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    HHHUUUMMM wow and wow while my taste run towards straight forward heroes and villains . I would have to be blind to not see the level of creativity  in your work.



    You have an interesting talent for what you do. Keep it up. Maybe it’ll pay off for you one day.



    I went to dev art…Really liked Good and evil, Angelic servant, parasite, and your Ponies! (I don’t think I could ever do something like that!)

    Wow! “I’m not patient enough…

    Ok, Yes, I do understand that it can be annoying to have to mask 6 circles onto 6 bodies to create a “Pose correct tank top” for instance, or to move around 100 little circles to create a necklace, but  that is when I save or save text.

    As for : to create wonders as the others”

    Would you have Elvis sing like Bono?

    Would you have Mozart compose like Billy Joel?

    We need your voice too!


    Herr D

    Um . . . I WOULD like to have heard Mozart try to compose like Billy Joel.  But only once. The rest of the time I’d want him cranking out his own stuff.


    –But yeah, I don’t comment here often because I’m not good at building confidence in others, which is the only thing you’ve seemed short on. Speaking as another unique voice here, I occasionally wish I had more time to give more of my ideas a try. (I’m on the opposite end of the spectrum from you, apparently; my ideas will always be better than my execution, and my idea backlog will probably just keep growing. Nothing for it but to soldier on.)



    Brilliant work



    Well, it’s been some time since i been in that topic.

    Thanks, everyone, for nice/cheerful/just words. I know that i might not sound like it matters for me, but actually this is what keep me motivated for quite a lot of time. Really thanks.


    Sorry for necro’ing this forsaken by gods place, but i have something new, and that means i have to do this, sadly.

    Ps. Gonna try to return to text-flooding of the other topics as soon as possible!

    Direct link to DeviantArt (Better quality):



    Really love the vibe of this work.  The simple yet dynamic design of the character fits in perfectly with the desolate space background.  Also really dig the color scheme consisting of only black, gray, and white.



    love the grey scale, to me this conveys so much, it truly is a great pic , I see so much movement in this static pic. it says to me while life maybe a struggle , and may even injure us it is well worth the effort. or maybe its just a pic of a renegade android trying to escape its destruction



    Not-containing art reply to my own topic -> beware and run away!

    And being serious, i might… have… ehem… Sliiiiiight delay between commenting here on Heromachine.

    Topics and stuff to comment gonna slowly stack, but sadly, i have few things that slow me down.

    1) i am lazy.
    2) really lazy.
    3) extremly lazy.
    4) and, not so important, still alive, and that causes few thing to do.

    Due to first three (and sometimes due to 4’th one) i will comment only once in a while. (i mean, i already comment only once in a while. But now i might comment even less than normal)

    Sorry for that!

    PS. #ShamelessExposureOfTopic



    First of all, glad you’re still alive.

    Second, don’t worry about it. Real life always come first.


    Herr D

    . . . real-life duties are the bane of my fabled existence . . . Keep on, man.



    Herr D, Anarchangel, i didn’t replied earlier (so i didn’t bump up my topic without reason), but i saw your words way before, and for them i thank you guys.


    Let’s see if i’m still able to machine out a thing or two.

    Direct link to DeviantArt (Better quality):

    Some info:

    – First character made after very, very long time of not-doing-much in HM3. Tried to get rust off me with this creation.

    – Sister of Lady Of Creation

    – Idea for Lady Of Destruction came from thinking about Lady Of Creation (my previous character from hm3) story. Long story short – LoC creates, LoD destroys, but they can’t use powers without the other. So for every thing that is created, they have to destroy something of the exact energetic value, and so on.

    – That’s what happens when you try to make exact oposite of cyber/tech based character.

    – Under her left shoudercape, there is some kind of unspeakable tentacle-eldrich horror. Tried to make it visible at start but… ye, i suck at making tentacles. Sorry!

    – Just like LoC, this is rather shading focused image. With some creepy’ish style. Why? Since it’s a me, that’s why.


    And that’s it for now. I know i failed at being active at forum. Or at HM blog. Or anywhere. For that im sorry. I really, really am amazed by most of works i see here or DA. And that’s why i will try to get back to commenting here when i will find some free time.

    After all, i wouldn’t even try creating again, if not for all of you. Maybe i was silent, but i came here from time to time, or watched my DA notification box. You always manage to inspire me. You always set cogs in my brain in motion. You create my creativity, in a way.

    I don’t think i will ever be able to say how much i owe this community and everyone in it. And how much i am sorry for not repaying you properly. Have a nice day/night/pancake and let’s hope i will defeat lazyness when it comes again at me.






    very good like usual



    Now you my friend, are truly talented

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