Poll Position: Hero vs Villain ?


In this weeks poll position question I ask you simply; In Superhero Games weather that be an MMO, or a Pen and Paper game which do you prefer to play, a Hero or a Villain ?


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9 Responses to Poll Position: Hero vs Villain ?

  1. Jadebrain says:

    Personally, I think I might be allergic to being evil. Like, one time I was playing Fallout: New Vegas, and I remember clicking the wrong option and demanding too much debt money from an NPC, and I felt guilty. Seriously. I had a negative emotional reaction to myself accidentally taking more money than was owed from a fictional character in the fictional universe of a video game.

  2. Wow, Jadebrain, I might give you Power-of-Attorney! ;9

    I love Champions and would always play Heroes (obviously). Preference for villains in video games because their costumes are often sleekier and (yes) sexier. Recently, they have really vamped Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and Captain Marvel. So I started playing heroes again.

  3. DC-Lover says:

    Hero. Deep down Always wanted to be one so I always try to do the right thing even in gaming. As lame as that sounds

  4. Kaldath says:

    I Play DC Universe online and play heroes, I have One villain character which I only played twice since I created it.

  5. Herr D says:

    Wow. I usually choose ‘C.’ It’s great fun to be the temporarily heroic non-member, the background team member in an uncomfortably new position, or the incredibly dangerous person that the heroes can guide who had no knowledge of how he was used for evil and maybe still doesn’t.
    While I love working for the good guys, I always find it more real if it’s not what I was ‘made for.’ You know, the mad scientist that everyone assumed was evil till they realize he had no idea of the applications of his work. Val Kilmer in ‘Real Genius,’ for example. ‘Q’ or Lucius Fox or R2D2 would be a bit more driven than I would be but about right in most other respects.

  6. Myro says:

    I’ve generally been the hero. Similar to Jadebrain, I have some ingrained honesty glitch that prevents me from doing anything dishonest, even in fiction. Coming up with truly evil ne’er-do-well characters, evil plans, or frankly a convincing lie, requires actual planning on my part before it can be executed. So, it’s usually just easier for me to remain honest and scrupulous.

    Having said, every once in a while, it’s still fun to play against type and start acting the villain.

  7. Arioch says:

    Same here. Hell, when playing parasite, I felt quite guilty when killing people, and tried to save as much of them as possible…

  8. Phatchick says:

    The villains have a LOT more fun.

  9. William Peterson says:

    Hero… Sorry, but we’ve got MORE than enough Villains in the Real World, don’t really need any more!