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    Cool (or should that be hot?), love it.



    I agree with JR, she’s cool, as is the rest of her family. That energy effect is also stellar.


    Mad Jack

    Glad you could make use of the tattoos – and in what a great way at that! Very cool… Cool



    Been a little bit. Here’s the villain for my poor beleaguered Walker family.

    WALKER (active/inactive)



    He was once the patriarch of the Walker clan, but as he aged and came to the end of his long life he grew afraid. His body’s strength was failing. He couldn’t shift, barely managing to leave his bed most days. His grandson’s marriage to Moira Ensin gave him a way out. In his months of convalescence, he focused his shift inwards, learning control of his body in a degree never before achieved by a Walker. He learned that he could absorb the physical vitality of members of his bloodline, add their strength to his own. He absorbed or killed every member of his family, using his great-grandchildren as bargaining chips to force Moira to anoint him with the most powerful seals. He subsequently eradicated the Ensins, but was sealed in a fluctuating moment of space-time by Moira and her mother. It was more than a decade before he could claw his way out. Something catastrophic had happened to the the universe, a dimension-spanning cataclysm that broke down the walls of space-time for a brief moment. Long enough for Walker to escape. Cut off from his once godlike abilities, Walker seeks out people empowered by magic, the divine, to absorb their energies into his seals and reclaim his godhood.

    At the height of his abilities, Walker possessed the physical vitality of his entire family, giving him immense strength/durability. His seals are of the most powerful order of the Ensins, the Shapecasts. He has reality altering potential, able to manipulate the fundamental forces of the universe. The central seal on his chest can absorb mystical energies to add to his own.



    That is just insanely good.
    Which tattoo did you use for the facial tattoo, cause I don’t recognise it and I’ve pretty much memorised 2 of those sets already (tribal and animals).



    It’s the one of the skull tattoos from Tattoos-Misc (six clicks to the right, bottom left corner). I chose the more ‘Día de los Muertos’ looking one of the skulls. That new high collar does a good job of hiding the jawline and keeping it from being instantly recognizable.



    So I was playing around with the companions (specifically all of those new modern women companions that Jeff was kind enough to post) and I’d had this idea for a Latin@ superteam. This is the of those things combining. I don’t exactly have it worked out how they come together, but here they are:

    Los Súperes
    (From L to R we have: Llorona, Loba, Diva, Aurora, Espejo, Guapo, Ximena)


    More info on them in just a bit.



    Wonderful job on the tattoo dude and great group shot.



    Thanks, HK!

    Ok, now that I have some time to breathe, let’s get started on that group shot and it’s individual members. The idea was to have a superteam of young people wholly comprise of Latino individuals. I am Mexican myself and thought it would be nice to see some people actually from there as superheroes. Here goes:


    Maria Alvarez
    Bio: She was human once. A shy young girl from a nameless border town who fell in love with a charming traveler, an American, and left with him. Away from her homeland, her family, he revealed himself as the monster he truly was. She was with child when his drunken rage finally killed her. Her spirit attempted to cross over, but encountered an older being, an ancient maternal divinity that thirsted for vengeance, for Maria’s suffering, for her child. This entity resurrected Maria as the undead embodiment of feminine justice. Her husband was found the next day, his heart stopped and a look of pure terror on his face…
    Abilities: She exists as a spectral being, as a protoplasmic mist. In this state she is intangible and can phase through solid matter, however she is able to will herself to a semi-corporeal solid state for brief moments. Her presence lowers the surrounding temperature and disrupts surveillance equipment. Her main weapon is a sonic scream that causes intense terror in whoever hears it, to the point of throwing them into cardiac arrest.



    Very cool group of characters.



    Thanks, Stulte! Glad you like them!

    Whoo! Work has been killer, haven’t had the chance to write out these character’s backstories/origins/how they fit in with each other, but here’s two more closer lookes:

    Luz Garcia
    Bio: Eighteen years old with a bit of a rebellious streak, Luz was from an affluent part of Mexico City. She had no direction, living in constant debauchery at the expense of her parents’ finances. Her wild streak got so bad that her parents sent her to stay with her college-student brother, Guillermo, one summer on an archaeological survey. She gave in to her temptations to sneak in where she wasn’t supposed and ended up discovering a hidden chamber in the Pyramid of the Sun. Her brother followed her in, trying to stop her from getting into trouble. He picked up a reflective disc and that was when the change happened…
    Abilities: Luz can project an aura of dazzling light, with complete control over it’s intensity. With her aura active, Luz can fly at subsonic speeds and is given limited protection from high-speed impacts. She can focus her aura into a tighter beam, to project devastating energy blasts.

