Suggestions and Ideas

I want to hear from you on what you would like to see done here on the blog. I have never ran a blog before and I have not been to very many other blogs. When you make the suggestions please keep in mind that Kaldath and I have lives outside of HM, so please don't suggest something that would take hours upon hours to do. Contest, Challenges, and Polls take time to post. Comic Books, cartoons, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror, Myths & Folklore, RPGs, and computer games all fit here and are good categories to keep your suggestions to.

6 Responses to Suggestions and Ideas

  1. Kaldath says:

    I have been considering replacing Bad Costume Wednesday with something else. It is starting to become difficult to find examples of bad super costumes each week without repeating ones I or Jeff have already done. I have considered doing a weekly Anime review as I like Anime, though not all Anime ( HATE Naruto for example ). This would give me a reason to make sure I watch some new shows at least once a week! Anyway I am open to suggestions, I can keep the Bad Custom if people like but will need people to start making suggestions to me via Forum PM or email, or I can try something else. Let me know what you all think ?

  2. Frevoli says:

    Stupid plot points? Moments where a comic jumps the shark or just doesn’t make any sense

  3. Not much time today to weigh in, so I will probably add more here this weekend and PM Kaldath and Hammerknight.

    Couple of things that jump to me would be a spotlight on “The Ascension” which is going on in the Forums. Or, for that matter, maybe someone posts a short story or even poetry. Especially if there is a word limit. I have found those to be challenging and rewarding. Something probably super-related, though… this is still “HeroMachine.” ;9

    Stupid plot points. Maybe even rants. But those can get messy and lead to geek rage. Sneak peeks and movie trailers. More of barbario’s vignettes. Discussions of “classic” toys and video games. “Where are they now?” Comics, books, video game, movie and television reviews (spoiler alerts, please!).

    “What-ifs.” Not fan fiction, but general discussion about what we would like to happen or if our favorite stories or characters were in different settings or occupations. What if Peter Parker had stopped the thief? What if George Lucas had really given thought into Episode I?

  4. TOOL says:

    I still think it would be cool to talk about the under rated, under apreciated, or over looked characters and side kicks.

  5. KBell says:

    how about some frank discussion of the issues in modern and past comic books? like gender issues. Not just for women, but the unrealistic and frankly grotesque depictions of the ideal male hero?

    i noticed the proportions of the male base on hermachine are rather… off to a slightly silly degree.

    And feel free to put me in charge of bad costume. There’s tons. maybe even too many. can we talk about boob and pec socks please?
    Also colour theory is often ignored and it makes me sad

    oh! And what about ridiculous poses?! broken spines, boobs and butt poses!

    And what about ethics in comics? LIke how Cap America was created as the ideal American hero, literally a form of propaganda, and how ridiculously outdated that idea is. I mean, he stands for a government that the people inherently trust to do what best for them, how outdated it that?!

  6. KBell says:

    Okay, so I know all my suggestions are probably WAY too polical for you, i mean, once you start talking gender issues, pretty much ALL comics fail to pass basic equality tests, but here’s a GOOD IDEA:

    Can we PLEASE discuss how Captain America went to art school? As a modern art student, i find that the greatest thing ever. It makes me suspect that all his over the top patriotism is just ironic. Cos he’s an art student hipster deep down.
    And what did he want to major in?

    Painting? printmaking? SCULPTURE?!

    how devastated must he be that his missed all the great artistic revolutions of the 20th century! has it occurred to him that he could have been part of that?