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    Wow, its hard to get responses on here.
    I have a side project where I am taking obscure Public Domain characters from the golden age and giving them a modern makeover.
    To start off I have a hero and a villain that have both received the treatment.
    Captain Freedom – Golden Age to Modern Re-concept.
    And now the Villain.
    The Laughing Skull – Golden Age to Modern Re-concept.


    Herr D

    You’re probably right about Cap’n F. Supposedly it is harder to recognize people with a simple bandanna over the lower half of the face like bandits in old westerns than people with those ‘infinity’ masks on. So modernizing it might require going in another direction.
    –Then again, not to be too rude, it’s kind of hard to tell two humans apart if they’re dressed alike, or fighting, or it’s dark . . .



    A bit of a rework on Triomphe’s costume



    And also a slight redesign of Sealion making use of new parts.



    The Nazi designs are pretty awesome man. It reminds me a lot of the Super-Axis from Marvel. Can’t wait to see what else you do with the story arc!



    Here is an updated version of The Overlord.

    And also of Thanatos.



    Yeah the Super Axis from Marvel were a strong influence, the Nazi villains from DC were less influential but did play a part.



    Had my first try at using non-standard poses, kept it simple as I am still getting the hang of making all the bits line up.



    Through reverse engineering alien and cutting edge armour, N.E.X.U.S has developed the WarWear system for the US Military. WarWear is a modular battlesuit system that consists of a base suit that can be fitted with a range of interchangeable modules to create a battlesuit for specific purposes. The Base Suit Looks Like this:
    So far they have presented three specific variation on the WarWear base:
    The Interceptor, specifically tailored for aerial missions.
    The Cruiser, tailored for aquatic missions, including submersible.

    And The Aggressor, tailored for land-based operations, with climate specific modifications (Desert, Arctic and Jungle have been unveiled so far).

    The images for these suits are still classified but should be released when the suits are unveiled to the general populace.



    Whilst waiting for the rest of the WarWear suits to be declassified I thought you guys might like a peek at N.E.X.U.S or the National EXecutive for Ultrahuman Studies. They are a bit S.H.I.E.L.D, a bit Project Cadmus and a bit S.T.A.R Labs, being the government agency responsible for the study (and control and potential neutralisation) of the growing Ultrahuman (superpowered) community.
    This is a standard N.E.X.U.S field operative geared up for a mission.

    Obviously not all N.E.X.U.S personnel wear this all the time, there is a standard issue uniform that is much more normal looking with the colour of the star emblem denoting their field of specialty.

    You must be logged in to view attached files.


    The Guardians of Justice are the modern day equivalents of the Guardians of Liberty / Guardians of Democracy; the premiere hero-team of the alterniverse. The full roster includes nine members, following are three of them:

    First up is Nightstalker, the Alterniverse equivalent of Batman (lets face it, everyone makes their own version of Batman).

    Next up is Mind Witch; a telepath and telekinetic who has started studying true magic.

    And rounding out the trio is Sun Lover; a living solar battery, Sun Lover absorbs solar radiation through her skin hence her minimal costume. Most people underestimate her due to the costume but she has the potential to be one of the strongest members of the team. Currently her powers include enhanced endurance, quick healing, and the ability to project a strong glow from her eyes (she can focus this glow into coherent beams much like a laser but this drains her stored power quickly so she uses it only as a last resort).

    The other members as well as individual bios will be posted over the next week or so as I finish machining them.



    Pat Two of the Guardians of Justice team.

    Here we have the GoJ’s resident gentle giant Jotun. Joun has a secret that I will let you in on; the publc view is that he is a man with growth powers, whilst in reality he is a giant with shrinking powers – a fact that is a closly guarded secret known only to a select few (not even all his team mates know). He never shrinks smaller than his statuesque 7’2″ Jotun persona if it ca possibly be avoided. If he must, he can shrink to as small as 6″ tall.

    Rivaled in strength only by Captain Wonder.

    And rounding out part two we have Redbow, the Scarlet Archer (he was originally called Red Arrow but then a few years ago DC decided to rename Roy Harper that when he was in the Justice League of the time).

    Look for the final three members of the Guardians of Justice and the related group the Young Guardians (like the Teen Titans/Young Avengers).



    Once I finish the final 3 GoJ members I will be moving on to their evil counterparts, the League of Villainy and then I will start on the Iron Age (90’s) incarnation the Guardians of Vengeance (lots of guns, shoulder pads and bad attitudes).



    Happy New Year (belatedly) to all.



    And here are the last three members of the Guardians of Justice

    Daffyd ap Ioworth was a druid in Arthurian times, revived in the modern day he encountered the GoJ and joined them as the master of magic – Druidic.
    Duncan Craig fights crime as the firebreathing Dragonfire.
    Princess Aquaria lives in exile on Earth, fighting crime with the Guardians of Justice and planning the liberation of her homeworld.

    Well there you have all the members of the GoJ posted, I am going to attempt to produce a group shot and individual full bios for each of them in the near future.

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