So Many Trailers!

Hey everyone. I guess I didn’t need to wonder what to write about this week. There were so many trailers this week that it was a no-brainer. Let’s get right to it!


So it’s like Superman, if Superman didn’t quite absorb all that ‘truth, justice, and American way’ quaintness from Ma and Pa Kent. Perhaps I’m ascribing more to this movie than there actually is, but I’d love to see it delve into the idea of nature vs. nurture, especially if the reason the kid was sent to this planet in the first place isn’t a benign one. And I am totally here for a creepy, horror twist on a classic superhero origin that is so engrained into our popular culture.


Captain Marvel Trailer #2

There’s a lot of things I love here. I love the helmet/mowhawk, I love that Nick Fury loves cats, I love more crazy outer space stuff… I just want all of it, okay? And there looks like there’s going to be some really great character stuff as well. I don’t even have anything really deep and philosophical to say, I just want it all.


Mortal Kombat 11

(Warning- trailer full of graphic violence)

So Human Scorpion fights and loses to Dark Raiden, who gets promptly annihilated by Revenant Scorpion. Color me interested. The timeline split that happened at the beginning of Mortal Kombat (from 2011, aka MK9) is obviously coming into play again, but whether this is a ‘world’s colliding’ thing or something else is yet to be seen. And who is the glowy dude at the end? I’m racking my brain through the lore and I’m coming up empty-handed. And, as a commenter pointed out (and I didn’t notice at first) the sand in the giant hourglass he’s standing by is going up, not down. Is this what’s responsible? So many questions!


Dragon Age 4, or whatever it will be called

Okay, so I saw #TheDreadWolfRises trending on Twitter and nearly screamed, because it could mean only one thing: more Dragon Age! This is the tiniest of teasers but so, so juicy. How does the red lyrium idol (which you find in the second game) fit into all of this? Is it part of whatever Solas/Fen’Harel (you know, the Dread Wolf, an elven god, as you find out he is after spending a whole game with him) is planning? What is he planning? Can I smack him upside the head for lying to me for the entirety of Inquisition about who he is and what he knows? Questions? Yeah, I’ve definitely got them!


Avengers: Endgame

Okay, so this was the big one that everyone was waiting for. I myself haven’t even watched it until now in preparation for this. And I think this will be the only trailer I watch for this movie. Interesting title too. Elder Spawn asked me what it meant and I replied from a gamer point of view: that it is the final part of the game where you fight the big boss. Fitting. But anyway, about the trailer itself. Hooo boy. Okay, it was properly mysterious. I was worried there’d be something that was too much. But it hit straight for the feels first thing. Ouch. At least they ended off with a little levity. And oh shit, did you see Hawkeye? That ain’t Hawkeye, that’s Ronin right there! I didn’t even need a trailer, I’m already hyped for this movie. I’m not watching anything else for it, I’m going in as blind as possible after this.


So there you have it. Some sweet movies coming up, and the video game gods seem to think I don’t have enough to play already, so some awesome games in the works as well. This isn’t even counting the trailers for a fun, sci-fi space game from Obsidian, a new trailer for Anthem, and a whole bunch of other stuff from The Game Awards. The next little while looks like it's going to be quite awesome for content. Anyways, we’ll see you all next time!

*EDIT- There were Godzilla trailers I was supposed to talk about! I'll have to post about those separately, I guess.