The prizes are yours!

As I mentioned yesterday, I am forfeiting a number of unclaimed contest prizes, meaning now's your chance. Each of you can make one (1) HeroMachine 3 item request in the comments, something you think would be kick-ass to have available in the program. After a few days, when it looks like the ideas have pretty much all been made, I'll put all the ones that are feasible and that I think have promise into one big huge poll that everyone can vote on. The top 11 or so vote-getters after however long, I'll go ahead and turn into items for the enjoyment of all.

If you're reading through the suggestions and you see one you really like, by all means pipe up and let us know you really like it. That will help me put the initial poll grouping together.

I look forward to hearing what you want! In items, that is. I don't particularly want to know what you want in other walks of life, although I suspect someone in a bikini would be high on the list.

Oh, one last note, I'm already planning on converting all the male-only items to female, and right-only items to left, so I'd hold off on requesting that -- it's going to get done anyway.

On the other hand, if there's an HM item from another version you want to be sure gets included, go ahead and suggest it.

Finally, requests with links to images online so people can see exactly what you are talking about are the most helpful, although it's not a requirement or anything.

150 Responses to The prizes are yours!

  1. Phatchick says:

    In the companions section, I’d like to see a tarq (the Klingon boar creature for STNG).

  2. Unknown says:

    not that i’m a winner, but has some possible furnitures been suggested…

  3. Rectafury says:

    I’d like to suggest the high tech glove on page 2 of the glove right standard set in HM02

  4. Myro says:

    I kinda would like Nova’s helmet.

  5. Solander says:

    Oh… and I know that I can only make one suggestion, but is there any chance of including the harpoon gun from the HM 2.5 expansion?

  6. Skiriki says:

    Somewhere in my heart, I’m still a bit of a little girl.

    Unicorn? Pretty please? One that you could ride, or put by the side as a companion.

    And rainbows, and maybe bunnies and kittens and puppies too. But the unicorn would rock.

  7. Nick Hentschel says:

    Animal components! (Or at least, more doggies, kitties, and horses.)

  8. dave3dclark says:

    i would like the ability to save my characters for use in hero machine on multiple computers the way hm 2.5 does with the code… I hate it when i have a good character going at work only to have to abbandon them for the weekend.

  9. warpig says:

    full military uniform preferable ACU or MARPAT camos
    and a modern bullet proof vest like what swat or army/marines

  10. Jeff Hebert says:

    dave3dclark (9): This is for item requests, not feature requests. However, here’s how you can get around the non-transportability problem:

    The saved Flash shared object library files (.sol for you Windows users) are LIKE cookies, but they are NOT actual cookies. They are not stored in the shared internet data files and will not be deleted if you erase all your cookies. You can only remove them by right-clicking on the movie, and going to Flash Settings, removing them there.

    Violodion found them in his Windows installation at %AppData%MacromediaFlash Player#SharedObjects\www.heromachine.comhm3

    He was able to copy those and move them to another computer in the same directory and load his characters there.

    On my Mac they are in HD / User / / Library / Preferences / Macromedia / Flash Player / #SharedObjects / / / hm3 / heromachine3.swf / hmcharacters.sol

    Hope that helps.

  11. Cormac says:

    I would quite like too see a proper gentleman’s waiscoat.

  12. Myro says:

    @Cormac (12) Not going to ab!ndon my Nova helmet idea, but I could use one of those too.

  13. Firecracker says:

    Animal features (i.e., separate elephant nose and ears, rabbit ears, etc.)

  14. Wade says:

    How about some Iron Man style armor pieces? Particularly the leg armor, cuz it seems like theres all kinds of armor pieces for the upper part of the body, and just a couple of pieces for the legs in HeroMachine.

  15. Me, Myself & I says:

    Just putting in my support for Cormac (12). The waistecoat would be really nice.

    For my suggestion, a Mandarine style color jacket would be nice as well.

  16. alephnull says:

    I would suggest more dynamic body poses, in flight, in fight, or in fright kind of poses for the general body types would be great. as a hero, standing in display is cool, but being captured in action would be even better. That would mean that all of the objects would be adjustable to suit the action poses as well.

  17. abominal401 says:

    I’d like new mech parts…please?

  18. CK says:

    I really like the idea of a sideways body, so u can sorta get the full 3D view and make it look a little diffrent or see details from other angles

  19. superfan1 says:

    Dancing pants is the only name i know them by..

