No Community Submissions

I'm being literal here. I got two people submit stuff in week one, and since then nothing. Ok, Skybandit did send in a number of his Movie reviews, but the idea here was not just to showcase one community members work (as good as they are), because otherwise we'd have just given Skybandit a blog spot. So what I will do is, first off say thanks to Skybandit and Herr D for participating, I really appreciate you helping out, and second, declare the submissions open again (here's the link for rules and stuff if you're interested: Link). However, as I'm not expecting anything neither should you guys. If I do get sent something (because I know that some people have expressed interest but haven't been able to put something together yet) I will feature it, but this is not going to be a weekly post anymore. I have sorted out something to fill tomorrows slot on the blog which I'm sure people will like, but unfortunately this looks like the end for Community Submissions, which is a shame.

And that brings me on to my next point, which I will try to be fair and civil about (something which I spectacularly failed to do in one of my DeviantART journals last week). The reason I started the Community Submissions was because people were complaining that there wasn't enough content on the Blog anymore, so I thought "hey, why don't we let people decide what the want to feature on the blog by letting them submit it themselves". And when I suggested the idea it was met with great enthusiasm. So for it to only last two weeks is hugely disheartening. Last week I was quite prepared to just give up all of my blog posting duties, with exception of the CDC's, because of it, though I have changed my mind since then, but my reasoning for doing so still stands. I honestly don't know if half the stuff I do is well received or not. The first Community Submission got a few comments, but the one last week got none. The Random Panels get a few comments, but it is so hard to find ones that a) haven't been used before by Jeff or in one of the Caption Contests and b) that I can come up with something witty to comment on in just a short title. And as for the Doctor Who reviews. Yes I know not everybody watches the show, but that is the only thing I do on the blog that I actually brought to the blog because I genuinely wanted to do it and I know there are more people on this site that watch the show that don't comment. Even though we don't often see eye to eye, Malfars comments on my reviews are usually the highlight of my week in terms of the blog, because it's the only proper interaction and discussion that any of the blog posts provide anymore. That's what I wanted the Community Submissions to be, a chance for the community to get together and discuss our individual interests. But instead what I got was a stunning and definitive yes followed by a stunning and even more definitive un-caring shrug. Thanks guys. What do you want me to do? And this is an honest question directed at you guys, all of you. You want more content. Well we have a new moderator in Linea24, who is hopefully going be bringing something to the blog at some point. And now I just want to know what you want me to do. Because obviously nothing I've been coming up with recently is clicking with you guys. Make your suggestions in the comments and I'll put together a poll in a few days time and you can all vote on what you want to see brought to the blog, provided the ideas are feasible obviously.

Anyway, to sum up (incase people just want to skip all the content to this post and just want the important points): There isn't going to be a Community Submissions post tomorrow, but people can still submit stuff if they wish. Leave suggestions for new Blog topics in the comments below.

Anyway, see you all tomorrow for my special Community Submission substitute. And sorry for being a grouch during this post. It doesn't feel good, but hopefully it gets the point across.

JR out.

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  1. cliff says:

    Man, I have so been there JR.
    I have been in several groups and apathy is the biggest pain.
    I know I will sound like a new age nut case, but Mercury Is In Retrograde, communication problems are more evident right now. Bare with it and ride it through.

    Btw I loved your couple of video submissions you had and was hoping to see more of them.

    I would love to submit stuff for the Community Submissions but a couple of things,
    my taste and point of view rarely matches the groups. 🙂
    my health and my short attention span, I don’t think I could be a regular contributor , and I know you need something dependable.
    Also not sure what I would submit on.
    I have a feeling that may be the problem with every one else too.

    I mean even the contests don’t get much in the way of chatter, back in 2010, 2011 there used to be all sorts of comments on various contest entries and a real sense of community, I’m not getting that much now.
    I keep meaning to comment more, yet never get around to it. of course my eye-sight makes my composing comments two to three times as long as others. We won’t talk about some of my typos and goofs I’ve made cause of it. 😀
    This week so far I was busy with Going Japanese entries and Dialysis but today is a free day so maybe.

    And a lot of the Forums don’t see much traffic other than the Art Galleries and peoples own pages, Which I need/want to post to my Cliff’s Eclectic Mayhem today.

