Suggestions & Ideas


The push is clearly for doing legwear next, but looking at my list it appears all but the “Socks” from HM2.5 have already been converted. Which means I need suggestions for what else you would like to see in the Legwear slot, so let ’em rip in the comments. As usual, please edit your requests… [ Read more … ]

Open Critique Day

Someone mentioned that we haven’t had an “Open Critique Day” in quite a while, so here you go. Feel free to post a link to a HeroMachine character (or even just a drawing you’ve done) that you would like to get a constructive critique about in the comments to this post. Please limit it to… [ Read more … ]


As I mentioned last week, today (a couple of days late) I am starting work on a special HeroMachine Edition dealing with Mechs for an upcoming product that must remain confidential until release. Since I know almost nothing about mechs, I thought I would turn to you and ask for what you would want in… [ Read more … ]

HM3: Miscellaneous

OK, I am finally settled in Colorado, and although my internet access situation is still in flux (meaning, it sucks but I am working on it), I have the computer and tablet set up and have started drawing items for the ItemRight-Miscellaneous set. Please let me know in the comments specific items or types of… [ Read more … ]

HM3: Armor up

It looks like the vote is to do Fantasy Armor next. As usual the plan is to convert as many of the 2.5 items in that set over as possible, and to kick it up several notches by including as many of your suggestions as I can. So by all means, please feel free to… [ Read more … ]

Art Talk 1

Hammerknight’s starting a new series this week, and would love your suggestions. Take it away, HK! Click the image for a larger, more legible version.

HM3: Body thoughts

I’m working on new alternate body types starting today, and am sort of feeling my way along here. My thinking (such as it is) is that I want to do up a series of complete bodies in a whole new set called BodyMaleAlternate. These will be completely integrated bodies that are greater or lesser departures… [ Read more … ]

HM3: Limb suggestions

It looks like most people want non-human limbs next, so let me know in the comments to this post exactly what it is you’re wanting from a set like that. Links to actual images are the most helpful, but just words are fine too if you can’t find a good image. Note that leaving suggestions… [ Read more … ]

The face of time

With many thanks to Hammerknight for his excellent ongoing series of how-to articles, I am happy to present his latest. Let him know in comments what you think and any other guides you’d want to see from him. (Click to embiggen.)

Hammerknight’s Recipes: Toon

(With many thanks to friend-of-the-site Hammerknight, who now presents you with suggestions on how you might use the new test Toon body. Enjoy, and be sure to thank him for volunteering his time! Click on an image to embiggen it for legibility.)