HM3: Armor up

It looks like the vote is to do Fantasy Armor next. As usual the plan is to convert as many of the 2.5 items in that set over as possible, and to kick it up several notches by including as many of your suggestions as I can. So by all means, please feel free to request in the comments to this post any specific upper-body armor you want to see in the program.

Comments with links to actual images of what you mean will be much more helpful than just plain text descriptions, although certainly those will be good to have as well. It's just a lot easier to visualize what you mean if I have something to look at.

Thanks in advance for your great feedback, it's suggestions and requests like these that make the program worth doing!

72 Responses to HM3: Armor up

  1. Joshua says:

    Jeff, I have a few suggestions for various sci-fi and fantasy armor.

    1). The Borg- A chest armor composed of wires and plates.

    2). Batman/The Dark Knight- Obviously due to copyright infringement you’ll want to leave off the ‘bat’.

    3). Roman/Fantasy armor-

  2. Tim says:

    Is this strictly for female armor or just any armor in general?

  3. Tristan says:

    are you going to make a armoured helmets set at the same time to go into headgear cause most armour sets have a helmet??
    and heres my segestions
    Greek armour
    And the famouse (in Australia) Ned Kelly Armour
    you gotta at the ned armour!!!

  4. Actually, how about an Armored Horse Companion?

  5. Solander says:

    OK. Armor suggestions it is:

    – Red chestplate:$fullsize$

    – Paladin armour:

    – Knight armour:




    – Assassin armour:


    – Hunter armour:

    – Roman armour:



    – Samurai armour:


    – Black armour:

    – Leather armour:





    – Demonic armour:

    – Science fiction armour:


    – Mithril chain mail:

    – Power armour:

    – Epic armour:


    – Steampunk armour:


    – Elven armour:


    – Orc armour:


    – Barbarian armour:

    – Cool armour:

  6. Brocoyote says:

    Well it looks like you have a few already covered in Tops>MaleStandard. Like a couple that could be chainmail shirts, if you had a chainmail pattern , the closet I found was the scale pattern. But patterns are a bit to uniform and do not follow the curvature of the folds. A full chainmail harburk to me would be a great place to start, something like: or

    You really don’t see this full length mail flared sleeves split front much. Draw it as a the full set then you can cut it up to its components I.E. chest (an alternate for female), short sleeve, long flared sleeve, waist down to split, then the split to the legs. Also since you are drawing chainmail.
    The Coif—simple_2.jpg
    And the Gorget would be my next choice to draw. Again it may be best to draw these together.
    My thought would be not to draw every single link in the mail. And/or perhaps use your color separations Color1 Color2 and LineColor to facilitate some different looks. links in the light, links in the shadow, define links from underneath Light and shadow can play great on chainmail, and the contrast can make or break the look of it. IMHO but it is your call.., you get to draw it. πŸ™‚

  7. JordanXord says:

    OK, here is my entry for this one.

    This is Ultra-Knight. His armor enables him to fly at great speed in both air and space. It is also fitted with computer systems like guidance control, pinpoint for firepower, breathing equipment, micro-missiles, laser projectors and cloaking device. The armor is capable of energy absorption, which provides him with an inexhaustible, constant power source.

  8. RJ mcd says: i would love to have a guy like this parted out

  9. TheNate says:

    Here’s a culture lots of people missed: Tlingit armor:

    You know, for those of us who prefer a more Native-American approach.

  10. Brocoyote says:

    geez, bet you got enough good ideas now!

  11. RJ mcd says:

    jeff something wrong with my request?

  12. Tim says:

    I don’t know if this counts as armor, but I figure I’d suggest it anyway.

    Ezio Auditore’s Assassin Attire

  13. Fabien says:

    Because steampunk is also fantasy, i want steampunk armor pieces. References here :

  14. Kalkin says:

    Orc armor – made of bits and pieces.
    Massive and bulky armor – Like Warhammer fantasy, goes so high with neck opening that nose is barely visible. Just scaling function doesn’t create this kind of bulky effect right.
    Dark elf style armor – Can’t have too many of those, basically a lamellar plate armor, plates with lots of sharp points and serrated edges.

  15. Mr.Vampire says:

    Hee’s a historical costume rental site (linking to the armor page)

  16. Kaldath says:

    I emailed this to you a few days ago Jeff but since I am not sure weather you got it or not I will post it here for you.

  17. Dudemeister says:

    I see a lot of fantasy armor suggestions.

    Please also add some sci-fi/futuristic/robotic armor as well.

    Light leather armor with robes, fabrics, etc would be nice too. Sort of like thief or assassin armor. Examples have already been given.

  18. Joshua says:

    It’s always interesting to see what everyone links to when Jeff proposes a new HM3 category. Ladies and Guys, I really marvel at some of your creative choices.

    Now Jeff, not to pick a favorite, but I’m really digging Fabien’s Steampunk armors. Sure, they’re ‘cloth’, but that set would be fantastic! Great choice, Fab.

  19. JOJO65 says:

    Just a plain breastplate or segmented cuirass that we could add an insignia to would be nice

  20. The Eric says:

    And what are those “epic” armors from? That’s really awesome design.

  21. Dennis89 says:

    About time I have been waiting for this here’s a suggestion for some steam punk armor both male and female its one of the best armor sets I have seen for Steam Punk.

  22. Gene says:

    Not sure if this one has been posted yet – from one of the D&D books.

  23. PsyckoSama says:

    How about some heavy “Battlearmor” type parts for those of us who play games like Battletech?

    Don’t forget the scifi armors!

  24. kyle says:

  25. Marco says:

    I hope you add full upper body armors, you know where the arms are involved

  26. Megadorkynerdgoddess says:

    Maybe I’m just crazy, oh wait I am, but I thought the armour you already had was fantasy. Hey, no worries, I’m all for more armour!

  27. kyle says:×300.jpg

  28. kyle says: πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚



  29. Jeff Hebert says:

    OK guys, that’s plenty. Thanks!