New Cosplays!

Hey everyone! I was going to do an opinion/editorial-type post about Disney live-action remakes, but then I decided I didn't want to do something possibly quite negative right before Christmas. So instead I was just going to talk about some fun new cosplays that I'm working on/planning. Also hoping to show some of these off next year somewhere, although we don't have anything planned as of yet. So here we go!

Double Freddies

There is a mild obsession with Queen going on in our house as of late. And it's not just me, a lot of it is being driven by the kids. So, in discussing costumes I was asked by the Elder Spawn about a Freddie Mercury costume. This was his choice:

So, Live Aid. A fairly straightforward costume. As long as I can find the right shoes, the rest should be pretty easy, I hope. So this will be the outfit plus the mic with the half mic stand. And a fake mustache. Gross fun fact, you can buy actual human hair fake mustaches. I'll pass, personally.

The second Freddie is for me. It wasn't a hard choice.

I Want to Break Free! Because how much fun is this? My only concern is the makeup. That damn eyeliner and shadow is on point and I'm going to have to beef up my skills to get it right. That and finding a bullet bra (that will fit), because you've gotta go all the way with this. Then me and the Elder Spawn just have to make sure we get into character and it should be awesome!


Valkyrie Commander Frigga

So Thor and Loki fanboy pretty hard when they meet Valkyrie in Ragnarok. Thor even says he wanted to be one when he was little. So I asked myself, why would they be such fans of the Valkyries? Perhaps because they grew up hearing stories from Frigga about her own days as one? So, with that fun little headcanon as a launching-point, I devised the idea of Valkyrie Commander Frigga. I want to incorporate both the Valkyrie costume from Ragnarok with some of Frigga's own style and armor, especially from Thor: The Dark World. So, here is my crudely MS-Paint-ed mock-up of my plan so far:

It's not pretty, but it gets the point across. I want to incorporate Frigga's breastplate and bracers and pauldron with the Valkyrie armor. Probably a pretty simple hairstyle, partly pulled-back like in the first Thor movie. I have a crown/headband thing to go with this for a little extra zazz. Speaking of zazz, the cape I plan on being blue on the outside, gold or yellow on the inside, since that's a color she wears a lot. For weapons probably a short sword and a knife, maybe a magic-effect prop as well. I'm sure there'll be some tweaks as we get into things, but I think it'll be pretty cool.

So there we go! Hooray for a little positivity and creativity! These are just planning stages right now, the only thing I actually have is my crown so far.

But I will update everyone as progress is made. Have a great holiday everyone!