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    Mad Jack

    What he said! ^^



    such a cool idea to use the companion pieces, I love how the Spectrum characters turned out. Very cool!



    Great redesigns! My fave is Safezone. You put everything together on her so well. Cheers!



    Thanks everybody! Always love your feedback.

    Rounding out with the remaining four members of the team, I gave Elementa a bit of a character overhaul (mainly because I love that specific companion item so much, and hey superhero teams could always use more woman minorities)


    Rosemary Marsden
    Identity: homosexual, cisgender woman
    Abilities: Psionic manipulation of the four classical elements, water, earth, air, fire. She can generate fire from ambient atmospheric particles and take moisture from the air to form water, but can only control earth and air in existing quantities in her immediate environment. She can fly by riding air currents and absorb vitality from the planet itself to heal herself.


    Harold Ubovic
    Identity: homosexual, cisgender man
    Abilities: Superhuman strength and durability drawn from the ursine deity he sponsors. Accelerated healing that regenerates damage tissue and slows aging. His senses of sight/hearing/smell/taste are enhanced to far higher sensitivity than those baseline humans. He can grow claws and fangs and has the capacity to fully shift into a bear-form, but avoids doing so because of the feral nature that overtakes his rational mind.


    Abigail Abernathy
    Identity: hetero-romantic asexual, cisgender woman
    Abilties: Projection of powerful waves of telepathic static. These ‘thoughtcasts’ overwhelm a target’s higher brain function, impeding their ability to think rationally. Prolonged exposure can even cause a victim’s mind to shut down.


    Identity: pansexual, male-bodied humanoid
    Abilities: He is a living conduit for the extra-dimensional energy that empowered his ‘fathers’. He can apply the energy in various ways: reinforce his physical attributes, granting him temporary invulnerability; channel the energy through inorganic materials in explosive bursts; create astral constructs that can seal away a piece of a person’s mind (a memory, a personality trait, an emotional tie, anything)



    Been a bit. Decided to expand a little more on my Saviors universe. Here’s a character who could be a nemesis for Cetacea:



    BIO: His origins are not altogether known, but what is certain is that he is an alien being from Cetacea’s home system, of a similar but not altogether identical biological make up. He was something akin to a serial killer on his homeworld, an unusually predatory member of his species. Sentenced to death, he escaped his captors and commandeered one of the few superluminal vessels on his planet, using the navigational records to find a planet with relatively low gravity, a surface mostly covered in water. He would land on Earth mere decades after Cetacea, and become the basis for the old maritime legends of sirens and krakens.

    ABILITIES: Cephalonoid’s abilities are a product of his alien physiology. He has enhanced durability, the tissues of his body dense enough to withstand the pressures of the deep ocean. This gives him proportional super strength. His eyes can see with very little light and several fathoms below the ocean surface. Similar to cephalopods on our own planet, he has a sophisticated camouflage ability, able to blend in perfectly with his surroundings.

    He possesses a mellon-like organ within his chest, that can emit specific sonic frequencies through the mouth-like orifice on his abdomen. The frequencies he emits have a neurological effect on sentient creatures, disrupting their higher reasoning and putting them in a hypnotic trance. The skin on his cranium, hands, and tentacles, are also covered in toxic spots, emitting spores of a fast-acting paralytic agent.



    Further expanding my Saviors univers (and in no small part because I’m so excited for Guardians of the Galaxy) I figured why not give them some space-faring heroes? These guys exist within the same universe as our Saviors, but as I introduce them, they haven’t crossed paths… yet.

    First up:



    Name: Abi Rydran
    Species: Terran
    Bio: She was born on Earth, during the dawn of humanity, to a tribe of foragers and nomads. Earth was visited by an unknown, vastly powerful alien race, who saw incredible potential in the burgeoning human species. She was among a handful of humans kidnapped and subjected to genetic modification the likes of which is beyond even the capacity of the most scientifically advanced of the catalogued races. For unknown reasons, the experiments came to an abrupt end, the alien race that had abducted to her disappeared. Abi was left in stasis, to be undiscovered for thousands of years.

    Abi remembers very little of who she was, and what was done to her. Her memories really begin when a federation exploratory vessel discovered the ruins of her stasis chamber and released her. Studies of her physiology revealed every aspect of her biology to be enhanced to almost ten times its natural state. Her neurology in particular was enhanced even beyond this point. With nowhere else to go she joined the federation military and began a long and illustrious military career. She fought wars across the galaxy, her last major operation being the cataclysmic Breach Wars, when all worlds in federation space fought to combat the dimensional invasion of multiversal warlord Xyxyr. Billions of lives were lost before the conflict came to an end, Abi herself lost an eye and her right arm. Disillusioned by the death around her, Abi became a mercenary for hire, leaving patriotism behind and fighting only for her next paycheck.

