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Spider-Man: Far From Home Spoiler-Free Review

Hey everyone! Let’s talk Spider-Man! I finally got to see Far From Home this weekend and I definitely want to talk about it! As usual, no spoilers!

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Spider-Man, Hellboy, and Halloween!

Hey everyone, just dropping in with a few things. Read on below...

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Spider-Man: Homecoming Spoiler-Free Review

The time has finally come! Sony and Marvel have come together to bring us Spider-Man in the MCU in his first solo movie. We are talking of course about Spider-Man: Homecoming, one of the two most highly anticipated movies to come out of Captain America: Civil War (the other being Black Panther, of course). So let’s see how the third cinematic Spider-Man did leading a film instead of being part of a team. As always, things will be spoiler free.

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