Suggestions & Ideas

New Post Idea

Now that we don’t have anything on the Tuesday slot here on the blog, I was thinking “what would be a good idea to fill that slot?” I’d kinda like for it not be a rehash of something I’ve done before. Then an idea struck me, but I wanted to run it by you guys… [ Read more … ]

No Community Submissions

I’m being literal here. I got two people submit stuff in week one, and since then nothing. Ok, Skybandit did send in a number of his Movie reviews, but the idea here was not just to showcase one community members work (as good as they are), because otherwise we’d have just given Skybandit a blog… [ Read more … ]

New Blog Posts?

Hey guys, JR here and I have a question to ask y’all. When I posted the most recent Character Of The Week, I posited the idea of bringing it back as a weekly blog post, rather than a sporadic thing posted when I feel like it, and the response has been pretty affirmative. So, I… [ Read more … ]

HeroMachine Blog & Forums

Hello folk, With 2014 here I thought I’d make a few inquires. First I would like to know, how many of you here that read the blog use our forums? and if not why not? Secondly since this post will be shared on our facebook and google+ pages I’d like to know from our social… [ Read more … ]

What do you think about furniture?

I’m considering adding a set of items to the “Background” slot that would contain set decoration types of things like beds, chairs, walls, doors, etc. Stuff like this: Would that sort of thing be helpful?

No “WWTT” Today/ Open Critique Day

Sorry about this, I know I did the same thing on last week’s Sci-fi Corner and Big Question. Uni has just started to get really hectic and I haven’t been able to find much time to come up with stuff to write about. Hopefully I won’t be getting rid of either, I’ll try to get… [ Read more … ]

New Blog Topic Ideas

I’m not going to do the Monday Night Movie Club this week, because it hasn’t been getting much interest over the last few weeks. Instead I thought I’d take this opportunity to try out some ideas for new blog topics. I’ve made a list of things I think could work, which I’ll explain after the… [ Read more … ]

Suggestions and Ideas

I want to hear from you on what you would like to see done here on the blog. I have never ran a blog before and I have not been to very many other blogs. When you make the suggestions please keep in mind that Kaldath and I have lives outside of HM, so please… [ Read more … ]

Poll Position: HeroMachine prize items!

I’ve compiled all your excellent suggestions regarding replacement prize items for contest winners who never told me what they wanted — thank you all for the time and effort you put into the ideas! I had to leave out a few for various reasons; either they were redundant, or I already had the item in… [ Read more … ]

The prizes are yours!

As I mentioned yesterday, I am forfeiting a number of unclaimed contest prizes, meaning now’s your chance. Each of you can make one (1) HeroMachine 3 item request in the comments, something you think would be kick-ass to have available in the program. After a few days, when it looks like the ideas have pretty… [ Read more … ]