A Fox in the Hen House or a Snake in the Grass ?

This weeks bad super costume present the Crimson Fox!



The first two things that spring to my mind when looking at this outfit. First it is not even close to being crimson in color. Second this does not in the least resemble a fox! I have to say the most glaringly obvious flaw with this costume is the fact that she found a brown Cobra somewhere, skinned it and now wears it on her head! Other then that the costume is boringly basic the browns and black colors just combined in an unappealing manner here. In the end I feel the Crimson Fox would be more apply named the crap brown serpent!


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11 Responses to A Fox in the Hen House or a Snake in the Grass ?

  1. Avatar Patriot_Missile says:

    Oh, man..! This costume has always bothered me, and I like those lil’ critters. *Howzabout we all brainstorm a “New 52” look for the Crimson Fox?* I mean, the magic Green Lantern Alan Scott got his red sweater and cape replaced with a proper all-green costume, why not give DC’s resident foxy gimmick momma? (No offense to DC’s Vixen, who hardly turns into one. Natch)

  2. Avatar Lawrence Wilson says:

    AAHHHHH! My eyes! I haven’t seen the Crimson Fox in years!

  3. Avatar punkjay says:

    First off if you called Crimson Fox, WEAR RED!!! Also his hood is stupid. Dude for the love of god CLIP YOUR NAILS. He needs to pick his nose with those things then his costume would actually BE CRIMSON. I think this is why we hate the 1990’s.

  4. Avatar punkjay says:

    OMG HE’S A SHE?!?! I am totally confused.

  5. Kaldath Kaldath says:

    OMG HE’S A SHE?!?! I am totally confused.

    Yep, Crimson Fox is Female. If you look up at that picture I posted and can get past the horror of it, you can see the curve of a breast right beneath the arm she is hold across her body.

  6. Avatar Prof. Abercrombie Q. Anthrax says:

    She also looks like she’s smelling something really bad.
    No, I’m not taking it any further than that.

  7. Avatar Herr D says:

    All that aside, I am pulled away from caring about anything except how the hood stays where it is. Or is it supposed to be flowing with momentum?

  8. Avatar RabbiJoe says:

    Actually, isn’t she twins who share the identity? I think it must be a mistranslation of whatever her name was in French.

  9. Avatar RabbiJoe says:

    “Roux” means both foxy and red in French.

  10. Avatar A. B. says:

    Oh, man..! This costume has always bothered me, and I like those lil’ critters. *Howzabout we all brainstorm a “New 52″ look for the Crimson Fox?*

    I’m game if you are, not that I’m that good with Heromachine compared to some of you. I hadn’t come across the character before but it’s a premise that could surely make MUCH better pictures than this – she looks as if she’s caught in the act of tripping right over that cloak, and no wonder.

    (The finger blades are official, apparently – like Wolverine, kind of – but the way they’re drawn there makes her look like some kind of tree-monster.)