    Abilities: Abi’s human physiology has been enhanced to superhuman levels. She possesses super-strength in the 25-ton class, and her bodily tissues are superhumanly dense, giving her incredible durability. Her reflexes, speed, agility and endurance are similarly enhanced. Her body does not produce fatigue toxins, allowing her to operate at peak capacity indefinitely. Her sight and hearing are similarly enhanced.

    Her neurology is perhaps the most enhanced aspect of her physiology. Her nervous system processes information and routes impulses a thousand times more efficiently, allowing her to perform several dauntingly complex tasks simultaneously and at incredible speed. Her reaction time and dexterity make her an incredibly gifted martial artist. Her brain constantly replenishes itself allowing her to forgo sleep for months at a time, needing very little rest to recharge. This has the added effect of giving her resistance (though not immunity) to telepathic intrusion.

    Abi’s right arm and right eye have been replaced with cybernetic prosthetics. Her arm has built in energy-field projectors and hidden weaponry. Her eye can see beyond the visual spectrum and allows her to access information streams remotely. Abi uses advanced equipment in her line of work, all manner of firearm, energy weapon, blade and blunt. Her cloak has sophisticated cloaking technology that can even mask her thermal signature, and her boots allow her to leap vast distances and walk along vertical surfaces.



    X and NULL

    Two unlikely companions whose actions bring the group together. (for reference, X is the freakishly tall faceless being, Null is the guy)


    X’s info:

    Name: Unable to transliterate to human language
    Species: Unknown

    Bio: X is a member of the same species that abducted Abi thousands of years ago. They were a society that reached the absolute limit of technological and scientific advancement, but something happened long ago that wiped them out, destroyed all trace of their civilization.

    X is one of a handful of survivors whose sole purpose is to safeguard lingering artifacts of their society, to prevent their technology from coming into contact with cultures not prepared to wield it. X meets Null after the hapless boy stumbles upon one of the most powerful of these artifacts, absorbing a piece of something beyond all understanding and becoming a target for the power-hungry factions of the galaxy. X hopes to bring the boy to an outstation of his forgotten people, hoping that the technology remains there to undo what has been done.

    Abilities: X is a silicon-based lifeform, from an ancient civilization. His society long ago fused their physiology with advanced cellular machinery, and he exists as a perfect fusion of biology and technology. X does not need rest, sustenance, hydration, and can even survive in the vacuum of space. He can decipher and read any language he comes in contact with, and while he seems to possess some sort of telepathic/precognitive ability, this is only a matter of his being able to read subtle signs in every aspect of the world around him and make calculated predictions based on probability. His brain can perform this and other highly sophisticated calculations in mere microseconds.

    Null’s info:

    Name: None given
    Species: Humanoid of indeterminate origin
    Bio: Null lives on what is known as the Outer Rim, the fringes of civilized space where lawlessness rules. He was born to unknown parents on an asteroid belt where interbreeding between species occurred frequently, making even his exact heritage difficult to determine. Orphaned since infancy, he was raised by a community of thieves and scavengers, before venturing out on his own, scraping by with whatever he could find on abandoned outposts and derelict vessels.

    When the federation began sweeping the outer rim, Null fled further out to the very edge of known space and stumbled across the ruins of a temple. All inside were dead, a species he did not recognize. In the heart of the structure was a single glowing sphere. Curiosity got the better of Null and he touched the object. There was a bright flash, a white hot burning in his brain, and then on his skin as an intricate geometric pattern carved itself over the surface of his entire body. Null collapsed. When he awoke, a living being, one who looked to be of the same species as the dead bodies he had previously encountered, was standing over him. He introduced himself as X, and explained that Null had inadvertently become the vessel for a force powerful beyond comprehension, the Presence. His race had imprisoned it here before their cataclysmic end. The energy spike would not go unnoticed and power-hungry individuals across the worlds would be coming after them. They would have to make their way to the only other remaining outpost of X’s people to purge Null of the Presence. Unfortunately this outpost was precisely on the opposite end of known space. The would need to hire a bodyguard to protect them, and a pilot to bring them there.

    Abilities: Null is vaguely human in appearance and physiology, but his mixed bloodline gives him a few unique attributes, blue hair being among them. He is incredibly agile and flexible and can go without food and water for weeks. He can also at times ‘project’ his vision, allowing him to visually perceive his extended environment (see around corners, through walls, etc.) Practice in this ability has made him an excellent marksman.

