The prizes are yours!

As I mentioned yesterday, I am forfeiting a number of unclaimed contest prizes, meaning now's your chance. Each of you can make one (1) HeroMachine 3 item request in the comments, something you think would be kick-ass to have available in the program. After a few days, when it looks like the ideas have pretty much all been made, I'll put all the ones that are feasible and that I think have promise into one big huge poll that everyone can vote on. The top 11 or so vote-getters after however long, I'll go ahead and turn into items for the enjoyment of all.

If you're reading through the suggestions and you see one you really like, by all means pipe up and let us know you really like it. That will help me put the initial poll grouping together.

I look forward to hearing what you want! In items, that is. I don't particularly want to know what you want in other walks of life, although I suspect someone in a bikini would be high on the list.

Oh, one last note, I'm already planning on converting all the male-only items to female, and right-only items to left, so I'd hold off on requesting that -- it's going to get done anyway.

On the other hand, if there's an HM item from another version you want to be sure gets included, go ahead and suggest it.

Finally, requests with links to images online so people can see exactly what you are talking about are the most helpful, although it's not a requirement or anything.