western styled outfit looks good on him.

    Overmind is also good.
    I love that he actually looks like he is physically weak and fragile.
    Nice “mind-powers using” effect, i like it alot.
    I also appreciate the fact that his body armor is not fully covering him, and that you can see weak, or rather, weaker spots in his defense.

    Solara is, in my opinion, quite bright idea for a superhero.
    costume,body armor and their colors are good in a very good way.
    shining example of good character.

    I like backstory/history of International Freedom League and The Mutant Syndicate.
    Sweet, sweet backstory.

    The Don seems to be (not so) nice peice of evil but rich man.
    His outfit screamed “money and power!” from the first moment i saw it, and that’s good.
    Black and purple fits him nicely.

    Lady luck sounds like femme fatale on steroids, sweet.
    I like how her powers are useful, while she on her own is rather defenceless.
    Sweet dress, and even sweeter woman that’s wearing it.
    Really beautiful piece of female villain.

    Memnon is quite original in my opinion.
    I like how cold water can “burn” him, great idea for weakness.
    From the visual aspect, good job, that nice done thug/villain over here.

    Trick Shot and Vendetta are both nicely done.
    Loving the idea of twins that care for themselves while being assassins/professional killers.
    Trick Shot is elegant and stylish, i wish i would be killed with someone as nicely dressed as he is.
    Same thing goes for Vendetta and her lovely dress.

    Hardman shares style with villains above, while also being even more original.
    Hard-to-kill thief? Nice. Fan of explosives? Even more nice.
    I also appreciate that he isn’t 100% evil, but instead there is something “good” in him.

    Komodo is, in my opinion, simple yet interesting.
    I always liked reptilian characters/villains/anything. I have special place for reptilian scales in my heart
    I also like how he wears green suit, it really fits him.

    Fenrir is also nice (even despite fact i am not big fan of wolfs).
    Sunglasses on his wolf-face/head won my heart, badass levels are off charts with this one.

    Dr. Crane clearly has mad scientist syndrome. Good.
    His mutated hand adds him some of that “i won’t help you, i will kill you, and then bring you back alive!” feel, and that’s even more good.

    The Blue Rune is nicely designed magician.
    I like both his character and his powers, not too powerful, not to weak, while also being intelligent.
    His costume is great, i like use of breastplate together with typical mage clothes like cape and hood.
    Subtle magic effect on his arm/tattoos/runes looks perfect.

    Dark Spartan is in my opinion quite original.
    Loving completely black costume, gives him nice look fitting almost-fearless warrior of justice.

    Velocity is great “super-speed” hero in my opinion, thanks to both looks of her and design.
    I like both way her costume looks and how shades of purple color highlights specific parts of it.
    part telling what she “dislikes” fits speedy character, good job on that.

    Most interesting part of Silver Thorn (for me at least) is how his name isn’t related at all to his powers. nice.
    His powers on it’s own are nice of course.
    Well done costume, colors flawless again.
    I like his bladed gauntlets, always something unique to kill or hurt bad guys with.

    High Voltage is rather simple superhero, but still i like him and how you made him.
    Nice lightning effects here, fits his costume really much.

    I like origin of Kali alias, and origin of her power.
    It’s also nice to see someone with unnatural powers who wears normal clothes.

    Ape-x is nice kinda-animal superhero.
    It’s first time i see ape/gorilla use bow, extra respect for original idea.
    I also like contrast that his rather-modern armor creates with said bow.

    Interface is one fine piece of cyborg, good job on him.
    I like how you used “electronic-like” pattern on his costume, it truly fits his design.

    Goldwing looks overall nice.
    I think there is very little characters that use rapiers as main weapon, and that’s why i like it.
    Simplistic costume did really good job on him in my opinion.

    Waveform sounds (hehe, sounds) and looks nice.
    I love how he is kind of a hero that is also famous for something else.
    Man that did his stylish costume deserves bigger salary, thats for sure.

    The Space Cowboy (a.k.a. Red Zev, Zubin Moontrapper, Zubin the Cold, Scourge of the Suki Nebula, Vexation of Vishlonia)… Okay, my fingers are out of breath now. That’s quite a lot of aliases for one man.
    Cosmic bad guy, sounds epic, and is even more epic.
    Green skin suits this alien and his costume. Looks like true bad guy from space.

    Warhead is truly superhero worth of America.
    I like his absorption and detonation powers.
    The way he looks truly says “come closer and you might not be alive anymore when i explode!”
    Overall, really good character.

    At the moment i saw Tarantula i felt my i-love-these-kind-of-things sense tingled like crazy.
    Not sure why, but these additional arms of hers are kinda cute. Probably it’s just me being strange.
    Costume fits her really, really well, good job on that one!

    And… that’s it.
    Now, if you excuse me, i must find finger store. My own broke of exhaustion.
    (that’s what happens when you take your own promises to seriously)

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