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Posting in the Forums

This post is for the new people wanting to post their art in the forums for contest or just to share. If you are having any trouble making your own Art Gallery please feel free to ask for help. In the past we have had people posting their characters in other peoples galleries or to topics not related to the Gallery, I would like to try to help stop this. If you do not know how to set things up just ask, I will try to help the best that I can with any problem you have. All of the Moderators for the forums are some of the nicest people you could every meet, and are willing to help out. If there is a problem understanding how things work in the forums, please ask for help. I would like to see more people sharing their art with us in the forums. It is a great place to go and a great place to post your characters for the contest.

Jedi Knight vs. Iron Man

We were just at Wal Mart this morning and I found a 12" Iron Man figure on sale. So I had to get it. I was thinking he would look cool next to the 12" Star Wars figures that I already have. Then I started thinking that it would be cool if Iron Man was to fight a Jedi Knight. I know two good guys right, but we all know that Iron Man has got into it with good guys before. Let me know what you think. I think my money would be on the Jedi Knight, but that is just my two cents worth. My wife said it would depend on which Jedi it was, because Yoda would kick his butt and crash him like an empty coke can.

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Favorite Comic Book Movie

What is your favorite movie based on a comic book and why? Live action or animated. Let's hear what you have to say. No fighting or putting someone down for their choice, just share with us what you think.

Hammerknight's Recipes

I'm back with a few tips for you when you are making your characters. This is my first try using the wooden figures, I hope you like them.Flying pose 1 top view looking down

Character Design Help

Hi all, I'm back. I missed posting and talking to everyone. I'm not back to full power yet (and don't know if I can get there), but I'm going to see what I can do. Over the years working with Hero Machine, I have noticed that some people need help getting a character just the way they want them. I have helped with giving recipes (I may get back to them here in the future) and trying my hand at doing the design and showing what I have come up with. Most of you know that I mainly do the plain Jane characters, not all the Zypping and extra shading, I like the way the characters look just the way they come out of the machine. I'm not saying the other ones are not good, because they are great, it's just not my cup of tea. So to get to the topic at hand, "Character Design Help", here is the way this works.

Ask for help with any designs you need too. If I can not answer the question, I am sure one of the other creators can put their two cents in and we can help you work things out. You can post a sample picture of the design you want to make and I will give it a try to see what I can come up with. Other creators are welcome to show what they come up with too. Remember this is a "help" post, if you want to share your characters you are welcome to post them in the forum, we would all love to see the work you do posted there. It really is a great place to share your art, or just to talk to other creators, it is a friendly place for all ages to visit and enjoy. Always keep in mind that we can not do copyrighted characters here, I know that there are designs and styles of characters that you would love to have your character look like, but we need to play it safe. This being said, ask for help with making the design and not for making the character. Try to keep your help request to one a week for now, until I am able to get my legs back under me. I will try to respond as soon as I can, I'm am not as fast as I was before. If your request is not answered with in the week posted it does not mean that it is not being worked on. I will try to let you know if I am able to help or not. Remember other creators are always welcome to help out.

As always, please forgive me for spelling and grammar mistakes. Thanks, Hammerknight.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all the Hero Machiners out there. Happiness and joy to you and your families.

Thanks to our Veterans

From one veteran to all others, that you for your service. Our true heroes are the ones that  are welling to give all for our freedom. You serve for what you believe in, and should be proud of it. This also goes out to the Military Members, Fire and Rescue, Law Enforcement, Correctional Officers, and Paramedics. To everyone that is welling to protect and serve. I thank you and I am proud to call you brother/sister. God bless.

My Last Post

I am typing this with a heavy heart. Due to my health problems with my back and my hands, it has gotten hard for me to spend very much time on the computer. I am no longer able to make my post without being in pain, so I must step aside and retire from the blog. I will miss posting on the blog and talking to all of you. I am also stepping down from moderator in the forums. I will still be around from time to time, here and on the forum. I have had a wonderful time and I wish that I was able to keep posting. I wish everyone well and God bliss.

P.S. If anyone would like to offer their time to help Kaldath please let Jeff know.

Character Design Contest #22 “Silhouettes” Winner

The winner is Sylhua by prswirve, great job.


Character Design Contest #23 “Greek God Hero” Poll

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