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Special Poll Position: The Batgirl Redesign

Batgirl Costume Tests

I am bringing "Poll Position" out of semi-retirement to discuss this new Batgirl costume. What I want to know is weather you the HeroMachine community "Love", "Hate", or are just plain old "Meh..." to this design?

Here are my feelings on the redesign. While I think this is a nice looking costume and well designed with the exception of the combat boots which are just way to clunky looking for me, I do not feel this is a good fit for Batgirl. I just don't think it works for a acrobatic, martial arts using, non-super powered crime fighter. The aforementioned boots give the outfit a sense of being weighted down and slowing especially in comparison to the sleeker look to the rest of the costume, and the leather jacket  looks like it would restrict her movements, especially in the shoulder area making it difficult to fight in.

So in conclusion while I like the costume in general, on Batgirl I Hate it. So what are your opinions? Lets us know what you think by voting in the poll and by commenting below.

Jedi Knight vs. Iron Man

We were just at Wal Mart this morning and I found a 12" Iron Man figure on sale. So I had to get it. I was thinking he would look cool next to the 12" Star Wars figures that I already have. Then I started thinking that it would be cool if Iron Man was to fight a Jedi Knight. I know two good guys right, but we all know that Iron Man has got into it with good guys before. Let me know what you think. I think my money would be on the Jedi Knight, but that is just my two cents worth. My wife said it would depend on which Jedi it was, because Yoda would kick his butt and crash him like an empty coke can.

Poll Position: The Multiverse

This week on Poll Position I am asking you to select which of the following fictional universes you would most like to live in.

The Main Stream Marvel Universe

The Marvel Ultimate's Univers

The DC Universe

The Image Comics Universe

The Doctor Who Universe

The Harry Potter Universe

The Stargate Universe

The Star Trek Universe

Other: You can add your own selection to this poll, however I want this particular answer limited to Universes that Our own planet earth is featured in, thus no listing for the Star Wars universe.

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Poll Position: Strength in Numbers!

marvel gang

Welcome to another edition of Poll Postition! This Week I ask you to vote on the following Question: "If you were a Superheroes Which of these Super Groups would you belong to?" ( Team Descriptions after the jump! )

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Poll Position: Black Canary vs Siryn

black canary vs siryn


This weeks Poll position will be a classic versus pitting DC Comics's Black Canary against Marvel Comic's Siryn.

Lets take a quick peek at the the powers and skills listed for these two power crooners!

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Poll Position: Friday Night Fights!

fridayfightnight Logo

There seems to be enough interest for me to run another Friday Night Fights  therefore this weeks poll position will be dedicated to possible Themes for FNF.

Monsters: Five different monster types such as Vampires, Demons, Golems, Bestial monsters etc.

Super Team: A five member team of supers with 5 different Hero/villain types such as Brick, Blaster, Gadgeteer,  Martial Arts, etc

Mix Genre: Five characters from a mix of genre such as Fantasy, Super, Horror, Sci-Fi, etc.

Historical Figures as Supers: Five characters from five different historical periods of time such as ancient Rome, Ancient Eygpt, Early America, French Revolution ect. The catch of this would be that you need to re-image a true historical figure from the given time period as if he or she had been SuperHero of Supervillain back in his or her day.

Public Domain Remakes: I select five public domain characters you will need to re-design.

Other: Some other theme you'd like to see.




Last week I asked which party role you prefer when gaming, Tank, DPS, Healer, or Crowd Control. The Result of the poll based on your votes is .... Tank ... winning by just one vote, with DPS coming in second.

Poll Position: Party Roles

This weeks poll position will visit the topic of party roles. Now this is more aimed towards MMORPG's however the concept is easily applied to pen and paper RPG's also. So here we go which of the following is your preferred role while playing an MMO or P&P RPG?

Tank:  tanks redirect enemy attacks or attention toward themselves in order to protect other characters or units. Since this role often requires them to suffer large amounts of damage, they rely on large amounts of vitality or armor, evasiveness and misdirection, or self regeneration. Tanks are often represented as large or heavily armored.

Crowd Control:  the crowd control players role is to limit the size of an attacking force via use of powers and abilities that de-buff/debilitate the enemy.

Healer: the healer is a fairly self explanatory role. The healer is responsible for keeping the party alive during combat by healing damage taken or apply bluffs to the party to enhance the parties chance of surviving.

DPS: DPS stands for Damage Per Second, and it is this players role to hand out large amounts of damage in as short a period of time as possible.

So there you have your choices, please take a moment to vote and then let us know in the comments below why you chose as you did !


Last week on poll position I asked if you preferred playing a Hero or Villain in games and based on your votes the winner of that poll is  ..............

HERO with 69.66% of the vote!

Poll Position: Hero vs Villain ?


In this weeks poll position question I ask you simply; In Superhero Games weather that be an MMO, or a Pen and Paper game which do you prefer to play, a Hero or a Villain ?


Poll Position: Hawkman vs Archangel

This weeks poll position is going to be a classic verses poll. I'd like to know who you think would win a fight between Hawkman and Archangel.  Besides the various skills and abilities of the two combatants this is also a battle between  Nth metal and Organic Steel which is why I choose Archangel for this poll even though he has since reverted to Angel in the comics.


Last weeks poll position "The Jokes On You" I asked which version of TV or Movie Joker either Animated or live action you liked best and based on your votes the WINNER is: Mark Hamill  with Heath Ledger coming in a very close second!

SO that's it, please take a moment to vote in the current poll and leave a comment below about either the results of last weeks poll, or who you think should win this weeks ( OR BOTH!! )

Poll Position: The Results!


Every week I put up a new Poll Position post yet I never tell you all the results of the previous Poll, I am going to try and fix that oversight! Either in the new Poll position post, or in the comments ( in the event I write and schedule the poll before the previous one closes ) I will try to remember to post the results of the last poll. Right now I am going to give the results of the last five closed polls that I have posted:

Captain my Caption Winner: Malcolm Reynolds

Sexist Garb Edition Winner: Starfire

SuperGirl Fashion Winner:  The New 52 Supergirl 

Electro vs Static Winner:  Static 

Future Superhero Movies Winner:   Wonder Woman


So those are the winners are per your votes of MY last 5 polls!