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Bran-Con 2019 Roundup!

Last use of this graphic 🙁

Well, after months of anticipation and an equal amount of costume creation, Bran-Con has finally happened! Let's have a look!

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Cosplay Work In Progress- 1 Month, 2 Days to Go!

I feel like we're getting down to the wire, here. I'm feeling the crunch. So here's how we've been doing lately.

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Cosplay Update- T-Minus 2 Months!

Guys, when was the last time I wrote a post? Okay, I can look that up easily enough but I think we can all agree it's been too long. Mostly because I've been working my butt off in available moments on cosplay. It's exactly 2 months now (2 months from TODAY is Day One of Bran-Con!) and I'm starting to feel the con-crunch. That might seem a little premature, but between a couple of intense weeks coming up at work (including hardcore training and then running a whole department to myself!) and school starting in a couple of weeks, I'm feeling the squeeze already. So here's a big ol' progress dump and lots of pictures.

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Cosplay Update- Countdown to Bran-Con!

Hey everyone! Let's check in on the cosplay progress!

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Cosplay Update + Medieval Food Test!

Hey everyone, I know I've been MIA lately. Things have been nuts lately, especially with school wrapping up. But, time waits for no one and those costumes aren't gonna make themselves, so let's look at what (little, unfortunately) progress we've made! And as a bonus, a cake!

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Con Announcement!

I'm going to have to make a new banner...

Are we doing Count Down to Comic-Con again? You're darn rights we are!

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Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo Regina 2019

Hey everyone! I know I said I was going to do an Endgame review but I honestly tried for the last few days before we left for our last dance competition of the season (not me dancing, luckily for everyone involved). It just hasn’t been happening. It’s impossible to talk about without spoilers, really. So, to sum up that real quick: it’s emotional as heck. You will cry, a lot, especially if you’ve been there from the beginning. It looks stunning, and the final big climax is just phenomenal. Go see it. There, that’s about as much review as I can do, and want to do because I think you should really go into this knowing nothing.

So let’s bring it around to talking about our first con trip! I’ve gone through all our pictures (there were quite a lot) and have hopefully chosen some really good ones to share as we talk about our day at con. Warning: image heavy.

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Massive Cosplay Update!

Well folks today you're in for a doozy! We have got updates, and lots of them. It is 9 days til Con, and this is where we're at.

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Con Announcement and Cosplay Updates!

We've got so much to talk about today! And lots of exciting stuff, so let's get right to it!

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More Cosplay Updates!

Another quick update and some possible awesome news at the end!

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