  20. irock23 says:

    I’d like to have some more mouths and eyes. Creepier ones .

  21. bobtheb903 says:

    How about some tattoos and more hair.
    Hair: like spiky, short, and hats like a fit hat

  22. Legatus says:

    I’d like to have a bison’s head under Head/Animals

  23. Mr. Q says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing the female amazon body type from the Hero Machine 2. Either that or visors for a mask. Link posted below.

    Mr. Q

  24. Danny Beaty says:

    Hi Jeff, and thanks for this opportunity! I want a rubber chicken.

  25. Timespike says:

    The silhouette of a hovering Blackhawk helicopter would be a nice additions to companions.

    A khopesh.×326.jpg

  26. Danny Beaty says:

    @Jeff: If you do the rubber chicken, please leave off the price tag.

  27. Timespike says:

    I’d also like some non-spandex fantasy-appropriate pants (about the same fit as the cargo pants)

  28. Frevoli says:

    for background, maybe some a column/(s) and archways

    So as to show ancient civilisation / stalely home / basement

    And maybe a destroyed one:

    to show ruins

  29. Frevoli says:

    door, windows…. some basic building elements really, to expand what is possible

  30. Danny Beaty says:

    I want more of everything!

  31. Ok…this is awesome!!!! How about that darn ol’ Jack O Lantern head? If I can I’ll give a link….
    Or a japanesse fox mask? Like the one kumitsu from tekken tag team wears? Or if not that how about an Oni mask?
    Any of those would be awesome. Though the coolest would be the jack o’ lantern head….lets go with that.

  32. Or how about a feature that’d let us import our own images? Like for symbols or heads we couldn’t normally create?
    I think it should be easy right? There are a few “icon” creators that have the feature. Could it be lazily or dumbed down or somthing so that something like it could go into Heromachine? This isn’t a thing I’m asking for just asking to know if it’s possible. Is it? 😀

    Here it is!! The coolest mask EVER!!! Please PLEASE PLEASE!!!! Put it in!!! Dx
    It’s so awesome!!! please? I’ll never be pushy again…!!!
    Please put it in. 😀

  34. Alex says:

    It would be really nice to have one or two rings , its very hard making those.
    @Cormac:It would be awesome to have a waiscoat in HM3 ,I’ve been making my waiscoat from that one in tops/zombie and it never quite fits properly.
    @bobtheb903:I like the idea for tattoos and spiky hair.
    @Myro:I like Nova’s helmet too it would be a great add to headgear.

  35. Legatus’s idea is cool. A bison head would be a good addition to the animal heads.

  36. Tophats celestial armour(helmets) idea is pretty cool to.

  37. MagicLlamaKing says:
    How about those Halo helmets? These are the best! If you don’t want to do all three how about just those bottom ones? They are sweeet!!

  38. MagicLlamaKing says:

    I like:
    @ Cormac: The waist coat is something I’d like to.
    @ Nicholas/GtaMythMaster43: I like the head/mask. It looks like something I might use.
    Tophats celestial helemts is also something I think that would be a great add to heromachine’s helmet choices.

  39. Melissa says:

    My request would be for some fantasy/D&D character pants. I think something like these –

    – only without the belt loops and zippers would work well with medievall-y/fantasy characters.

  40. Timespike says:

    That Jack O’ Lantern mask IS pretty cool…

  41. EnderX says:

    Seconding Solander(5) and CK(21). A set of profile or semi-profile items would be of great assistance.

  42. The Imp says:

    I’d vote for a WWI biplane in Companions/Vehicles…

    Also, props to Legatus (27) & Cormac (12). Good ideas.

  43. alphaalpharomeo says:

    I was hoping a spider symbol similar to that on Venom or the Iron Spider costume Spiderman wore during Civil War

  44. Phatchick says:

    @Jeff- Oh yeah, rubber chicken!

  45. Joshua says:

    I, as well, agree with Cormac; a gentlemen needs a proper waistcoat.

  46. JonnyDemon says:

    Different types of shoes. Modern, ancient, futuristic. I also like the idea of some more leg armor.

  47. HecNukem says:

    Could you separate the crest from the samurai helmet so that we could put different crests on it
    Like this:

    Or a throne in the Background or Companions set

  48. Timespike says:

    Gyaaah. I just reread the rules and saw I could only nominate one item. *facepalm* Put me down for the khopesh, I guess.

