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    Wow, time can sure fly when you are swamped with work.
    Anyway, I finally had time to finish this guy, he is Ultra, the All-American, powerhouse of the Guardians of Democracy.
    Richard White is the living ideal of all that it means to be American (in the 1950’s) BUT he has a dark secret that could cause a scandal if it ever got out.

    I will post the details of this dark secret tomorrow. Until then, if anyone wants to have a go at guessing it, there are clues in this post that will point you to a previously created character of mine. Good hunting

    The Secret
    Richard White is actually Reinhardt Weiss the original Superion. Grown in a Lab, the original Superion began life in a fully grown adult body but with the mind of an infant. Mental Programming ensured he was loyal to his masters and followed orders. As time passed, Reinhardt began to develop his own personality which, influenced by the atrocities he both witnessed and was part of, grew to loathe his Nazi masters and their ideals. Eventually he grew strong enough to break his conditioning and then contacted his former enemies in the Guardians of Liberty. In the next battle between the Guardians and Axis Elite, Superion was seemingly atomised but in reality was secretly transported to America. The Nazi’s having seen signs of Superion’s wavering morals were already in the process of replacing him. They had grown a new Body but this time they transplanted the brain of an injured SS Officer into the new Superion.
    Superion willingly underwent years of tests by US scientists, enduring every indignity in order to atone for what he had done (admittedly he had no choice at the time). Eventually, the US had exhausted all tests and set Reinhardt up with the civilian identity of Richard White as well as his new role as Ultra, the All-American and his position with the Guardians of Democracy. He served the team and his adoptive country nobly for years more. He even began a romance with his former foe turned teammate Briquette.
    His final fate is unknown as both he and his now wife Briquette disappeared along with most of the GoD team in late 1969.



    Cool character. Cool



    Thanks Hammerknight, I knew the character’s origins and his “current” status and identity but I was having trouble coming up with a look for him given his timeframe as an early cold war hero. Then I figured having him literally wearing the American Flag and being a symbol of all that was America during that time would be a fine irony given his origins.

    I have added information on Ultra’s dark secret as a spoiler on my previous post



    This is Hotfoot, a member of The Rejects – D List heroes with limited powers that banded together after being rejected by more well known teams. Hotfoot is a Pyrokinetic, she can create fire but only through her feet. She can ‘kick’ the balls of fire she creates and has begun to play soccer as a way to improve her accuracy. Like all members of the Rejects, Hotfoot wants to do good and be a true hero (think Great Lakes Avengers / Hero Hotline) but is somewhat inept in her execution.
    Recently the Rejects went on an accidental cross dimensional foray where they met two alternate versions of themselves. The Protectorate are the premier heroes of their world and The Evil Eight are their dark opposites. Their dimensional doppelgangers have the exact same powers as their Rejects counterparts but have been able to hone their abilities in ways the Rejects had never thought. Since this incident, the Rejects have rededicated themselves and strive to be more like their heroic alternates in the Protectorate.


    I will post Hotfoot’s dimensional doubles Afterburner (Protectorate) and Flashfire (Evil Eight) once they are done.



    Two more members of the Imperial Elite – WWII Japanese powered team:
    Fuji-San, the Super Sumo and Raiden, Lord of Lightning.
    Fuji-San has Super Strength and limited invulnerability.
    Raiden has command of Lightning and can fly.

    Only two more members to go, Divine Wind (Kamikaze) and Tokyo Rose



    Updated Raiden as bit as he was too cluttered.



    The Southern Stars
    A work in progress update of team members; so far we have Opal, Redback, Thylacine and Wipeout. Three more members yet to come.



    I have also redone a version of Redback Using one of the new animal tattoos for the chest emblem for comparison:



    Here is the next member of the Southern Stars and their resident tech genius, Eureka.
    Eureka was one of the original design team behind the WarWear armour system and has created his own armour derived from the WarWear program. The undersuit is a kevlar and carbon fibre nanoweave mesh lined with microsensors that both monitor bodily functions and can draw upon the wearer’s own bioelectricity as a backup for the main power supply located in the jetpack unit. The oversuit is comprised of nanotech plates and circuits that can be morphed into several different components (such as wrist blasters, auxilliary boot jets, etc) preprogrammed into the armour.



    Nice color scheme and nice use of those briefs, I would never have thought of that.



    why thank you for the kind words. The original design didn’t include the briefs but was missing something, I tried a few things but none including these briefs worked properly, then I stretched the briefs and voila!



    Really great! I love Eureka.



    Another new variant body for the Iron Skull, this time with 4 articulated metal arms (a-la Dr Octopus) that he recently used against the Guardians (of Justice).




    Another Villain – Scorpios
    His clawed gloves inject victims with scorpion venom. Two versions not sure which one I prefer.



    Decided I didn’t like either costume for Scorpios so I reworked it slightly, recoloured it and am much happier. He now looks more like the evil martial artist that he is.

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