    Having housed the Presence within his body Null has begun to show signs of being able to wield its power in times of extreme stress. This power is undefined and wildly uncontrollable, putting an unbearable strain on his body. Prolonged use of the Presence’s power would undoubtedly kill Null.


    Mad Jack

    Hmmm, I wonder if Cephalonoid is a clingy guy… Confused

    Anyway – very nice characters one again. I’m especially very fond of the story of X and his folks … ;)



    Thanks, Mad Jack!

    Two more members of our rag tag crew:

    Name Raug Byrspawn
    Species: Bacchan


    Bio: Raug is a Bacchan, an alien species of wanderers and nomads. They used up the resources on their homeworld generations ago and have been wandering the spaceways ever since, always in search of their next fix. They’re culture is centered on the indulgence of one’s desires and they have a very open ideology when it comes to recreational excess. They are also one of the most creative and inventive species, their superluminal warp technology having revolutionized space travel across the galaxy.

    Raug was indulgent even among the Bacchans, but his skills behind the controls of a striker vessel were legendary so he rose in ranks quickly within the Federation Navy. Abi was his gunner for countless missions and they saved each other’s lives on a number of occasions. The Breach Wars hit him hard. His home colony was among the first worlds to fall, he lost his parents, a husband, a son. Along with Abi, Raug retired, but he didn’t pursue mercenary life like she did. Raug established a neutral zone, a resort for all species to come and indulge themselves free from judgment. Abi recruits his services, needing a navigator she can trust implicitly for her journey with Null and X. He didn’t hesitate to accept, hoping to quell his perpetual boredom and curiosity over the Presence and X’s technology.

    Abilities: Raug’s abilities come from his Bacchan physiology. Bacchan’s are notoriously hard to kill, having evolved incredibly durable bodies over generations of risk-taking. His body tissues are dense, but his strength levels are more or less in the normal range for a humanoid alien of his size. Bacchan’s also possess an accelerated immune system that can burn off all known toxins and suppress all illnesses. If heavily injured, Bacchan’s can enter a state of self-induced suspended animation called ‘The Sleep’ which slows their metabolic processes to a crawl and regenerates any damaged tissue.
    In addition to his natural gifts, Raug is one of the greatest military pilots to have ever lived and he’s not a particularly bad shot.

    UNIT 37
    Name: Record Erased
    Species: Original species unknown, carbon-based humanoid converted into Lunar Destroyer Class Wardroid


    Bio: Unit 37 began life as a member of a humanoid alien race who inhabited a solar system along the Inner Spiral, closer to the center of the galaxy. This race was a casualty of the Blight Wars in centuries past, wiped out by the invading forces of the Blight, the first great darkness that hit this particular region of space. The Blight were a hive mind collective of techno-organic beings, who were obsessed with replacing any organic life they encountered. They would often use conquered planets as stock for their military, converting the indigenous life into vastly powerful Wardroids. When the war was over and the Blight vanquished, a few of these Wardroids remained, and have been employed as assassins and mercenaries for the last few hundred years by various cultures and political organizations.

    Unit 37’s entire memory and sense of identity were erased upon conversion. After the war he was kept in cold storage and traded as a weapon among He eventually came into the possession of a slave trader with ambitions towards the Presence and was sent to hunt down Null. He almost killed Captain Abi until X tapped into the tech composing his body and shut him down. They were deciding what to do with him when his systems re-routed power. He would have been able to deliver a killing blow to Null had the Presence not been stirred to action by Null’s terror. The Presence invaded Unit 37’s mind, awakening his long lost consciousness and bringing his memories back to the surface. Unit 37 remembered the genocide of his people, the loss of his homeworld, his mutilation and conversion, as well as the countless atrocities he had committed since his memory had been erased.

    Needing the extra muscle, and realizing that 37 had nowhere to go, Abi gave him a place on their vessel. He has yet to reveal his true name and identity to the team, still referring to himself as Unit 37, unable to reconcile the wrongs he has committed with his previous self.

    Abilities: As a Lunar Destroyer class Wardroid, 37 is an incredibly sophisticated piece of military technology. His reaction time and reflexes are lightning quick and he can independently operate every component of his body, his computing power enhanced by the processors grafted into his brain tissue. He has no need of organic sustenance and his fuel cells absorb ambient energy from his environment. He can run without charge for up to a year.

    His body is composed of a superdense metal alloy that can withstand temperatures extremes from the cold of the voice to the heat generated on the surface of a star. He has strength enough to rip into the even the most reinforced hulls and he is equipped with a number of weapon systems, including a long range plasma burst cannon mounted on his shoulder.

    His only weakness is a severe case of survivor’s guilt and post traumatic stress disorder. Now that his identity and memory has been restored 37 is in a state of severe psychological imbalance.



