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    Hello Everyone,

    I guess I should start with a short re-introduction.

    I’m not new to Heromachine, nor is it the first time I am writing at the art gallery.
    Some of you might still remember my old nickname Lull-carae, but I didn’t feel like I could use either the name or my old topic after four years of inactivity, that’s why I changed my nickname and decided to create a new topic.

    Other than that nothing changed, or at least it feels like that to me. Even with HeroMachine running via Flash debug file, it still brings me that same joy that made me join this forum over eight years ago. Also, I have yet to look closely at new topics and posts that have appeared while I was gone, but what I have already seen showed me that this place is still blooming with wonders, as it always did.

    The only regret I might have is losing all of my old creations, a mistake I do not plan to repeat ever again. Whatever memories and posts remain of these times will stay with me to be cherished forever more. And from their ashes may something greater be reborn.

    And so, without further delay, let me present to you…

    PS. Not sure if anyone noticed, but Anti-Spam function got a little overzealous when i tried editing the original topic twice in a row. And the one after that. This is my 3rd attempt, and sorry if anyone got spammed with notifications of any kind because of this :d

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    Michael Chiarcos

    Nice work. I haven’t tried anything in a while but I was able to mix and match a few items to create some interesting characters myself. I created my version of a creature from the underworld associated with the RPG game Nightlife. The creature was originally called a Sucker but mine is more of a Devourer which I named Behemouth. I also created a psi-vampire named Necros and an Blue Amazon Queen.

    A few Old Ideas, a Few New Ideas

    Keep up the good work



    Thanks, Michael, I checked your Behemouth, and its a very interesting creature, in a horror-y, creepy kind of way

    Meantime it was a rather productive time for me recently

    • (Hopefully) managed to get around Spam Protection treating me like public enemy #1
    • Made entry for CDC 533:

    Stelle Sisters:

    Stelle Sisters’ DA Page (BIO in the description)

    • Managed to find 2 of my old pieces in Facebook profile (as I used them as background at some point in time), and I guess it is not a repost if the originals got deleted from existence:

    Lady Of Creation:

    Lady Of Creation’s DA Page

    Mechanical God:

    Mechanical God’s DA Page



    Big thank you to whoever digged out my replies from the graveyard – i assume it was you JR (since i see edit note from you), but just in case keeping it open in case there was someone else helping as well ^^

    In the meantime, i have new Sin to share with you all.


    Serenity’s DA page


    Arcade Invader

    I lost a fair few creations for inactivity or browser wierdness too. Ironically I think running it locally on this sketchy flash debugger is the most stable its ever been

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