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    Well hello every one and wecome to my hero machine art page.

    The following pics here are/were originally for my form room game,
    Not safe for work due to graphic violence but here’s a link.
    You are an Urban Vigilante (A Suggestion Game

    Jackie Hall the OCC of the form game and my first hero machine pic.

    Ship back ground stock from MJ84-StockPhotos
    An enemy solder with a machine gun
    Nicolette Briscoe the other OCC, and really the first time i used masking.
    An unused shotgun welding lady
    An unused pic of a battle damaged cyborge welding a heavy machine gun

    Other random characters
    A demon/ succubus that i was oging to enter in to the competition.

    Evil cultist lady
    and as a vampire
    I think that the changes the holster, the clearer chest without the tattoos and the new floor really help this pose, feel more like shes walking.

    Well thats all for now, if any one wants the text files just post here and i’ll add them.



    Nice start, welcome to the forums
    Please make sure you read the forum rules if you haven’t done so already



    Some stuff

    Inspired by reading one to many 90’s bad girl comics, i came up with this, a name less zombie hunter clad in the obligatory skimpy and impracticable outfit, court in the act of shooting a zombie while ride a bike.

    I was aiming to get the sense of movement and turning to aim, the shading doesn’t really work, maybe cybernetic arm guns just dont cast shadows?
    I was unsure what to do with here legs so there a bit off.



    Welcome to the forums.



    Welcome! etc.


    Herr D

    Hello. Your Zombie Killer is on a bike so wide that you might try using just lower legs and building the upper legs out of Heads. You might have a look at how people mounted characters in the Knight contest run by Hammerknight. I think you did pretty well with the shadows. You might add some translucent ‘glows’ as if from mounted LEDs to busy it up if you want a challenge. As for the motion? Hair flipping and bullet-hole patterns or some bullets spraying are your best bet. Good luck and keep up the good work.



    I’ll have a look at the Knight contest, and see what thay have done.
    i’ll see what i can do about get some motion to show that shes rinding at you.
    probably do a few new zombies to replace the currant one, probably separately
    and just paste them in with GIMP to save time.

    Some pics, i found in my old image shack account, i was playing with filters aiming for kind of a night vision camera look.



    Did some more work on Zombie Killer, changed the bike and working on the legs.



    Ended up makeing a composite shot today of
    A sword welding amazon and a her decorated companion
    Walking tru some nice countryside. all of which had to be edited together (it keeps clipping of the top of her sword to give us the final picture of both our heroes together.



    my entery to hawk007’s contest You’re Vigilante,

    The Blood Phoenix



    Nice! Blood Phoenix looks very cool, I love her mask and chest armor.



    Glad you like it.
    I did some variants today,

    It’s Uzi time!

    Whats better than an UZI? why a machinegun!



    Badass! Love it!



    Incredible work!!



    Well as every hero needs a companion, batman has robin, iron man has pepper potts, Juanita has Katherine Lee.

    I’m really proud of how the head swap comes out, the change of gun is a bit off and her forearm is to long.
    Two versions this time, i was unsure which looked best.

    a late update, heres Katherine getting to use the uzi
    <span class=”bbcode_spoiler”></span>

    As allways ask if you want the text files or info on how it was made.

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