  49. Jack Zelger says:

    A military uniform shirt could be added. Hero Machine 2.5 had both a long sleeve and short sleeve camouflage one, though I think both camo and plain would be nice to have.

  50. Jack Zelger says:

    Jeff, just in case I somehow ended up on that list, I wanted to mention my requested prize for Caption Contest 79 was the shoulder holster/belt as seen in HM 2.5 restored or recreated. Maybe with and without a gun in it.

  51. William A. Peterson says:

    Oooh! Biplanes and Unicorns!
    I LOVE strafing Unicorns with Biplanes! 😀

  52. yojimbo jones says:

    I think legs in a crouch pose would be cool done so you can do one or both legs for a roof top perch or just rocking the captin morgan pose

  53. Malfar says:

    I like the ideas of Thrones and animal face parts, it would be great.

  54. joel says:

    haven’t won a contest yet, but this must be said. hm 3 needs a fro. no hairstyle set is complete without one.

  55. yojimbo jones says:

    legs in a crouching pose

  56. Galahad says:

    Mean eyes! There’s not enough mean eyes!

    Also, I like the ideas of profile items, the jack-o-lantern mask, and the throne.

  57. Jeff Hebert says:

    Jack (53): I thought I sent you the rough for that, but I never heard back from you on whether or not it was approved. I’ll resend it, but check your spam folder or whatnot.

  58. Jeff Hebert says:

    OK Jack, just re-forwarded that, the title of the email is “Caption Contest 79 Winner!”.

  59. Drea says:


  60. Watson Bradshaw says:

    on the Companion (humanoid) I would like to see a solider (modern army/s.w.a.t.) rifle ready for action. It would be awesome for battle scenes or your character controlling a platoon.

  61. Patrick says:

    I would like t see a lab coat.

  62. Ian says:

    You know what I’d really like? Under Male Standard and Female Standard: Calves. You’ve got thighs and whole legs, but no calves.

  63. remy says:

    I agree with most suggestions, namely more mouths, profile bodies, bodies in action…how about some religious headgear? I’m jewish, so I would enjoy a kippah/yarmulke skullcap. (But a pope hat would be pretty funny)

  64. Yojimbo Jones says:

    I would like to see some legs in the crouching stance

  65. TheFriendlyKingOfLlmas says:

    I really like the bison and celestial helmet ideas.
    The jack o’ lantern head, thrown and face parts have my vote aswell!

  66. I’d second a “good” afro!

  67. Ky2030 says:

    @Jeff is there going to be a full conversion of items from 2.5? Or are you only doing select items?

  68. CK says:

    I posted earlier about a sideways pose for the bodies, but i like the jack-o-lantern mask and i wouldnt mind having the line color in patterns able to be changed i was tryin to make a magma/ lava like guy and it couldnt really do it with cracks in his skin giving off a firey look. Either that or some items u can add on to make it look like he has some fissures in his/ her skin. Other than that I wouldnt mind more angry eyes and mouthes

  69. Gene says:

    I’d like to see Rocketeer’s helmet 🙂

  70. Rhinoman says:

    Hey Jeff, how about differnet skins like in HM2.5? Patterns just don’t cut it and there were soo many cool looks that I just can’t recreate with HM3 ie. crystalline, melting,riveted,etc.
    I also like the Jack O Lantern head, the bison head and the parts for buildings.

  71. CK says:

    i like that one rhinoman that would be a great update as well

  72. spidercow2010 says:

    I’d like to see legs that end at the knee, but the kneecap is there, as if the lower leg is bent back at 90+ degrees behind the upper leg. Good for running, kicking, kneeling, flying poses. Just a kneecap to cobble onto the end of the existing upper legs would be sufficient, and more versatile.

    Also, I second #34 (doors, and/or windows) and #61 (lab coat; ideally what’s called a Howie coat, as seen on Dr. Horrible:
    The farther out those snaps are toward the shoulder, the better, IMO. But Doogie Howser there is wearing a size too big, I’d say.
    The caduceus monogram is superfluous.)

    In case it’s not said often enough, Jeff, you rock.

  73. Legatus says:

    NEON_N64’s idea of a whip sword is just great.

