What Were They Thinking- Starfire’s New 52 Costume

The New 52 has given us many, many things, some good (Aquaman's awesome series), some bad (whipping out 3 decades of continuity in some stories but not others), but that's a moan that that's been done before in the Big Question. For now, we're going to look at something more revealing.

Now, I know Starfire has always had some of the more risqué costumes of all super heroines (apart from in the Teen Titans cartoon, which in my opinion was her best costume, but I digress), but surely this is taking it too far. I'm not averse to girls showing a bit of skin in a sexy outfit, but this is on the boarder-line of not wearing anything at all.

In one of the later Bad Super Costumes blogs that Jeff did, he talked about Emma Frost and this costume

The first thing he pointed out was how there is no way she would be able to stay in that top, but obviously DC have looked at this costume and said "no, that is just too safe". Literally all that is being covered by Starfire's costume is her nipples, and whilst I may not be the costume design expert on this blog (I'll defer to djuby on this matter, but I think he'll agreed here), she'll have either needed to have glued those bits on or chosen a fabric so stiff she'd be in some serious discomfort.

Meanwhile, up on the neck we have some very unusual armour placement going on. Ok, I get making sure your neck is protected, lots of veins close to the surface there. But when you haven't bothered even covering your chest or stomach, where most of your vital organs are, it does look like a bit of an odd choice.

Then we move to the bottom half of the costume. What is going on with those pants? She obviously couldn't decide between Granny Pants, a high riding thong or just a normal straight line, so went with them all, at the same time. And I'm loving the thigh high flared boots. I'm trying to work out the mechanics of how they are flared like that without being made of metal and therefore leaving no movement in the knee. That is assuming they'd be made from the same fabric all the way down. If they weren't, they'd be too bottom heavy to stay on. Although, as I've said before I'm no expert so I'll let you guys correct me on that if I'm wrong.

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