    Another thing could be the newbies, they are new and maybe are hesitant to jump in with both feet at this time. Some will come around as they are encouraged and get more comfortable with the community.

    Anyway, being verbose as usual, that is my 2 cent, and then somes worth.

  2. JR19759 says:

    I was thinking of bringing the Sharing Day videos back, but it’s a matter of when I get the time to record them. I really regret letting them slip, but this stuff happens.
    For the community submissions, I just need something. It isn’t meant to be a weekly spotlight for the same person, so it doesn’t matter if you’re dependable and submit stuff every single week, just as long as I get something that I can work with. Hey, even unpopular opinions can work, because they could start a discussion.
    As for the forums, I don’t quite know what’s going on there at the moment. There used to be so much more going on, but since the new forums were launched hardly anything seems to be happening. Hopefully that will change at some point soon, obviously when December comes around I’m gonna be trying out the community Santa Swap again, that usually gets a bit of participation going. As for the contests and stuff like that on the forums, those had their hey-day before I became moderator. Back then a few of us (myself, Blue Blazer, Kaylinn, AMS to name a few) used to run redesign contests and stuff like that and they got fairly decent turn out, but those sorta disappeared and now the contests are pretty much dead (as I’m sure you’ve seen with the OPMC contest. I must say I admire Herr D for keeping it going for so long, I’d have given up ages ago).
    Hope you’re right about newer members being hesitant at the moment. I hope more of the newer people do start to join in, although, having said that, some of our established members could also be leading by example on that front. There are a number of names that used to be really vocal when Jeff was running the blog who either just lurk around and comment very rarely, or just don’t bother at all, not including the ones who have disappeared completely.
    Thanks for the 2 cents though man. It helps.

  3. Kaldath says:

    I watch Doctor who, however I am usually about a week behind in my viewing. By the time I have sat down to watch it on DVR the new episode is coming out and we are onto the new discussion thus I don’t get involved in those discussions. I will be bringing back anime talk, but it WILL NOT be a weekly feature nor will it be on a set day of the week. When I watch something I find very good, or find really bad then I will do a review, if people suggest an Anime topic for discussion I may write about that topic, such as the piece I wrote on “Fan service”. Beside for that and the caption contest which I admit are getting harder to find good images for I am drawing a blank on what to post for your entertainment and could really use the communities help in coming up with ideas.

  4. dblade says:

    Sorry about the state of things, JR. Keep a chin up and keep cooking. Your work here is appreciated. I’m guilty of nonparticipation at times and I wish I would spend more time commenting and contributing. I do read through almost everything (although I have to wait on Dr. Who since I am habitually two or three eps behind) so I am getting enjoyment out of the blog on a daily basis.

    On a side note I have been wondering what I could add to the blog besides art updates.

  5. Bael says:

    I’m not (and honestly never have been) very active here, but I am a regular reader. Please know that I appreciate the efforts of you, Kaldath, and the others to keep the lights on. I suspect you should take this conversation to the forums. I think that when Jeff stopped posting regularly, that the most active percentage of our people moved over there wholesale and never really came back.

  6. CantDraw says:

    I know how you feel about trying to come up with something every week. I used to be a blogger but got tired of doing it. Admittedly, I spend more time on the forum than here, but if I think of something for the blog, I’ll submit – maybe an article on the art of foreshadowing or the influence of alchemy in story. My biggest enemy is time. Between work and family, I barely have time to put out characters. On a lighter note, I’m looking forward to the Christmas Swap and plan on participating again this year.

    Your doing a great job JR. Never give up! Never surrender!

  7. Gene says:

    Not aas active as I used to be, but I’m still a regular reader and appreciate the efforts that everyone puts into the site.

    I had an Idea for submission – an article (or series) about Super hero RPGs (Pen and Paper style) Since that is what originally brought me to the site. (Lol, probably not the only one). But I just haven’t had the time. Family emergency kicked in that has literally taken all of my time, even from my regular job. Hoping things will get back to normal next month.

