Poll Position: Hawkman vs Archangel

This weeks poll position is going to be a classic verses poll. I'd like to know who you think would win a fight between Hawkman and Archangel.  Besides the various skills and abilities of the two combatants this is also a battle between  Nth metal and Organic Steel which is why I choose Archangel for this poll even though he has since reverted to Angel in the comics.

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Last weeks poll position "The Jokes On You" I asked which version of TV or Movie Joker either Animated or live action you liked best and based on your votes the WINNER is: Mark Hamill  with Heath Ledger coming in a very close second!

SO that's it, please take a moment to vote in the current poll and leave a comment below about either the results of last weeks poll, or who you think should win this weeks ( OR BOTH!! )

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