Poll Position: HeroMachine prize items!

I've compiled all your excellent suggestions regarding replacement prize items for contest winners who never told me what they wanted -- thank you all for the time and effort you put into the ideas!

I had to leave out a few for various reasons; either they were redundant, or I already had the item in question (there's already a set of jodhpurs in Legwear-Standard), or they weren't specific enough. In cases where you asked for more than one thing, I usually just took the first one from the list. If the person making the request provided a reference photo link, I added it to the choice -- just click on an image to expand it. If there was no reference provided, you'll just have to use your imagination.

So here's how this will work.

Vote for as many items in the following list as you would want to see in HeroMachine 3. At the end of a week, the top ten vote getters will become HeroMachine items (eventually)! It's so simple, even a bald hick like me could do it.

And so can you, so go do it already!

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