Super Bad Costume, Or Is It ?

This week I am putting a little twist on things!

Electric Superman


This Superman Costume is toted all over the internet as being a Bad Costume, I respectfully disagree. Now I will say it isn't a GREAT costume but I do not think it is a Bad one either. I think people view this as bad not because of the costume itself but because of what it represents. This outfit marks some major and unpopular changes to "The Man Of Steel" which fundamentally altered the character and the fans rebelled.


I honestly think if people took "Superman" out of the picture and pretended this was a brand new Characters and not a remake of a favorite character they would not hate this costume so much.  In the end while I will agree this is a BAD Superman, it is not a Bad Costume.

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13 Responses to Super Bad Costume, Or Is It ?

  1. Arioch says:


  2. punkjay says:

    My problem with this costume is it’s boring. I also hate the 90s half cowl. No matter who it’s on it makes the head look blocky. He also needs a belt to separate the top from the bottom. The “S” desighn I actually prefer since it blends better with the rest of the costume. So it has good and bad points. I think it looks more like Marvel’s Captain Marvel than Superman. In fact when I saw this Costume for the first time I thaught “Why did Superman join the Kree empire?” I am a big fan of two tone costumes. If I take away the fact it dosen’t look like Superman, over all I give it a C-. Booster Gold’s costume is MUCH worse!

  3. JR19759 says:

    May I just say (and I am fully expecting abuse for this), but when was wearing you underwear above your outer clothing a good look?
    This costume isn’t terrible, but like Punkjay says, it’s quite boring. I can’t for the life of me figure out how you would get it on though, there doesn’t seem to be a seam or parting anywhere on it.

  4. Keric says:

    I’m REALLY digging the cowlick! Superhair by Alfalfa!

  5. kryptkal says:

    I response to what JR19759 said:

    There shouldn’t be any seams in the costume. This was created during a time where Superman was converted (temporarily) into an energy being. The costume’s purpose was to contain that energy so he didn’t dissipate and to help him control it.

    So seams and the “how does he put it on” question is moot since it really isn’t a costume, it’s a containment suit. Like Captain Atom.

    No this all wasn’t popular at the time but we all know that writers and readers want thing to progress and change, so occasionally crazy stuff gets thrown in and sometimes it’s bad, sometimes it’s good, and sometimes it should only be temporary. Thankfully this was.

  6. kryptkal says:

    Oh and for the record, since this was a temporary development in Superman’s world, I like it. Never would agree to it being more than a temporary change just to mix things up. I do agree that the suit really feels more like a different character, but that’s also what I think they were going for to an extent.

    This was also a homage to the “Superman Red and Blue” from the Silver Age of comics.

  7. Prof. Abercrombie Q. Anthrax says:

    While not Bad, it’s not too terribly Good either.

  8. William A. Peterson says:

    I actually like it as a costume! Not for Superman, but it’s not a bad costume…
    Now, the whole “Superman Red/Superman Blue” thing was, as a plot device, a terrible idea. On the other hand, if you head over to and look around, you’ll find a LOT of bad ideas in Superman comics over the years…
    Compared to those, is this really all THAT bad?

  9. Herr D says:

    Considering it as just a look, it looks like a spandex exercise outfit with hidden fasteners and a logo for the “Solid” gym chain.
    “Solid–Solid–Solid–Solid–As a ROCK.”
    He would be their front model, introducing the new ‘shocking’ discounts.

  10. Nick Hentschel says:

    Just after this costume had its run, I had an idea for a joke image to draw, and send to Wizard magazine: a nightmare image of the JLA, fronted by Energy-Superman, AzBats, and Artemis as Wonder Woman.

  11. Myro says:

    Yeah, I actually like this costume too. It kind of looks cool, but it lacks any sort of distinction that makes it stand out compared to many other superhero costumes, which might explain why some people think it’s boring. Still, it really doesn’t say Superman.

  12. Lawrence Wilson says:

    Oddly enough, I actually liked this look for Supes, after I got used to it. I hated the fact that he was turned into an energy being. Now if you want to get into bad costumes, what’s the deal with the new Man of Steel suit? I understand what JR is saying about the briefs over the tights, but that is part of the accepted superhero look. If they wanted to remove the briefs, cool, but then why make the suit now look like some kind of exo-skeleton? He’s Superman, damnit! What the hell does he need armor for?

  13. phoenixcreation says:

    Now, I think if it WASN’T supposed to be Superman, it wouln’t be a bad costume. Not having a belt does seem to give it a flow, like electricity, and the lines also go with the theme. Saying that, I feel if the colors would be more bright, and less dull and pastelly, the costume would seem better and interesting.