Poll Position: Friday Night Fights!

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There seems to be enough interest for me to run another Friday Night Fights  therefore this weeks poll position will be dedicated to possible Themes for FNF.

Monsters: Five different monster types such as Vampires, Demons, Golems, Bestial monsters etc.

Super Team: A five member team of supers with 5 different Hero/villain types such as Brick, Blaster, Gadgeteer,  Martial Arts, etc

Mix Genre: Five characters from a mix of genre such as Fantasy, Super, Horror, Sci-Fi, etc.

Historical Figures as Supers: Five characters from five different historical periods of time such as ancient Rome, Ancient Eygpt, Early America, French Revolution ect. The catch of this would be that you need to re-image a true historical figure from the given time period as if he or she had been SuperHero of Supervillain back in his or her day.

Public Domain Remakes: I select five public domain characters you will need to re-design.

Other: Some other theme you'd like to see.


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Last week I asked which party role you prefer when gaming, Tank, DPS, Healer, or Crowd Control. The Result of the poll based on your votes is .... Tank ... winning by just one vote, with DPS coming in second.

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6 Responses to Poll Position: Friday Night Fights!

  1. Herr D says:

    I would suggest something more specific than a super team. I would suggest a team dedicated and ‘chosen’ for a very specific goal. Outfitting them and ‘supplying’ them would be a better design.

    I could suggest several scenarios, but there are hundreds of them available as RPG modules. Some of them have been explicitly described on this site already. In this case, voting for them would be giving them higher stats.

  2. William Peterson says:

    How about a team of historical figures who turn into Monstrous Super heroes? 😉

  3. Whatever it is… bring it! =)

  4. Frevoli says:

    Historical mosters: greek legend, gothic novel, urban legend

    good list

  5. hawk007 says:

    I would say Mix Genre or Super Team.

  6. headlessgeneral says:

    Looks pretty close between monsters and historical figures. I voter for the Super Team but out of the two in the lead I think I would vote for the monsters.