    But all of you guys and gals – keep up the good work. 🙂

  8. JR19759 says:

    @Kaldath- If you want suggestions for animes to cover, I could only really say the ones that I’m currently into, which would be Fairy Tail, FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and Soul Eater (and obviously I can only suggest them because then I would be able to have a meaningful input into the discussion). But if you were looking for just random topics to cover, you could try things like “The influence of Western Culture on anime” (character archetypes (e.g. Death in Soul Eater being a Grim Reaper or the Homunculi in FMA who are based on the 7 Deadly Sins), story lines, use of monsters/ mythical creatures from outside Japanese culture) or something like that.
    @dblade- Thanks man. If you were looking for something else to contribute besides the updates, maybe tutorials? I mean you add stuff to the program so it makes sense that you’d be the one to show everyone how to use it, besides the fact you’re an awesome creator.
    @Bael- Actually, I think when Jeff left, the most active percentage just disappeared, because there are a lot of names that you used to see all the time on the blogs and forums that just aren’t there anymore.
    @CantDraw & @Gene- Well guys, if you do ever get round to doing something, the submissions are still open.

  9. Herr D says:

    mmm–did you not like my other one? I can accept feedback. What would make my other submission more acceptable to hm.

  10. Sabrina says:

    As a relatively new member around here, I refrained from submitting anything because I wanted to make sure I’d gotten the feel of the blog here first. One article that seems really witty and fun on one site can be absolutely ridiculous and boring on another, depending on the common tone and themes prevalent amongst those who visit.

    The short of it? I feel too brand spanking-new to participate in any community submissions quite yet.

    I do love what you guys do here. I appreciate whatever shows up in the blog and it’s a welcome distraction from real-world stuff.

    Thanks for the hard work you guys put in!

  11. JR19759 says:

    @Herr D- The other one was ok, but your other submission was better suited to being run. I understand how the moral would pertain to Heromachine and other areas, but it was rather abstract in the delivery and I had a bit of a hard time following it. Plus of course, there’s the problem that stopped me running another one of Skybandits to consider, I’d rather not just have to bounce between the same people each week.

  12. Vampyrist says:

    An idea for a blog post which would be similar to a sharing day would be a weekly what are you doing/recommend thread. It’d be a way for users to gush about the newest best thing they’ve experienced, whether its a new comic, film, game, or something else entirely.

  13. Stulte says:

    I’ve got stuff planned out for submissions, but I’m a very slow writer. I don’t really like Doctor Who, which is pretty much all I said in response your latest review, not to piss on your parade, but just because I felt like I had to say something, you know?

    Honestly I think the community is still a bit quiet after the forum blackout, and that it will pick up the pace again soon enough. Or maybe Cliff is right about Mercury. Sound like he knows what he’s talking about.

    Your work here is appreciated, and I do read everything that is posted, but quite often I just don’t know how to make a meaningful response, and commenting just for the sake of commenting seems kinda pointless to me, I don’t know.

  14. Nug says:

    Hmmmm… excuses excuses… Ooo Ooooo… I got one. The weather? I’ve noticed when its nice out people don’t post much in the forums. Fall and Spring seem to be off seasons round these parts. I am surprised at the cool people that joined this summer. Some really good talent there. I’ve noticed a decline in activity in some of the folks I look up to when I first started… but life happens sometimes.

    7 peoples in my house doesn’t allow much free time to do much anything, and myself being a male in a house full of girls leaves my opinion on matters moot. Unless you guys want topics such as “The joys of finding fecal matter in unusual places” or “How in the hell did you even get that stuck in there?” I’m afraid i’m not much help.

    With my excuses out of the way… Do not give up faith, JR. We all appreciate what you and Kal do around these parts! And yes bring back the Christmas swap!
    @ Herr D: Yeah bless your heart for keeping the contest alive! We should all try to participate.
    @dblade: Man I would love some kind of “Dblade’s Whiz Bang behind the music” look at the process of making items. That would be truly awesome!

    Much Love!

  15. Stulte says:

    Unless you guys want topics such as “The joys of finding fecal matter in unusual places” or “How in the hell did you even get that stuck in there?” I’m afraid i’m not much help.

    Not gonna lie, I would read the hell out of that.

  16. dblade says:


    @dblade: Man I would love some kind of “Dblade’s Whiz Bang behind the music” look at the process of making items. That would be truly awesome!

    Much Love!

    An interesting idea…hmmm