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    I absolutely love your mythological stuff! It really shows that you put a lot of thought and actual research (is that how you spell it? Research? It looks weird to me…) into the characters



    good stuff!!


    Great concepts,great poses and overall great characters, good job man!



    Your whole thread is wonderful!



    And now for the antagonist of this little story arc:


    Slightly extended backstory for those interested…
    An enigmatic individual who appears to be targeting members of the magical community. His origins are unknown (except to me lol), but his abilities are tremendous. Centuries ago he discovered the nexus of all things, the source of reality. He was able to discern the language of the spheres, and could speak it to terrible effect, overwriting and imposing his will on the universe. He developed an alphabet and tattooed phrases of power all over his body, allowing him to channel the Source Language directly. With the labyrinthine seal on his chest, Uwasa could absorb individuals into his being and siphon off their power. In the height of his power he could warp physics and natural phenomena, manipulating the fundamental forces of the universe to decimate his enemies. Eventually, because they could not find a way to kill him, a handful of his followers sacrificed their lives to seal Uwasa in a single collapsed moment of space and time. When Coatlicue attempted to collapse the multiverse, Uwasa was freed from his prison. However, his abilities were greatly weakened. He needed divine energy to re-empower the seals on his body and give him the strength to once again channel Source Language. He spent the ensuing years wandering under cover, absorbing low-level conjurers and street corner psychics. By the time of this story arc he has built up enough strength to tackle those who are more directly connected to the divine, who could reignite him to his former glory: the former members of the Chosen. Once he has absorbed the seven he hopes to take on the one being on this Earth who has transcended humanity and wields energies that Uwasa deems more appropriate for his own use… Kid Chaos!

    Covered up in his earlier days of underground activity…

    Covered in ritual seals composed of thousands upon thousands of phrases written in the alphabet he devised in the Source Language. The labyrinth on his chest can unlock and absorb people into himself, converting then into energy and sealing them into the letters where he can siphon off their divine energy for his own use.

    With his seals empowered at full force.



    Great characters. Color schemes are very good.



    Thanks! Smile

    I tried to make whoever needed to team up look at least somewhat like they belonged with each other.



    Great concepts!!!Ikiajik is awesome!the dark effect is very effective!


    Alexander of Limbo

    love the way that these characters age and develop



    I agree with AoL, their progression is fantastic.



    In honor of Tolkien Day (The man’s 121st Birthday) I redesigned some old characters from back in the utter heights of my Lord of the Rings fandom. I created my own continent far to the East of Middle-Earth: Rómenor. This continent was populated by Men and Elves who had emerged far from the origin places of their more widely known counterparts. From the fall of Utumno a servant of the original Dark Lord, Morgoth, stole away to the Western edge of this continent and (using her considerable gifts as former Maia of Aulë) manipulated the land to raise an impassable fence of mountains, sealing off the continent. She wages war upon the Elenath (the Host of the Stars), who in turn establish secret guarded kingdoms. Two kingdoms of Men emerge with the coming of the sun, after the Elenath have resisted siege and made themselves disappear for centuries. They are the matriarchal society of naval warriors, the Gaerandirim, Wanderers of the Sea, occupying the Southern coasts to the west of the Great Lake, Daerelin; and the Men of the North, living deep underground, hardy and strong, Cevendroth, the Earth People.

    So all Tolkien geekdom aside, here are the four leaders of Rómenor (minus The Dark Lady)

    Eldarion of the White Crown is one of the twin sons of Edwë, the deceased king of the Elenath who was slain in the initial battle with the Dark Lady. He leads the majority of his people in the hidden island, Tol Elenath, situated in the midst of the Daerelin, the Great Lake. The lake is bordered by thick forest, made dense and tall by their arts. The shores of the lake are always in mist, to hide the glittering capital of Eldarion. He wields a mighty spear that belonged once to his father, Gurthad the Death Hurler.

    Elrandir, brother of Eldarion. He establishes a kingdom in the trees of Eryn Fuin, Darkwood, wielding the Dreadsword, Gaermegil. Elrandir takes the name Tauron, Lord of the Forest, and kills or imprisons all who are unfortunate enough to wander close to his territory. His is a war of secrecy and assassination, flitting in between the shadows. In the battle that claimed his father’s life, Tauron lost his right eye, and in the years of siege that followed he lost his wife. Thus he is loath to wage war openly, and rarely gives his followers leave to explore beyond the forest’s edge.

