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What to Expect When You’re Exercising

Alternate Title- It’s a Strange World or: How I Learned to Stop Griping and Love the Treadmill

Hey everyone, this is something really different from the usual today. I’ve thought about writing something like this for a little while but I’ve always put it off. Mainly because I didn’t want to come off as some kind of expert who knows what the hell they’re doing (I don’t, really), like I’m proselytizing (I’m not), or that I’m bragging (again, not). I just wanted to write the kind of advice that I myself could’ve used when I started this whole thing: something from a normal person who’s just trying to get in better shape and is honest about the process. So bear with me as I try to muddle through.

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Costume Update: The Reveal!

Hey everyone! I know I missed last week (totally forgot with the house renos, to be totally honest), but I'm making up for it with a super special post! Today we will be doing the reveal for both the Diablo 3 Barbarian version 1.0 AND the Princess Shuri Pink Black Panther! Read on everyone, because I'm really happy with how all this turned out!

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Countdown to Halloween!

Well, since this isn't a countdown to Con anymore, Halloween is the next best thing! Progress report below!

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Spider-Man, Hellboy, and Halloween!

Hey everyone, just dropping in with a few things. Read on below...

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The Predator Spoiler Free Review

Hey everyone, talking about the newest Predator film today, The Predator. No spoilers ahead!

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Countdown to The Predator

Hey folks, it’s been a while. But we’re here today counting down to the release of The Predator, the newest entry into the eponymous franchise. So, to do so, we are going to look at the previous entries in the series to both refresh ourselves and to see how they’ve held up. Today we’re starting with the one that started it all: Predator, from 1987. Since this film is over thirty years old, I’m not worrying about being spoiler-free.

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Book Review: Hard In Hightown!

Hey everyone, today we’re doing a book review! I recently got my hands on a long-awaited (as in was preordered for my birthday back in January) book from the Dragon Age universe: Hard In Hightown. I won’t go into any spoilers, for either the book or the games, so you should be good as far as that’s concerned. Let’s see how it is!

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The Meg Spoiler Free Review

Hey everyone, we’re back with a new movie review. Today we’re talking about The Meg, (loosely) based on the book Meg by Steve Alten. So let’s talk about the latest giant shark flick, no spoilers ahead. Oh, and I actually haven't read the book, so no comparisons this time around.

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Cosplay Update!

Since I guess this isn't really 'The Road to Comic-Con' anymore, I guess this will do as a title. But, just because the con is off, doesn't mean we aren't going to finish what we started! So let's have a look at our progress (including the first fully finished piece!). Image heavy post ahead.

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News around the Web

Hey everyone! I know I said I'd be back with a review for Godzilla, and I will get that out. However, work has been quite busy this week and then we got the news dropped on us that our con, for which we've been working our butts off (as you've seen) to get ready for, has been 'postponed until 2019' with no other information other than that. So, needless to say we've all been in a bit of a funk of disappointment since. I haven't even watched all the SDCC trailers and news yet. So, instead we're going to have a look at some fun things. Continue reading