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Hello folk, With 2014 here I thought I'd make a few inquires. First I would like to know, how many of you here that read the blog use our forums? and if not why not? Secondly since this post will be shared on our facebook and google+ pages I'd like to know from our social media communities, do you folks visit the site and read the blog or read the forums ? Again if not why not ? I will be checking the Facebook and Google+ pages to see your responses.

Next I would like to ask you blog readers what additional content you would like to see us cover here. I can't make any promises, and I certainly can not speak for JR, dblade, CKnap, or FRM on this, however I will give any of your suggestions due consideration and if I feel confident I can cover the content you suggest I will give it a try, as time constraints allow anyway. I would also like to add that I plan on experimenting a bit with Vlogging and submitting some of my posts as Youtube videos instead of a written article and I plan on doing my first video within the next few weeks and record an Anime Talk review.

Thank you all for taking the time to leave me your feedback, it is my hope to hear from all of you. It is my wish to keep our content here on the blog and forums fresh and help bring the HeroMachine Community to that next level!

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