  74. spidercow2010 says:

    Addendum to #71: I know there are some knees in Legwear:Kneepads, but they’re open-ended and bent inward and I can never make them look right; I’m talking bent straight back.

  75. The Imp says:

    Remy (63): Yes! Pope hat! Must have pope hat!!!

  76. Cliff says:

    My vote is for a straight hanging shirt to fit the skinny body, without the tapered chest V. It could even be shleevesless since we now have sleeve parts.

    I also agree we need side torso, animal face parts and calves for the legs

    Heres a retrace of the Jack O’ Lantern head if it’d be easier to port or whatever. 😀
    Thanks Jeff!

  78. Rectafury says:

    I’m liking the whip sword as well

  79. Neat, 4 votes already for the Jack O’ Lantern head and 4/an a half votes for the Thrones idea and 4 votes for the Bison head. I think these will defiinatly end up on the list.
    I think most the ideas thown in are pretty good so far.
    Also it looks like 3 votes on a pope hate and 3 votes for an afro. Plus 5 votes for angry eyes and mouths so far.
    This list is off to a very good start.

  80. Haxxx says:

    Can we have please pants and shirts that actually fit properly on alternate size characters? especially a shirt with a fat bely fold.

  81. Rozenstal says:
    Here this arch, and a door to it. Only a door separately.

    Long gloves (to an elbow and with holes for fingers, female).
    This mask.

    And evil mouths and sparklind eyes!!!

  82. abominal401 says:

    Maybe some new eyes and mouths that are horror like looking?

  83. Scorpidius says:

    Great idea Jeff.

    I would like to go for the big wild beard in HM2.5.

    I have attached a character who has the mentioned beard, just so you know which one I mean.



  84. Moognation says:

    Creator’s jumpsuit idea reminded me that I’ve often thought there needs to be a proper flight suit in HM3…

  85. Conumbra says:

    I’d like the glove from the game Singularity. Here’s a picture.

  86. Gregg says:

    This may already be somewhere where I haven’t seen them, but I would love some armored sleeves. Right now, almost all the armor leaves the arms bare, which doesn’t fit with a lot of concepts. It is possible to put a chain pattern over a shirt, for example, but that’s often not the right look.

  87. Anarchangel says:

    How about a pair of converse boots?

    Or even the more traditional converse high tops with the laces undone?

  88. MLS says:

    An open-collar, button-down shirt with separate sleeves. You have this with a buttoned up collar suitable for adding a tie, but a less formal options is needed that allows for better arm positioning. Actually, it could use the same sleeves you already have. We just need the “vest” part with the collar open.

  89. Me, Myself & I says:

    Actually, MLS’s (100) & (101) suggestion is very similar to my earlier one as well. A jacket like this would also work well with the waistecoat suggestion that Cormac (12) made earlier.

  90. thejay says:

    I would probably be scorned AGAIN for the remark, but we need more modest cleavages for the girls in the FemaleBustiers part. Most women on earth and outside wouldn’t be caught dead in the triangular deep cleavage which you seem to have made the hm3 standard, and I for one would like to create believable heroes and heroines. Realism sucks, yeah, I know, but I still support it marginally. Also, different shaped cleavages (without spiky bra cups would be nice) – victorian square cleavage, round sports bra mild cleavage, stuff like that.

  91. Mysterious Zed says:

    A patchy ripped pattern or set of items would be cool to have like here
    or any items to make character warriors from guitar hero warriors of rock

  92. Alan Bates says:

    Rather than making a Jacko’lantern head, how about just a regular Pumpkin head. A Jack Olantern face is easy enough to add to it using various face options or symbols.

    Also, I’d like to toss out …
    A creepy graveyard background

    A Phantom of the Opera style half-mask.

    A Friday the 13th style Hockey mask.

    A large coffin for the background.

  93. Blue Blazer says:

    I’d like to see just a simple mouth with gritted teeth. There’s a female version, but no male version.

  94. Jeff Hebert says:

    TheJay (105): I can’t draw every female top with various levels of neckline. You’re basically asking me to re-draw every single one of those items with the neckline where you want it. Then I’d probably have to do them a third time for some other neckline. Then again for every person who wants it somewhere else. I don’t have anywhere near the time (or desire) to do that.

    I had to pick a line to be consistent so anything else that depends on matching up with the article of clothing will match. Which is what I did. The choice was made a year ago, with all the spandex stuff — I set the guidelines then and went with it.

