Jedi Knight vs. Iron Man

We were just at Wal Mart this morning and I found a 12" Iron Man figure on sale. So I had to get it. I was thinking he would look cool next to the 12" Star Wars figures that I already have. Then I started thinking that it would be cool if Iron Man was to fight a Jedi Knight. I know two good guys right, but we all know that Iron Man has got into it with good guys before. Let me know what you think. I think my money would be on the Jedi Knight, but that is just my two cents worth. My wife said it would depend on which Jedi it was, because Yoda would kick his butt and crash him like an empty coke can.

15 Responses to Jedi Knight vs. Iron Man

  1. JR19759 says:

    Let’s put it this way, how much metal have you seen the Jedi slice in the Star Wars franchise. Droids, armour, mechanics, doors; Iron Man’s armour is not going to protect him here. Jedi are also very adept at deflecting laser fire. And lets not get started on the advantages of using the force.

  2. Moognation says:

    Aside from lightsaber dismemberment, there’s the very real possibilty of Tony getting force crushed like a soda can…

    There’s no fight here, Iron Man dies quickly…

  3. WillyPete says:

    Circumstances can make a very big difference, here, but I say the advantage is with Shellhead! Yeah, The Force, Lightsabers, yadda yadda… And, in close quarters, or if Tony has a relapse and is “sobriety challenged”, he could lose. But, Jedi don’t fly. They think Blasters are clumsy and random, while Tony has some pretty good targeting equipment. Sure, the Jedi can deflect Repulsor Rays until the nerfs come home, but he’s also got missiles, Ion beams that could short out the Light Saber’s electronics, sonics, and, heck, he’s even got Rocket assisted Roller Skates… Boba Fett doesn’t have half as many toys! Even if the Green Sock Puppet of doom DOES manage to hit him with a Light Saber, that’s not armor Mr. Stark is wearing, it’s a Force Field! (SURE, It’s ‘armor’… .0000025 angstroms thick!) And, if Tony *really* gets tired of that Light Saber defecting everything he throws, don’t forget the Unibeam! Light Sabers can deflect small arms fire, not Turbolaser battery fire… and Tony’s used the Unibeam to affect beings like Phoenix, and Galactus! It might be one heck of a fight, especially before Iron Man realizes he’s dealing with a mentalist, but he’s had to deal with those, before, as well. And, concentrating on using the Force can be kind of rough when somebody is lobbing chunks of Tanks, and used Sentinel parts, at you! 😉

  4. Keric says:

    Going with the #’s here there are what 2-3 Iron men, and how many Jedis?

  5. BRHeine says:

    Let’s ignore missiles for the moment. If the Jedi is fighting Movie Iron man The problem with deflecting blasters is that Iron Man’s repulsor blasts are an extension of his ability to fly. No one would say that Iron man flies by shooting lasers from his feet. Since that is the case he is propelling “exhaust” out of his hands at incredible force. A lightsaber wouldn’t deflect that. If he could then a Jedi should be able to stand behind an X-Wing with his Lightsaber out and prevent it from taking off. Another problem with deflecting is we have no idea what a “blaster” shoots. Is it a laser? Plasma? Solid projectile phosphorous round? Some other energy type? How do we know a Jedi can deflect all sorts of energy? Can a Jedi deflect all “blaster” fire? Even from a AT-AT?

    I’m going with Iron Man.

  6. LoneWolf6155 says:

    Here’s the problem, Jedi Knights vary greatly in terms of skill and plot armor. While a few specific ones could take Iron Man on, most of them would be dead before you can say, “execute order 66.”

  7. Myro says:

    I’m with Isia on this one HK. Exactly which Jedi are we talking about here? Makes a big difference.

  8. Kaldath says:

    Yeah I agree that it depends on the Jedi in question and what point in his “career” he is in. Your aveverge Jedi Knight is either slightly disadvantage to a tie. Your average Master Pulls off the win barely, then you have your heavy hitters like Yoda, and Extended Universe Luke.