    Guillermo Garcia
    Bio: Guillermo was 20 years old when it happened. Up until that point he been a very quiet, solitary individual. He didn’t feel like he fit in anywhere, couldn’t open up to anybody in his family, so he stayed in his own little world, his nose always in a book. Going off to college was a bit of a relief, although he still kept mostly to himself. On a visit back home he overheard his parents talking about shipping his sister Luz off to a reform academy. Guille stepped in. He felt responsible for her. He thought that if he had been a more attentive older brother, perhaps she wouldn’t be in so much trouble all of the time. He proposed that she go with him to his departmental survey, in the ruins of Teotihuacan. She could work for free as a research intern and stay with him for the summer. He was only trying to help. That was before the night everything changed…
    Abilities: Guillermo is able to interact with and manipulate the energies of a hidden Mirror Dimension that exists within our own. He can access his abilities through any reflective surface. His reflection gains semi-sentience, able to act on its own and serves as a guardian for him. Guille is able to temporarily pull his reflection into reality to further protect him if needed. His perceptions are also heightened, and he can see the true nature of things reflected, even if they are disguised in the physical world. With training he developed the ability to bring himself and others in and out of the Mirror Dimension, essentially using it as a go between to teleport from one reflective surface to the next.

    And a bit of how they obtained their abilities:

    Luz snuck into the ruins after hours with some local kids, hoping to find a secluded spot to drink. Her brother was waiting for her, trying to stop her from getting in trouble. The locals left and after a heated exchange, Luz stormed off deeper into the ruins. She ended up in the Pyramid of the Sun uncovering a hidden chamber completely by accident when she pushed Guillermo into a pressure sensitive plate. The ground gave way beneath them and they slid deeper into the pyramid. He picked up a reflective disc and remembers hearing a distinct clicking sound. Hidden glyphs along the chamber wall lit up and shot energy into Guille, before channeling out to hit Luz. Their memory goes hazy after that…

    They awoke to find themselves atop the pyramid. It was the middle of the night. Guillermo made sure Luz was ok and got them down off the ruin. When they approached the surrounding roadways, they were discovered by a pair of policemen. The officers though they could make a quick buck out of the siblings and started threatening them with arrest, anything really to get a bribe. One of the officers began to say that he might take a night with Luz instead of money, but was suddenly impaled on a harsh black blade. Luz and Guille looked around to find themselves surrounded by inhuman beings of shadow, covered in glyphs similar to the ones they saw in the hidden chamber. The other officer fired a few rounds, but was quickly overrun and brutally dispatched. The shadowmen crowded the siblings, Guille tried to protect Luz, but was dragged away as the rest of them pounced on her. She screamed and suddenly a corona of dazzling light flared around her in all directions, disintegrating their assailants. Guille grabbed Luz and fled to duck behind an empty warehouse, when they heard whispering. He turned in horror to find his reflection in the window looking pleadingly at them, telling them to get out of there.



    Awesome. Can’t wait to hear more about the others. That’s one of the things I find about your work. Not only are the characters brilliantly designed and created, but the backstories are so well thought out and written down. You have a very fine creative mind sir (said whilst raising a glass and wearing top hat and monocle Wink ). But back to being serious, great job.



    Well thank you very much. A toast to you as well, sir! (Now where did I put my top hat…)

    Continuing with my Latino team:

    Lupita Reyes
    Bio: Little is known of Lupita’s past. She is a skinchanger, and was once a member of a pack, but she lost her family a long time ago in the tragedy that gave her the scars on her face. After years of aimless wandering in the desert she settled near Teotihuacan de Arista, periodically offering her services as a coyote (that is to say somebody who helps transport people from Mexico to the United states, not the canine) for money. She ran afoul of the guardian of the area once or twice, but nothing too disastrous. Suffice it to say they didn’t like each other very much. However, business went on. She was making a name for herself without arousing too much suspicion from the local authorities. Lupita prided herself on her discretion. Which is why she was incredibly surprised when a couple of kids from Mexico City came stumbling into her office late one night, begging her to take them up north. She would have thrown them out then and there, if the boy’s reflection didn’t suddenly start talking to her…
    Abilities: Lycanthropy- Lupita can shift from human to wolf form at will, but exists in a constant flux between the two. She possesses enhanced physicality (agility, speed, stamina, strength, reflexes, dexterity), as well as enhanced senses (smell, sight, hearing). Additionally she possesses accelerated healing and a highly advanced immune system.

    Bio: Yaotl’s origins are incredibly mysterious. Loba knows her, having apparently encountered her here and there over the years, and can sense hints of her true origins. For instance, she was able to discern that Yaotl is older than she appears. Centuries older. Other than that, not much is known about her. She presents herself as a guardian of Teotihuacan, meant to keep the artifacts and mystic energy from falling into the wrong hands. In that respect she failed when Guillermo and Luz came into contact and were infused with the energies within the pyramid of the sun. She attempts to track them down to contain the fallout from this incident, and to return the power to its rightful place.
    Abilities: Yaotl is a natural mystic, who draws power from the earth, and is able to perform a number of reality bending spells. Her power levels depend on her being in direct contact with the natural surface of the planet, and to her geographic proximity to the ruins she is meant to protect. At Teotihuacan her power levels are incalculable, she is a mystic without parallel. But the further she travels from this epicenter, the more her power wanes.



    Great job. Loba is one of those you have to keep an eye out for.



    Thanks, HK!

    Eye see what you did there. ;)

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