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I'm not going to do the Monday Night Movie Club this week, because it hasn't been getting much interest over the last few weeks. Instead I thought I'd take this opportunity to try out some ideas for new blog topics. I've made a list of things I think could work, which I'll explain after the jump, and you guys can vote for which one you like best or add your own suggestions.

Bad Super Costumes: Bring back the bad superhero costumes topic that Jeff and Kaldath used to do. Pretty self-explanatory title really.

Bad Superheroes/ Villains/ Powers: A weekly search through the world of comics to find the absolute most terrible, weirdest and most ridiculous characters and power sets in comic book history.

Character Of the Week: I’ll highlight a character from the forums or recent CDC that has particularly impressed me each week, and talk about what works, what could be improved and why it is an effective composition (I will ask permission from the creator of the piece each week before I'd post this one)

Geek Quiz: A thing I used to run on the forums, each week there's a quiz covering a variety of geeky subjects (comics, sci-fi, fantasy novels etc.), you try and get the best score you can.

Movie/ TV Show Discussion: Basically a reduced version of the movie reviews, only focusing on one particular film instead of a series (so First Class instead of the whole X-Men series for example) or a TV show (e.g. Arrow). This won't just be superhero movies/ tv shows, we'll have other stuff, like sic-fi (I'd definitely do Simon Pegg and Nick Frost stuff at some point) and fantasy, maybe cartoons.

Sci-Fi Corner: A discussion of sci-fi stuff, but not just arguments about which is best Trek or Wars. More like, concepts, fandom (e.g. conventions), great writers, stuff like that.

Under-Rated Characters: A trawl through comics, tv and movies to highlight the great characters who don't get the appreciation they deserve.

What Were They Thinking: A look at the worst decisions in comics history, why they were made and their consequences (this could cover characters, events, costume changes, deaths/ rebirths, story lines etc.)

Worlds Worst Poses: A lesson on human anatomy through the medium of 90's comics. Expect much Rob Liefeld)

Our I could keep the current movie reviews as is? It's up to you.

Now you guys can have your say.

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