The Trick is on Mr Hamill

This weeks bad super costumes has us taking a look at the very short lived "The Flash" TV series and the Villain The Trickster.

MH Trickster 1

This costume is just plain bad! and I feel bad for the actor they made wear this abomination!

MH Trickster 2That's right folks, that would be Mr. Mark Hamill playing the trickster!


Now back to the costume. Words escape me on describing this thing.  It just looks like the designers took a bunch of colored patterned fabric and threw it against a wall of Velcro and used whatever stuck to it in sewing up this suit of vomit inducing vision scaring villainy! The Tricksters costume in the comic is bad but this live action version just puts that one to shame and wins "The Worst Super Costume" Award in my book!

Well that is my view on the Live Action's Trickster, what is your? Let us know below in the comments!


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