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    Herr D

    “All cubes must be 3d and correspond to Euclidean geometric principles. Transfer of ownership under same terms is allowable without interest. Void where prohibited. ‘Noid if not followed. Paranoid if everyone does it. Alkaloid if people disagree. Polaroid if everyone sees it.” Laugh



    Beautiful couple! As usual, your story telling is amazing!


    The Atomic Punk

    Thanks, WMD. I wish it were a story. Taiho snores. You would figure after being out on the battlefield with missiles, bombs, and all sorts of explosions, I could sleep through anything.

    Anime Challenge 02: Archer

    Watch out! He’s got a plunger! Yeah… not my favorite at all. Trying to get my creative juices flowing. Hence continuing the retrospect.

    Ana-no-kyudoka (Red Archer)



    The Atomic Punk

    This is the end of my retrospective. I have some ideas for original characters and designs outside of HeroMachine challenges. Except, I am without a “design studio.”

    My creative energy has shifted to writing. Please read my collaborations with other HeroMachiners in the Tell My Story forum. Feel free to post requests and feedback there as well.

    Anime Challenge 03: Vampire





    I agree with WMDBASSPLAYER the couple is nice. Very nice


    The Atomic Punk

    Thanks, Harlekin.

    Revisiting my unfinished works. A new vignette from my Three Sisters saga.

    Erzsé and Rebecka: Lefekvés Ideje

    “Why, Mommy?!?”

    “Erzsé, we were to meet with the Noble Houses today. You decided to play instead.”

    “But it’s cold. How am I going to stay warm tonight?”

    “I will not leave my Empire to a disrespectful child. You can have this back when you learn some responsibility.”




    The title is epic. – But i more preferly use the

    – Mars Aludni – is also good for the bedtime but this mode is imperative mode.

    if you want to see i made the translates.

    “De miért Anyúúúú?!”
    “Erzsé találkozunk a nemesi házak vezetÅ‘ivel és csak itt játszadozol alvás helyet.”
    “De én úgy fázom, hogy maradjak melegen ha ennyire fázom”
    “Nem fogom a birodalmamat egy tiszteletlen gyerekre hagyni, visszakapod “ezt” amint tanultál egy kis tiszteletett.”

    Cool Cool Cool


    The Atomic Punk

    Nagyon köszönöm, Harlekin! I have been studying Hungarian language and culture to shape my fictional universe. At the same time, I am practicing techniques used by top HeroMachiners.

    Also, Rebecka is happy to get away from Erszé’s cruel treatment even for a short while.


    The Atomic Punk

    Haus Moßburg Bergbau-Konvertierung Panzer Mark 4 (BKP4)


    The introduction of the All-Atmosphere Industrial Miner in 2096 vastly increased supply of raw and exotic materials. The original design featured options for a single drill, scoop, or crane. This utilitarian machine was essentially a walking gondola with a single pilot cabin. It had no roof. Rather, one “hopper” would scoop ore then dump it into the hollow body of another. Much like a shovel dumping coal into an open railcar.

    During the Crisis of 2114, the hopper was re-fitted with a plasma cannon. A roof was added along with armor plating. The hopper’s belly was converted into a munitions generator. Thus, the Bergbau-Konvertierung Panzer was born.

    The BKP is still in service. Haus Moßburg introduced the BKP Mark 4 in 2222. Its speed and all-terrain ability make it one of the most popular light mechs for cavalry scouts. The mech is still limited to one cannon on a non-rotating platform. Occasionally, rockets and chaffing devices are added to support and cloak advancing infantry.

    BKP pilots adopted the name “Blitz-Kröte” or “Lightning Toad” for this dependable warhorse. To this day, cadets and novice mech pilots are referred to as “tadpoles.” Cadets learn to pilot the BKP first. The one cannon feature trains them on the neural pilot interface system. Tadpoles learn how to adapt the human body’s reactions to the mech’s physical limitations.

    Princess M scored her first two confirmed kills piloting a Blitz-Kröte, a record for a BKP in one engagement. The Battle of Harper’s Chute (22 März 2237) began the Moßburg – Ybanez Trade War ( 22 März 2237 – 6 September 2237). The Treaty of La Ciudad Renacida de Cartagena guaranteed Haus Moßburg shipping rights to the Pacífico system. Also, the Tatsu Corporation paid investors a generous 15.2% increase on quarterly dividends.



    Cool, I like the plasma cannon beam


    The Atomic Punk

    Thanks, JR.

    With all my writing (meta-verse, mecha-verse,The Three Sisters, and more), my timeline has been off. I hope to correct inconsistencies as I rework through my stories.

    Speaking of mecha-verse… this guy doesn’t “scream” Mech – more like robot. An exercise in zypping.




    I like it though. But, yeah, somehow looks more robot than mecha.


    Herr D

    –Are they fighting over ore, general economics, or governance? Unfortunately motives for oppression and revolution stay constant from island to continent to outer space. (It’s always easier to change where you are than who you are and who you relate to.)


    The Atomic Punk

    General economics. Pacífico is one of the most populous systems in the Ring. Also, it lacks essential raw material to build just about anything. They depend heavily on imports. When the Ybanez Faction tried to blockade Haus Moßburg, we did not bother to consult the Mediators.


    The Atomic Punk

    A Pop Quiz entry that I failed to archive properly. A car decorated like a hippie jean jacket with all the buttons, pins, etc.


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