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    The Atomic Punk

    Thanks, Anarchangel. It was a quick, fun design.

    Friday Night Fights: Fantasy Character Round

    I survived the Play-in round but was stuck for an idea for a fantasy character. So, I turned to the reliable Seventh Sanctum! This playful guy was the result.

    Western Sand Giant





    Love it! Nice job on the background and foreground, perfect color choices.


    The Atomic Punk

    Thanks, Jeimuzu. Personally, I think his thighs are muddled into the torso. Find myself having to squint to see that the giant is squatting.

    Friday Night Fights: Sci-Fi Round!

    For this FNF, we were to design characters without a description. With this one, I wanted the picture to tell the story.

    A United Protection Forces soldier is pinned down by a rebel mech. The “casques bleus” did not expect such a heavily-armed and well-trained resistance from a Martian agricultural colony.

    Quitter, Casques Bleus! (Get out, UPF!)





    The Atomic Punk

    djuby’s “Steampunk Hover Bot” destroyed my “United Protection Forces” completely. Even I voted for his design.

    Friday Night Fights: Semi Finals!

    Since I lost in Round 2, the rest of my creations will premier in my retrospect. Round 3 was the Superhero / Supervillain round.

    Scáthach: County Coroner and Expert Witness by day; Angel of Justice by night




    total awesomeness!


    Herr D

    Has anyone officially dubbed you ‘the HM chronicler?’ If not, we should hold a scepter-making contest to dub you with. I don’t have one.


    The Atomic Punk

    @WMD: Thanks!

    @Herr D: You have no idea how much I wish HeroMachine was around in my younger… days before today.

    The creativity and vibrancy here is amazing. When I was RPG’ing, I would have loved to have HeroMachine so I could design my characters. Now, it’s a nice break from the mediocrity and routine of pencil-pushing. Pencil… it’s like a keyboard except you have to whittle it once in awhile…

    Previously, I had said that there was no way that I would advance to the finals for Friday Night Fights. I designed this character as part “throwaway” and I was in a purple mood. Also, congratulations to djuby for just blowing our minds throughout this FNF. Well-deserved win!

    FNF: The Finial!




    The Atomic Punk

    Character Design Contest #21 “The Corps”

    No entry for this challenge.

    Character Design Contest #22 “Silhouettes”

    Alecto is on of the Furies in Greek Mythology. There are some glaringly obvious influences. Alecto is one of my personal favorites. Don’t know how she would work in a comic, though.



    The Atomic Punk

    Character Design Contest #23 “Greek God Hero”

    Alessandra (Alex) Demetriou whom I have since added to my meta-verse.

    Khione (Goddess of Snow)




    Cool, T.A.P! I especially like Alecto! Keep up the good work!


    The Atomic Punk

    Thanks, Nug.

    Character Design Contest 24 “Inhuman”

    Used this as an opportunity to mess around with items.



    The Atomic Punk

    I went through a rather non-creative period. So, no entries for Challenges 25, 26, and 27:

    Character Design Contest♯25- Two Great Tastes: Western Edition

    Character Design Contest♯ 26- Getting Emotional (I can’t find the link)

    Character Design Contest ♯27- Cover Version

    Character Design Contest ♯28- You Rule

    I bent / broke a rule on this one: no real-life person. A simple name change would have avoided that. One could argue that historical figures are “public domain.” Countess Elizabeth Bathory died in 1614… or did she? As some know, I have an unfinished space opera called “The Three Sisters.” Maybe some day I will publish it.

    The “quick rundown”:
    Our solar system has the most active wormholes of any in the known universe. Various aliens use them as way stations, jump points, and even battlefields. One particular race called the nuppa used their technology to enslave earthlings to fight their wars. These abductions gave rise to human tales of elves and fairy folk haunting the woods of Central Europe.

    The nuppa were highly skilled in cloning technology. Their scientists decide to build a cloning facility in Hungary. In exchange for secrecy, they agree to teach one human the art. That human was Countess Elizabeth Bathory who begins her own experiments. When she is locked in the tower for her crimes, the nuppa take her to their planet. The official records say that she was found dead when in fact what they found was a lifeless clone.

    Upon her arrival, Elizabeth is tasked with cloning more humans to fight the nuppa’s wars. Instead, she designs a plague that kills nearly every nuppa on the homeworld. When the male humans insist on ruling, Elizabeth unleashes another plague. The only inhabitants remaining are women of both species.

    The Countess was pleased. She set about building her new empire. With the use of cloning technology and artificial conception, Elizabeth created an all-female society with humans ruling over nuppas. Almost five hundred years later, her dynasty thrives as the military of House Bathory will soon destroy the last resistance on the solar system’s other two inhabitable planets.

    Empress Bathory




    Empress Bathory is cool, I really like that staff she’s holding and her hair is lovely.



    Great looking character with Empress Bathory. Cheers!


    The Atomic Punk

    Thanks, guys. Wish I had more time to work on the saga.

    Character Design Contest ♯29- Oh My Gods

    Lei-Kung: Chinese God of Thunder


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