Holy Horrible Costumes Batman!!!!

This week's "Super Bad Costume" continues on the theme from last week of Live action Super Costumes. Now I  present you with not just one but three bad costumes from the same movie 1997's "Batman and Robin"

Batman and Robin

Now to be fair the Batgirl costume isn't that bad. The Silver on her outfit works well with the black and isn't over done as it is on the other two costumes. I would have to say my main problem with the costume is the complete lack of a Cowl. That is Batgirl, not Robin Girl, or Nightwing Girl, but BATGIRL!! Batgirl needs a cowl just like Batman, and lets not get into the fact that the domino masks does nothing to hid her or Robin's identity.

Now onto the other two monstrosities! I just don't know what the costume designers were thinking when working on these outfits. Let see we are making costumes for Batman and Robin, two superheroes the operate at night and use stealth and the shadows to move about unseen. Hmmm I Know what will work just perfect for that lets put A LOT of reflective metallic silver on the costumes! Yeah that will be perfect!!   While we are at it lets add that silver on as a bunch of random patterns that have nothing what-so-ever to do with the characters concept and do nothing but distract the eye from the fact that we sculpted nipples onto the chests of each suit!

Well you have my view on these costumes what do you think ? Leave a comment below and let us all know!

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