Mangaverse mangles!

This week I am stepping away from regular comics and stepping into the world of the Marvel Mangaverse.



Ladies and Gentlemen please say hello to Cyclops from the Mangaverse version of the X-Men.  This looks sooooo bad that words almost fail me here but through all that bad two things stand out so much that I must mention them. The first, how does Scott turn his head while wearing that should/head contraption ? Granted the "Visor" and hat do not appear to be attached to the shoulder pieces, but said shoulders seem to press right up against his face as if it were some sort of  medical restraining device.


The second piece of awful also falls into the  "I don't know how he moves category". That Abdomen to mid thigh metal guard he has on! I just can't see how he bends his legs in that thing ?  This outfit not only falls into the ugly department is also falls into the it doesn't make sense department. I can't believe I am going to say this, but I think that even Rob Liefeld can design better costumes then this!!!

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