    I’m sorry you don’t like the neckline where it is, but that’s where it’s going to stay.

  95. Captain Evil says:

    A wheelchair, with (both male and female) legs in a seated pose. Can’t make Professor X, Oracle or other disabled characters without it.

  96. Jack says:

    I would like to see bandage hands to go with the bandage arms, also I would like to see just a simple long seelve shirt top like Dexter Morgan’s.

    thank for you time

  97. Alan Bates says:

    I’d also like the second the bandaged hands and add a bandaged face as well.

  98. Fabien says:

    About the fantasy headgear, it ‘s would be could to have cheek guards in separate pieces.

  99. lil dude says:

    an open work jacket.

    or a speedboat

  100. lil dude says:

    or better yet a pullover or balaclava

  101. MetallicaFan says:

    I’m like to see younger bodies, like kids and teens, for sidekicks.

    Maybe older as well for mentors or heroes past their prime.

  102. AngryTree says:

    Second the Nehru jacket from (17). Ideally, the jacket would have no collar, and you would choose either a Mandarin or Mao-style collar from Neckwear-Standard, but hey, I’ll take what I can get.

    Mandarin Collar:

    Mao-Style Collar:

    Also, what about flared riding breeches/jodhpurs? Perfect for neo-fascist supervillains, Mounties in full dress, and Patton:

    Some high riding boots would also be good (see examples in all three of the above images).

  103. trekadam30 says:

    1. Individual animal body parts, so we can make our own animals.

    2. A starship bridge background.

    3. Cardassian-esque neck frills.

    4. Klingon-esque forehead.

    5. Scars.

    6. Bloody stumps (for zombies).

    7. Remove the stupid shading from all the fonts, so our superheroes can have a “letter emblem” if we want.

  104. Yojimbo Jones says:

    i want a crouching set of legs

  105. Jeff Hebert says:

    Trekadam30 (118): To remove the “stupid” shadows from the fonts, just set color1 and color2 to 0% alpha. Presto, one set of letters with no shadows in whatever color you like.

  106. Full Metal Crab says:

    Some way of making faces look older, for sort of past-it heroes, old west outlaws, etc.

  107. Gunnery Sergeant Hartman says:

    i really want a tactical vest, like a cutomizable one, differant pouches and things

    the frame could be like this

    or this (as a fully built alternative

  108. Vampyrist says:

    I agree with Full Metal Crab, some wrinkles or facial features would be extremely helpful in creating older characters.

    Other than that, I’d have to say an open suit/jacket. It would allow for a casually formal character.

  109. Genius_at_Work says:

    I agree with Vampyrist, things like crowsfeet and other wrinkles, so you can customise how aged a character is.

    Personally, I’d like a set of martial artist’s gi, with and/or without sleeves. Preferably without, as one could use some of the other lone sleeves if necessary

  110. Genius_at_Work says:

    Just adding to what I just said, I realise there is some form of basic gi at the moment, but it has half sleeves. Something with no sleeves and an option for full sleeves would be greatly appreciated.

  111. Some of you guys are asking th impossible of Jeff!! Though Jeff I have started to draw out some of my characters WITHOUT heromachine but I kinda have to half heatedly agree with thejay….even if he was being kinda obnoxous…
    But most my woman end up with that thong thing or a dumbed down version of my original idea…I’d say woman over all need WWWAAAYYY more parts then the men. But otherwise thanks jeff. 😀

  112. kai says:

    halo weapons, covanent stuff e.g. plasma rifle

  113. Legatus says:

    Quote: “Each of you can make one (1) HeroMachine 3 item request in the comments.”

  114. Darkknight says:

    Underwater Spear Gun

  115. HouseofH says:

    No love for Converse Idea? C’ mon, we need converse.

  116. Dark Wyvernil says:

    Perhaps add a war fan as an additional weapon for ninja-type characters?

    Here’s an example of what I’m talking about. Perhaps also add a version with spikes on the tips of the “folds” and a plain version without the sun symbol on it.

  117. Alan Bates says:

    Sorry. I missed the part where it said only mention one item you want. I apologize for that and going listing several things. If I only get one vote, I’d like to go with the Phantom of the Opera style half-mask. My fault. Should have been paying better attention.