    If we go with Just Luke, New Hope, and Empire Luke gets his clocked cleaned by the Shellhead, Return of the Jedi Luke is too close to call and Extended universe Luke Beats Iron Man hands down.

  9. Skybandit says:

    Since the Force is a form of telekinesis with VERY limited range, Iron Man could just hover at 50 meters and blast the Jedi into pudding with his repulsors. Yeah, yeah, “But Jedi Knights use their magic swords to deflect Blasters!” is incorrect. I’ve never seen more than one Ray Gun deflected at a time, and Tony often uses two at once. (Good luck defending against THOSE, Muppet!) Now, Old Darth could toss himself a mean orange crate from across the room with his micro-clitorises or whatever, but powered armor can chuck Mack trucks half a mile and knock down buildings you’re in. Mythbusters saying that Teddy Bears can kill robot storks doesn’t mean technology is useless, but that it is best used at a distance.

  10. Herr D says:

    I’m not up on every stage of career, but Luke’s leaps roughly equal Stark’s shooting speed. Circumstances (force erratics vs. Tony’s personality) decide who wins. Tony against Yoda wins only if Tony shoots before Yoda wakes up. Otherwise Tony’s fighting being dismantled while Yoda kayoes him to find out “what thing is this?”

    Tony against Obi-Wan?
    T: “How old are you?” [ready pose]
    O: “Charity to the elderly charms clothes off girls.” [waves two fingers]
    T: “Here. This has expensive metal in it.” [hands over several pieces of suit] “Buy yourself an EasyStep tub and one of those Rascal Go-Carts.” [looks at nearest beauty, winks, forgets all about fight . . . ]

    Tony against Darth? Tony takes one look, screams, and fires everything at Darth until an improbable event removes Darth from the fight. Tony: “Huh. Now THAT was obviously a bad guy. You serve alcohol here or just that strange blue fizzy stuff?”

  11. hawk007 says:

    It does depend. Though, I think that most Jedi would kick iron man’s butt. I mean, if it was a youngling, definitely not. But if it was Yoda, Obi-Wan, or someone else like that, I’m pretty sure the Jedi would win. I mean, iron man has a bunch of missiles, but Jedi have the force. They could just hold him in place, and their light sabers could easily cut right through his armor.

  12. WillyPete says:

    Hawk, sorry, but… NO! Yes, the Force grants you TK, but Marvel Girl (early Jean Grey) had that! Do you think Marvel Girl could be Iron Man? Yoda could barely lift an X-Wing with the Force, while Iron Man can fling around Tanks. And, as I said before, what Tony is wearing is NOT armor, it’s a Force Field… He *used to* have trouble with guys like The Melter, but most Energy Blasts are just a feeble joke to Shellhead, now… A LightSaber MIGHT be able to cut through, but it’s not going to be so easy as going through Stormtrooper armor… and that’s if the thing is even working after an Ionic bombardment shorts out all it’s circuitry!
    Herr D, sorry, the Force has strong power over weak minds, but by weak minds, Obi-Wan is clearly NOT talking about Superheroes, even former alcoholics… It works against Stormtroopers, bartenders, and other unnamed mooks, and even then, it’s pretty limited. Darth Vader? Yeah, scary costume, but so what? Darth is actually LESS powerful in the Force as Darth Vader, than he was as Anakin! Darth is a terror because you can’t touch him, since he’s working for the Emperor, and all that implies… but, other than that, all he’s got are a few parlor tricks! He wouldn’t even make Spider Man work up a sweat… 😉

  13. KatmirStone says:

    Jedi Mind Trick. Stark loses at playing Dejarik and pays off everyone’s tab at the cantina. To be continued…

  14. DC-Lover says:

    See I keep reminding myself that, while Jedi would be so damn cool. I am also obligated to protect the abominations of the world (I dont wanna point any fingers…..But it rhymes with Bar Bar Drinks). Something I think I would rather kill instead of protect.

  15. DC-Lover says:

    Now I was just thinking of Jedi Mind tricks and this just came to mind.