    Awesome work!! And your character bios are well planned and realistic (in a comic book way).



    Thanks Luiz! I get a little carried away with my stories sometimes, but I like for my guys to have a place to inhabit together (even if it’s only in my mind haha)

    Last one of these Venturers for now, a twist on a familiar face…



    Here’s all of his info, with a heavy dose of plot so bear with me…


    When Abi and her crew finally reach the outpost of X’s people, the Facility. They are set upon and subdued by a group of five of X’s species, calling themselves the Quintessence. These five were the political leaders of X’s society, a genetic recombination of their history and culture’s greatest icons split between five bodies. X was, in actuality, a servant known as the Sixth. Their people were wiped out when the Quintessence first tried to tap into the power of the Presence. The experiment failed and because all of X’s people were linked telepathically to the Quintessence, the psychic feedback killed all of them. They were the sole members of their species to survive, existing on a neural network of their own. The Quintessence engaged in a telepathic symposium to figure out how to more safely harness the Presence’s power. X was to care for them while they remained in stasis. When they had come to a probable solution,

    X was tasked to deliver the Presence to them, but his mission was side-tracked by Null’s unwitting absorption of the cosmic entity. X was thusly assigned to bring Null to the Quintessence, that the Presence may be extracted from him. Their ultimate goal was to use the power to resurrect their nearly extinct race and forcibly evolve all sentient life to be as sufficiently advanced as they are, free from aberrations such as ‘free will’ and ‘emotion’.

    Null is attached to several devices that begin to painfully extract the Presence in a process that is most certainly fatal. Simultaneously the criminal underworld, military bodies, and ambitious political figures that have been plaguing Abi and her crew catch up to them and begin an all out assault on the Facility.

    Raug and 37 fight off the invading forces, while Abi attempts to rescue Null. The Quintessence must pool their full concentration on the process of extraction and are thus vulnerable. However X remains conscious to defend them. X and Abi fight viciously for a while, with Null closer to death every minute they waste. Abi berates X for betraying Null. The pair had grown quite close during their travels, Null never having had a friend in his life, and X never having had any meaningful emotional interaction with any sentients outside of his complete servitude to the Quintessence. Having for the first time in his life felt genuine emotion towards another being, X turns his back on the Quintessence. He interrupts their psionic feedback loop and reverses the flow, pouring the power of the Presence into Null. When it threatens to disintegrate Null’s physical form, X taps into the machinery of the facility around him, ripping the bodies of the Quintessence apart to to form a body capable of withstanding the energies of the Presence.

    When the process is complete all technology in the Facility goes briefly dark. Null’s new form rises, and X looks at him and vocalizes for the first and only time in his life: “I am sorry.” Null places a sympathetic hand on his shoulder and Abi reminds them that their ship and friends are moments away from utter annihilation. Null smiles and his eyes begin to glow, he dematerializes before their eyes and reappears outside, between Raug and 37 on their ship, and the armada of vessels before them. It’s over in five minutes. Null eliminates the threat single-handedly, finally able to wield the incredible power within him. Abi and her crew leave the region and depart to parts unknown, their ship sailing the void in search of wrongs to right and people to help. As they pass by, if you look closely, you can see a humanoid figure trailing behind the vessel, glowing brightly, revelling in his power. He is Wayfarer, the traveler. And he travels with them.

    Abilities: Null’s new body allows him to tap into all of the abilities of the Presence, making him a vastly powerful cosmic being. His body itself is incredibly durable, able to withstand any impact, projectile, or directed energy without damage. He can survive in the vacuum of space and the only form of sustenance he needs is periodic absorption of energy (of which his body can metabolize a variety of forms). He can travel at superluminal speeds and his reaction time and reflexes are proportionately enhanced. He possesses strength proportionate to his durability, in the 100+ ton class. Null can also unleash devastating bursts of a primordial cosmic energy unique to him, either in focused beams capable of cutting through most anything or in explosive bursts capable of cracking federation warships in half. Null’s transformation also attuned his consciousness to the universe, he read and subtly manipulate the energy circulating through the neurology of sentient beings in a manner akin to telepathy, sense fluctuations in energy and gravity in his environment, and perceive the very fabric of spacetime. This last ability gives Null the ability to teleport himself and others over vast distances.

    Also I was playing around with color schemes so here’s a bluer version and a gold variant.





    O.O *dies*
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    Oh and for the record, I like the blue one best. But they’re all awesome. (Returns to being dead).



    This is completely amazing!!! Great work!! All of them are amazing!

    Also, I liked the blue version of Wayfarer.






    How are you continually so good at this? Really great work, man.

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