  118. Brad says:

    Man, i hope I’m not too late. I’ve been pining for a pair of hookswords for awhile. Here’s me crossing my fingers to hope it makes it!

    And an image link:

  119. Brad says:

    Oh, and let me know if that’s a bad image link for you, I;ll find some more. Just to cover the bases early,here’s 2:

    And did I say pair? Single would be fine, I’ll just use the multiples option.

  120. Mysterious Zed says:

    Gears of War armour locust and COG and weapons that would be so awesome

  121. Something like this
    his second hand, not the trigger hand, but the hand on the forestock. HM3 needs one of those so characters can hold guns better imho 😀

  122. Heres a thing that would be beyond easy.
    Retrace virtually any AWESOME parts from soul calibur 3!
    There are so many totally BADASS helemts and chest peices.
    You should totally get a the PC turrent of Soul Calibur 3!
    So easy to trace to! They’d go in in a snap!
    I’m such a nerd…must have halo and soul calibur helemts!!
    Dx Wahhh!!!!

  123. Gears of war amour!!! >: D
    Great idea!!!

  124. FlyingLazerBeamWalrus is right…did I just say that?…er tpye that? But yeah that would be awesome. Maybe instead of 11 could it be 15? And evened out number maybe? ….sorry if that sounded pushy at all….*runs away*

  125. bezerkoid says:

    Wrist rockets.

    Are awesome

  126. spidercow2010 says:

    Yes. Wrist rockets ARE awesome. Well said.

  127. Mysterious Zed says:

    Ripped clothing not like ragged clothing but just torn edges,

  128. Jake says:

    Hey, Jeff. I was thinking it would be cool to have a mug shot background that showed the height of a character. I think this would be handy when making taller and shorter characters too. What do you think?

    Ignore the guy in this.

  129. Rosco says:

    Support votes:
    opens suit jacket,
    legs that end at knees,
    pumpkin (not jack-o-lantern: it’d be so easy to throw some triangles on to make a face, but so difficult to take them away. I actually don’t think I’d ever need a blank pumpkin, but I’d like to be able to have happy/sad/mad faces). So versatile as a background, prop, head, etc.

    One very simple request: on Female spandex tops, the last two have lines at the bottom, and the connect pieces have lines at the top. I can photoshop it out very easily, but I’d like to be able to honestly use those designs in contests, so please offer either those or the connecting pieces without lines.

    Actual vote: a tube-halter top:
    (of course, this can also be a dress, since the dress skirts cover up the lines)

    Are you ever gonna take contest requests? Because now that we’ve got all these female parts, maybe we should have a beauty pageant? So you’d’ve to make three images: evening wear, swimsuit, and talent!

  130. Rosco says:

    Support votes:
    opens suit jacket,
    legs that end at knees,
    pumpkin (not jack-o-lantern: it’d be so easy to throw some triangles on to make a face, but so difficult to take them away. I actually don’t think I’d ever need a blank pumpkin, but I’d like to be able to have happy/sad/mad faces). So versatile as a background, prop, head, etc.

    One very simple request (ignore/do, not worth voting): on Female spandex tops, the last two have lines at the bottom, and the connect pieces have lines at the top. I can photoshop it out very easily, but I’d like to be able to honestly use those designs in contests, so please offer either those or the connecting pieces without lines.

    Actual vote: shirt tied under bust

    Are you ever gonna take contest requests? Because now that we’ve got all these female parts, maybe we should have a beauty pageant? So you’d’ve to make three images: evening wear, swimsuit, and talent!

  131. daryl says:

    fallout 3 power armour

  132. Oquies says:

    @PCFDPGrey #102 I would like to see the pred mask too.

    @Jeff #120 Sorry, but I loled.

    I am likely too late but, if I am not…would like a tail that has a taper to it. Like this
    Wouldn’t want it to have any patterns on it just a tail that starts out wide and gets smaller.

  133. Jeff Hebert says:

    OK, closing this off now. Great suggestions, thanks everyone! I’m working on putting the poll together now for voting.

  134. -=-==-=-=- says:

    I would say a storm trooper set like in past heromachines,
    More creature-esque mouths/eyes/noses
    and a pig snout, or maybe a pig head.

  135. Thunder&Lightning says:

    i’m not a contest winner,but it would be nice to have some
    sort of half face,like two-face from batman.