    Bor is the leader of the Cevendrim who live in vast caverns deep beneath the mountains of the North. During Baer his father’s reign, his people delved further into the mountain than ever before and awakened a powerful Earth Spirit. All feared to approach the Spirit save for Baer, who helped the spirit escape her imprisonment. She revealed herself to be Emelamar a Maia of Aulë who had become trapped after her explorations had been too eager. Baer was stricken and Emelamar became his Queen. Thus Bor is half Maia and the divinity of his blood grants him vast strength and long life. When Baer died, the immortal Emelamar disappeared once more into the Mountain, leaving for her son a gem wrought of her grief, a shining azure tear that would become his badge of authority as well as the promise that so long as he remain in contact with the Earth, she would protect him. The Cevendroth are a rigidly gender-divided society. Men and women live in separate areas of the mountain, male children taken from their mothers at the age of 9 during the Sundering, and reuniting with women only to be mated during the Time of Reunion. Other than those moments, the men and women live separately and autonomously with separate governance, military, forming relationships and family units with each other. Those of the Line of Baer are considered to rule both gender classes and can choose to dwell with their mates if they so choose, but rarely exercise this privilege. Bor commands both male and female battalions in times of war. His ferocity earns him the title of Raug the Demon, wielding Meneldring the Sky-Hammer.

    Kaela, the Lady of the Gaerandirim of the Coast. She wields the Siglim, glittering daggers that can slip through the weak points of any armor. She is pragmatic and wise, a master strategist, opting to avoid confrontation if possible. She commands an army of mostly men, but the Gaerandirim allow women to serve openly. Her people are nearest to the Dark Lands and have thus suffered the most violence. They are war-hardened and fierce, sea-worthy and formidable. The Elenath dub her Falathrin, Mistress of the Coast.

    Aaaand… just for fun, Kaela in her royal attire.




    these characters are stunning!great composition and color!



    Revisiting some old designs, specifically the Friday Nights Fights in which the task was to re-imagine the characters of Robin Hood within the context of a space opera.

    First we have Majestrix Marian.

    Backstory recap: In my re-imagined universe she was the ruler of the Intergalactic Arthurian Empire, left in charge of the vast territories as her father Majestor Rikhard embarked on the Interdimensional Crusades. However, her authority has been usurped by Imperial Preceptor of Nothingham. The war-mongerer is intent on supplanting the position of Majestor by sealing the Breach in the center of the territories and trapping Majestor Rikhard and his Legions in the neighboring dimension. Marian is kept sealed within her Crystal Cathedral, the light of the Arthurian Crown glowing as a beacon. She uses the light of her crown to telepathically project information to rebel forces, amplifying the signal through the prisms composing the central tower of her cathedral.

    Previous incarnation for reference:

    And next we have Shaman Tûk.

    Backstory re-cap:
    Shaman Tûk belonged to the Brotherhood of Higher Consciousness, who made their home in the asteroid belt surrounding the dimensional fault line known as the Breach. Through extensive training and ritual exposure to interdimensional energies, their brains had evolved to the point of reaching vast telepathic potential, to the point of precognition. They were advisors and counselors to the Imperial Family, until the Preceptor of Nothingam began his campaign for the throne. In the Majestor’s absence, the Preceptor mad plans to slaughter the Brotherhood for fear that their gifts would interfere with his plans. Shaman Tûk was a childhood prodigy of the Brotherhood, of all he had the most potential. When the Preceptor’s forces arrived the brothers gathered in the central temple. Using their extensive gifts, they sealed Tûk into a condensed sphere of space-time, invisible to all outside forces. They then converted their souls into pure psionic energy, adding their energies to Tûk’s own psyche. The Preceptor’s army arrived, and the Brothers sat still, in pure meditation. Even as they were murdered and immolated one by one… Years later Tûk releases himself from his prison, having aged within the sphere and now wielding the vast psychic abilities of the entire Brotherhood. His energy signature is picked up by the Preceptor’s forces, but he is rescued from destruction by Rauben Hûd and his men. Tûk joins them in order to prevent the Preceptor from assuming the Throne, and fulfill the dying wish of his brothers.

    Previous incarnation for reference:



    wow beautiful creations here!



    Man, the old version of Marian has always been one of my favourite HM creations ever, but you’ve managed to improve it. I think you probably have the best eye for a great character design out of anyone on the forum.

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