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What Were They Thinking- Amalgam Comics

Now, I will get this out of the way straight away. I'm not saying that the Amalgam crossover between DC and Marvel was a bad idea. I'm saying it was a badly executed idea. The concept was sound. Mix together some of our best loved and most popular heroes in a new universe for a couple of special limited series, great thinking, fine with that. But then you have to go and ruin it by making bad choices for amalgamations or bad costume choices for those that you've done well. The best illustration of this is to look at each level individually.

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Big Question ♯14

This week I want to touch on a subject I've touched on recently in "What Were They Thinking", sexism in the superhero genre. Now, I am aware that, despite it not being the 1940's any more, comics are still aimed mainly at teenage boys, so therefore they must be filled with busty super-heroines in overly revealing costumes (even Pepper Potts' Rescue armour accentuates her chest, but that might be Tony Stark being Tony Stark). But is it really necessary? I will concede that some of the more ridiculous heroine costumes have been changed in recent years (unless you are Star-fire in which case it's got worse) but still. And, with the exception of Wonder Woman, there seems to still be a deficit of major league Super heroines who weren't an add on to a major heroes mythos (Bat-Girl, Super-Girl/ Power-Girl, She-Hulk, Ms. Marvel). Why is this still the case? Or is it, I'd be very interested to hear your opinions on this subject.

Plus this topic does give me an opportunity to post this illustration of sexism in the Avengers film.

What Were They Thinking- Starfire’s New 52 Costume

The New 52 has given us many, many things, some good (Aquaman's awesome series), some bad (whipping out 3 decades of continuity in some stories but not others), but that's a moan that that's been done before in the Big Question. For now, we're going to look at something more revealing.

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Motorcycle Magician Madness!

During the DC's prequel storyline to the New 52 universe known as Flashpoint, DC made some radical changes to many characters in the DCU as the Flashpoint altered the timeline. Zatanna was one of those changes.



Here you see Zantanna before and during Fashpoint. In the alternate timeline of the Flashpoint event, Zatanna is a member of the Secret Seven and also is a member of a motorcycle gang, her father Giovanni "John" Zatara was transformed into a motorcycle when Zatanna is riding on him. Zatanna is killed while trying to cast a death spell on Enchantress.


Now I have to say that even with this altered history as a Bike Babe, it is my opinion that her outfit is VERY extreme looking more like a New York city street walker instead of a Hell's Angel.  Heck I have been in New York at night and those "street walkers" dress better then this! I mean look at those pants! I understand the concept of low riders however if these were any "lower" they'd be nothing more then a pair of pant legs.  Combine it with her Jacket I say that Zatanna was just looking for an way to let everyone know she enjoys wearing leather undergarments.


Oh and Just for reference this is Zatanna's new look after Flash point in the New DC 52 Universe:


Zatanna 3


Though it most be noted that she still wears she classic costume when on stage in her job as a Stage Magician.

Mangaverse mangles!

This week I am stepping away from regular comics and stepping into the world of the Marvel Mangaverse.



Ladies and Gentlemen please say hello to Cyclops from the Mangaverse version of the X-Men.  This looks sooooo bad that words almost fail me here but through all that bad two things stand out so much that I must mention them. The first, how does Scott turn his head while wearing that should/head contraption ? Granted the "Visor" and hat do not appear to be attached to the shoulder pieces, but said shoulders seem to press right up against his face as if it were some sort of  medical restraining device.


The second piece of awful also falls into the  "I don't know how he moves category". That Abdomen to mid thigh metal guard he has on! I just can't see how he bends his legs in that thing ?  This outfit not only falls into the ugly department is also falls into the it doesn't make sense department. I can't believe I am going to say this, but I think that even Rob Liefeld can design better costumes then this!!!

A Fox in the Hen House or a Snake in the Grass ?

This weeks bad super costume present the Crimson Fox!



The first two things that spring to my mind when looking at this outfit. First it is not even close to being crimson in color. Second this does not in the least resemble a fox! I have to say the most glaringly obvious flaw with this costume is the fact that she found a brown Cobra somewhere, skinned it and now wears it on her head! Other then that the costume is boringly basic the browns and black colors just combined in an unappealing manner here. In the end I feel the Crimson Fox would be more apply named the crap brown serpent!

Super Bad Costume, Or Is It ?

This week I am putting a little twist on things!

Electric Superman


This Superman Costume is toted all over the internet as being a Bad Costume, I respectfully disagree. Now I will say it isn't a GREAT costume but I do not think it is a Bad one either. I think people view this as bad not because of the costume itself but because of what it represents. This outfit marks some major and unpopular changes to "The Man Of Steel" which fundamentally altered the character and the fans rebelled.


I honestly think if people took "Superman" out of the picture and pretended this was a brand new Characters and not a remake of a favorite character they would not hate this costume so much.  In the end while I will agree this is a BAD Superman, it is not a Bad Costume.

Steel yourself against the awful!

This weeks "Bad Super Costume" continues the trend of the previous two weeks and present to you Shaquille O'Neal as Steel!




Do I really need to explain the reason for my choice this week ? This does not look like it is a powerful suit of power armor created to pay homage to Superman after his Death. No, this looks like a Bad Halloween costume cobbled together from whatever was laying around in the costume designers garage!

Holy Horrible Costumes Batman!!!!

This week's "Super Bad Costume" continues on the theme from last week of Live action Super Costumes. Now I  present you with not just one but three bad costumes from the same movie 1997's "Batman and Robin"

Batman and Robin

Now to be fair the Batgirl costume isn't that bad. The Silver on her outfit works well with the black and isn't over done as it is on the other two costumes. I would have to say my main problem with the costume is the complete lack of a Cowl. That is Batgirl, not Robin Girl, or Nightwing Girl, but BATGIRL!! Batgirl needs a cowl just like Batman, and lets not get into the fact that the domino masks does nothing to hid her or Robin's identity.

Now onto the other two monstrosities! I just don't know what the costume designers were thinking when working on these outfits. Let see we are making costumes for Batman and Robin, two superheroes the operate at night and use stealth and the shadows to move about unseen. Hmmm I Know what will work just perfect for that lets put A LOT of reflective metallic silver on the costumes! Yeah that will be perfect!!   While we are at it lets add that silver on as a bunch of random patterns that have nothing what-so-ever to do with the characters concept and do nothing but distract the eye from the fact that we sculpted nipples onto the chests of each suit!

Well you have my view on these costumes what do you think ? Leave a comment below and let us all know!

The Trick is on Mr Hamill

This weeks bad super costumes has us taking a look at the very short lived "The Flash" TV series and the Villain The Trickster.

MH Trickster 1

This costume is just plain bad! and I feel bad for the actor they made wear this abomination!

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